5 Reasons Why You Need a Mini Water Pipe in Your Collection

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 05, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mini Water Pipe in Your Collection

5 Reasons Why You Need a Mini Water Pipe in Your Collection

Having a water pipe collection is always super dope and gives you the ability to choose the best water pipe for your smoke seshes. If you have a variety of water pipes at your disposal, what’s stopping you from mixing and matching pieces for certain smoking experiences?

Before you reach for your trusty 14” beaker water pipe, hold up! Have you ever tried smoking from a mini water pipe? If you haven’t, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the load down of why you need a mini water pipe in your collection. Let’s dive in!

What are Mini Water Pipes?

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we classify mini water pipes as any water pipe that has a height of 8” or less. Though their size is small, don’t let it fool you! Mini water pipes have the ability to pack a mean punch to the dome. Mini water pipes also have the ability to come in various designs, materials, and styles just like traditional size water pipes!

Traditional Mini Water Pipes

Mini water pipes work exactly like normal sized water pipes and come in various shapes such as straight tubes, beakers, and more! After you light your dry herb in your slide, the smoke passes through the downstem and is cooled by the water in the base of the water pipe. Once you’re ready to take the final inhale, you remove the slide and witness the smoke travelling up the neck of the water pipe to send you off into orbit!

Traditional mini water pipes have the ability to come with additional features such as ice pinches, percolators, and splash guards which work to prevent dirty water and harsh smoke from getting into your mouth. You also have the ability to choose the perfect design and color combinations to find the perfect mini water pipe for you!

Some of Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s favorite mini water pipes are:

MOB Glass Micro Beaker

  • MOB Glass Micro Beaker Water Pipe ($59.99)
    • The ideal water pipe for road trips and festivals! The MOB Glass Micro Beaker is just the right size for slipping into a backpack for safe and comfortable transportation. The secret sauce of any sesh is the innovative 3-pinch ice catcher and diffused downstem for smooth and cooling hits.

AFM Fixed Stem Mini Tube

  • AFM Fixed Stem Mini Tube ($159.99)
    • The AFM Fixed Stem Mini Tube features a fixed 14mm triple diffused downstem ready to filter out any intruders and smooth out the trajectory of all hits. Your dry herb can be safely packed into the 14mm male slide with disc roll stop outfitted for the fixed downstem.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

This is definitely not shaming your trusty 14” beaker water pipe! In fact, most of us here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co own some pretty tall water pipes. Though you may have been told, maybe a couple hundred times, “bigger is always better” that’s not always the case with water pipes! It’s all about choosing the best water pipe to create a unique smoking experience.

When using a big water pipe, you may often find that your smoke loses its terpene taste once you take the final inhale for a big rip. The reason why this happens is due to your smoke travelling in a large chamber, which ultimately diffuses the smoke to a level that is smooth, but not packed full of flavor. Small water pipes have the perfect room to filtrate your smoke while keeping the potency and flavor of terpenes alive and well! Seriously, after every hit from a mini water pipe, you may find yourself drooling for the next hit.

Mini water pipes are a great choice for beginner tokers who are looking to merge from papers into the world of glass! Their small size allows for newbie smokers to comfortably grip and handle the water pipe while being able to have complete control over the size of their rips. Plus, mini water pipes have a tendency to be easier to care for and maintain!

Why Should I Buy a Mini Water Pipe?

Besides the reasons mentioned before, such as easy grip and handling, convenient care and maintenance, and hits full of terpenes, there are key reasons why you should buy a mini water pipe to add to your collection!

  • Convenience and Portability - The compact size of mini water pipes make them the golden choice for on-the-go smoke seshes! Since they are small in size and super lightweight, mini water pipes can conveniently fit inside your backpack, tote bag, travel bag, or large handbag. They are also perfect for sharing with friends and homies!
  • Price - If you’re looking for an affordable water pipe to add to your collection, mini water pipes are the way to go! Because mini water pipes are much smaller than traditional water pipes, their cost is a lot more budget-friendly. With mini water pipes, you can still have high-quality, borosilicate glass water pipes in your collection with all the additional features of a normal water pipe such as percolators and splash guards. The only difference is the shrunken size and price!
  • Top-tier smoke seshes - Mini water pipes often shock a lot of veteran tokers because of their ability to pack a mean punch! With the right mini water pipe and slide, you can relish in the water filtration and diffusion for smooth, refreshing, large hits that normal sized water pipes are known for. When smoking with the homies, you won’t have to worry about whipping out your expensive, large water pipe if you have a mini water pipe by your side!
  • Welcoming appearance - Okay, this point may seem like it came out of left field, but hear us out! The chances of you scaring off someone who has never smoked from a water pipe with a mini water pipe is less to none. Whereas a huge water pipe may lead that special homie fleeing to the hills! Plus, an adorable mini water pipe is always the perfect conversation starter and will want to be shared with all friends in a smoke sesh.

Is a Mini Water Pipe Right for Me?

If you’re all about being comfortable while having a smoke sesh, mini water pipes are perfect for you! Their small size allows you to spark up a fresh hammock sesh, couch sesh, or even a little midnight sesh in bed. You won’t have to worry about a large, girthy water pipe getting in your way, so you can leisurely enjoy a high quality smoke sesh.

By having a mini water pipe in your collection, you’ll always have that go-to water pipe for on-the-go travels, festivals, vacations, parties, and other fun events that you’d like to bring a water pipe to! Bringing a large water pipe on the go is a little more challenging to conceal in a backpack or tote bag. Besides, nobody wants to risk breaking their large, expensive water pipe while toking it up in a large group setting!

Mini water pipes are perfect if you’re new to smoking from water pipes as well! Remember, mini water pipes have the ability to contain the same features as normal sized water pipes, just at a smaller size and smaller cost. A huge advantage mini water pipes have for glass newbies is that they’re extremely easy to care for and maintain!

At the end of the day, mini water pipes are definitely a must-have for any smoker’s water pipe collection! From newbies to stone-cold water pipe veterans, mini water pipes open doors for fun, exciting, and leisurely smoke seshes. Who wouldn’t want a mini water pipe? Ya feel?

Choosing the perfect size water pipe is always something to consider! If you’re looking to add on to your water pipe collection, make sure to read this article to help you choose the perfect size water pipe.

As always, happy toking! 

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