AFM Glass

American-Made AFM Glass (Alien Flower Monkey)

AFM (a.k.a. Alien Flower Monkey) is an outstanding American-made glass company based out of the City of Angels, California. AFM Glass stays true to its name with truly unique designs meant for the out-of-this-world and out-of-your-mind smoking experience. Their heavy-gauge borosilicate glass Alien Flower Monkey pieces are not just stunningly sleek and unique, they are also highly functional and most importantly affordable, making them accessible to all types of smoke enthusiasts. The company takes pride in engineering pieces by certified glassblowing masters. That is some high-level seriousness!  Beaker water pipes, straight tubes, mini rigs, ash catchers, carb & bubble caps are a prime example of their exceptional craftsmanship. From the colorful to the whimsical to the unique, there is no doubting the AFM glass will take you to the stratospheric heights of smoking pleasure. Shop our collection of AFM Glass | Alien Flower Monkey below. 


 AFM (Alien Flower Monkey) is an American-made glass company based out of the City of Angels, California. AFM Glass stays true to its name with unique designs meant for an out-of-this-world and mind-blowing smoke seshes. Made from heavy-duty borosilicate glassAlien Flower Monkey’s glass pieces are not just stunning in design, but they are also highly functional and insanely affordable for their features and abilities. AFM takes pride in engineering glass pieces by certified glassblowing artists. That is some intense care and seriousness for a glass brand! From beaker water pipes, to straight tube water pipes, to mini rigs, all the way to dry herb and dabbing accessories, AFM is a prime example of exceptional glass craftsmanship. The colorful, whimsical, and straight-up ethereal, there is no doubt that Alien Flower Monkey Glass will take you to intergalactic travels of premium smoking pleasures. Shop Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s collection of AFM Glass | Alien Flower Monkey below!

Why Should I Buy AFM?

When you find an AFM glass piece, whether it's a water pipe or dab rig, you are investing in pure glassblowing craftsmanship based in the United States. Opposed to other notable glass brands, Alien Flower Monkey takes special care in engineering glass with precision, artistic appeal, and supreme functionality. Each AFM glass piece has ultimate precision in their internal and external architectures, which will leave you with a symmetrical piece with exceptional percolation abilities and functionality. By supporting AFM, you’re supporting glassblowers local to the United States, which helps these artists thrive, grow, and plant their roots in the smoking community! 

Is Alien Flower Monkey Glass Worth It?

To answer this question simply, absolutely! Alien Flower Monkey produces well-designed, beautiful, durable, and exceptional glass products. Though the quality of their glass products is higher than other glass brands, AFM sticks to affordability which allows all smokers to have a great smoking or dabbing sesh! 
This up-and-coming brand is consistently producing high quality glass to surpass industry standards and expectations with each product line they release. With each AFM glass piece that you smoke from, you’ll see a company story that shows growth and perseverance with a mission of consistently producing glass pieces that outshine those before them. Alien Flower Monkey is all about hearing what the smoking community desires, needs, and is eager to use in their smoke seshes. This is why you typically won’t see an AFM piece that looks identical to the one another.

Does AFM Only Produce Glass Water Pipes and Dab Rigs?

Alien Flower Monkey is guided on the principle of producing unique, high quality American-made glass, but it doesn’t end with only water pipes and dab rigs! AFM produces other glass products such as bubblers, carb caps, and ash catchers. To remain well-versed in the smoking community, AFM is also beginning to design and engineer attachments for concentrate vaporizers as well.

The Best AFM Glass to Buy Online

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have the best AFM glass water pipes and AFM dab rigs to buy online. To help you decide which AFM glass piece you’d like for your smoking experience, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has a compilation of a few of our personal AFM recommendations!
AFM The Flying Saucer Beaker Water Pipe - The Flying Saucer Beaker Water Pipe is made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass and is loaded with a UFO Perc for supreme filtration. This 18” water pipe is perfect for powerful seshes with your friends. With its bubbled mouthpiece and generous straight neck, you’ll receive hits full of diffused smoke that are full of raw power!
AFM Ice Cream Dab Rig 6” - This mini dab rig is full of unforgettable features! The Ice Cream Dab Rig is loaded with a double-diffy percolatorand features a compact body to preserve all the terpenes and flavor your concentrates have to offer. With its refined tubing and unique, aesthetically pleasing design, this dab rig is meant for smokers who are looking for an exceptional dab sesh
AFM The Quasar Beaker Water Pipe 18” - Standing at a height of 18”, this large beaker water pipe is fitted with all the essential features you’ll need for a phenomenal smoke sesh. Crafted from 9mm of borosilicate glass, the Quasar Beaker is ready to man the defense lines of strong, powerful smoke seshes. Load this beaker’s extensive straight neck with ice for frigid, refreshing smoke seshes!
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