8 Essential Dabbing Tools (A Professional Guide)

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 20, 2021

8 Essential Dabbing Tools  (A Professional Guide)

8 Essential Tools for Dabbing (A Professional Guide)

Storms are brewin,’ the perfect one is headed your way. The forecast calls for a heavy chance of dabs, with a high of 420!

Dabbing is a new-age art of using concentrates, and is the most effective way of consuming your favorite CBD concentrates! Highly educated professionals take on the art of creating the perfect concentrates for you to use. Now, Cloud 9 Smoke Co will set you up with the best tools and accessories to bring this art form straight to you with ultimate dabbing setup.

Equipment and Tools:

To kick your dabbing experience right off, you’re going to need some essential products. It’s always great to have the best products and tools by your side, so your concentrates will have the most pristine oven to be vaporized in.

Tools that are crucial to the experience:

Dab Rig

In simplest terms, dab rigs are smaller water pipes fitted with a banger instead of a bowl. A legit dab rig will always contain a base for holding water, and higher end rigs will contain multiple water chambers and percolators to keep the dab cool. It's always the best idea to stick with a dab rig if you’re looking to give your lungs a break!

What Kind of Dab Rig Should I Choose?

Everyone’s needs and desires are different when it comes to choosing their “glass slipper” for toking. Dab rigs come in all shapes, sizes, and functions, so here are some tips to help choose the best one for you.

If you’re devoted to the game:

Cloud 9’s heady glass rigs would be perfect for you. Every heady piece on our online collection is hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. These pieces serve as functional glass with killer art to mesmerize you in the process. Heady glass hancho Andy G has a stunning double-recycler rig, made just for you!

If you’re ballin’ on a budget:

We get it, sometimes our budgets don’t fit our extracurricular needs. If you’re looking for quality without the jaw-dropping price tag, Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers the best scientific rigs with amazing features and functions. For tokers, who may be broke(rs), check out this AFM Tree Banger Hanger. With its filtration and colored accents, it’s definitely a bang for your buck!

If you’re on the go, and seeking portability:

If bringing life to the party is your thing, an electric rig would be the way to go! These rigs come with built in bangers and can be conveniently charged through a wall outlet. Cloud 9 Smoke Co has all your portable, party-driven desires fulfilled with our PuffCo Peak Pro.

If you live your life with discretion:

Living with mom and dad isn’t the worst, but definitely could be better with a concentrate vape around! With a slim size and discrete functionality, concentrate vapes can be used at virtually any time, anywhere. To keep prying eyes away, you can store your concentrate vaporizer away after every use. Cloud 9 Smoke Co has a Stone Smiths' SLASH Concentrate Vape Pen to establish you as the reserved toker you are.


Now that you have the perfect rig in sight, it’s time to cover bangers. A banger is usually made of quartz, glass, ceramic, or titanium. It’s a heated platform where you’ll drop or twirl the concentrate on to vaporize the extract. Not only are bangers made from many materials, they come in different styles, too. We’ve provided a handy cheat sheet to help you understand the basics of the materials and styles of bangers you can choose from!

  • Glass bangers: These guys are great if you’re not looking to splurge on a banger just yet. They’ll get the job done with an effective cost. One thing to look out for is to make sure while cleaning the banger, to make sure that you don’t submerge a hot glass banger into water. It may crack or explode on ya if you do!
  • Quartz bangers: Quartz bangers are highly sought out for seasoned dabbers. With their rapid heat-up time (5-10 seconds), quartz bangers come in handy! Quartz will also preserve the consistency of your terpenes, making the taste of all your hits ring true to your concentrate’s scent profile.
  • Ceramic bangers: Ceramic bangers are great for heat retention! In comparison to glass bangers, ceramics keep the heat along for the ride. Though their heat up time takes longer than the other materials (30 seconds or longer), a benefit of ceramic bangers is that they’re food and medical grade!
  • Titanium bangers: Titanium bangers are the most durable material out of all the options for bangers! They have a very short heat-up time (15-25 seconds), and can retain heat for a long amount of time. Some dabbers find that titanium bangers may take away from the terpenes of their concentrates, but there are many willing to make the accommodation for the durability and high heat capacity of these dudes!
  • Gavel bangers: These bangers are the only ones made without refined quartz. They feature a white bottom, made of unrefined quartz, and is thicker than your average banger. The unrefined quartz will help your banger retain more heat and produce more flavor from your concentrates!
    • Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers the best gavel banger on the market from Highly Educated.
  • Concave bangers: Concave bangers feature a round bottom which will cause your concentrate to keep running to the bottom of your banger. This will keep your heat consistent and your concentrate will vaporize perfectly!
  • Thermal bangers: These bangers are made to give you the best flavor while dabbing. This is because your torch will never physically touch the inner wall of your banger, and will keep the terpenes consistent!
  • Thermo bangers: Thermo bangers put on a show with their color changing sand. With these guys, the sand will change color allowing you to know when it is the optimal time to begin dabbing. The goal color you’re looking for here is orange!
    • To deliver art straight to your dabs, this PSci thermo banger is here for your visual and dabbing pleasures.
  • Terp Slurper: Just as the name sounds, these bangers will leave you slurping for more after every drag. These bangers are made with a bottom airflow which makes all dabs very flavorful and best for thinner-based products.

Bubble/Geometric Carb Caps:

To close the heat of the oven, carb caps are the way to make it happen. With these guys in play, your temperature will stay stabilized and you’ll have a worry-free dab every time. Carb caps allow controlled airflow, meaning you’ll always get the most out of your concentrates.

  • Cloud 9 Smoke Co offers plenty of carb cap options on our website, but we’ve hand- picked a few favorites for you! Check out geometric and bubble styled caps made by our popular brand, MOB Glass!

Dab Tool

Without this product, your dabbing experience will be left with lots of outbursts, rage, and stickiness. It’s best to always have a great dabbing wand at the draw, because these guys will transport your concentrates from the container to your banger for you. Another great thing about using a wand is, your fingers will be left clean and without burns during every dab!


Just like the Olympics, the dabbing games can’t begin without a torch. Torches are essential to the process, because their extreme heats can take your banger to the perfect temperature to vaporize your concentrates! At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we suggest purchasing a proper torch for your setup; no average torch can bring your banger to the right heat levels like ours can!

Dab Mats

Smooth dab sailing is never complete without the use of a dab mat. These guys are made of silicone and will keep them steadily in place. All you have to do is set your rig on top, and the mat will work its magic! Dab mats will ensure smooth sailing with their ability to maintain a clean surface and protection for your favorite coffee table or delicate floor. You can rock out some Cloud 9 Smoke Co Swag with our dab mat ready to set sail!


With concentrates at play, the terpenes and purity of these guys are definitely something to be on your “A-Game” about. With silicone storage gear, you can safely store your concentrates and they will always be a breeze to retrieve when it’s time to start dabbing! We have purity and longevity at the forefront of our minds with our concentrate storage options online.


This may seem like a product that is obvious to know, but dabbing is obsolete without it. Your choice of concentrate is totally up to you, but Cloud 9 Smoke Co has premium selections of CBD concentrates that can be found at any of our retail locations.

Now To Find Sunshine on a Cloudy Day…

With a heavy chance of dabs and a high of 420, it’s time to suit up with the best dabbing products from Cloud 9 Smoke Co!

With inclement weather in your forecast, here’s a cheat sheet on how to stay prepared:

  • Dabbing is a new-age art of using concentrates, and is the most effective way of consuming your favorite herbs or CBD.
  • Essential products for dabbing include: a dab rig, banger, carb cap, dabbing wand, torch, dab mat, proper storage, and concentrates.
  • Check out Cloud 9 Smoke Co. for the best dabbing products out there!

Now that you know how to fare this storm with excellence, go ahead, be badass, and chase that storm! With our Dabbing Essentials Guide at your hip, you’ll be featured on Storm Chasers in no time. 

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