Adulting 101 with Cloud 9 Smoke Co: How to Clean Your Bubbler!

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 12, 2021

Adulting 101 with Cloud 9 Smoke Co: How to Clean Your Bubbler!

Cleaning Your Bubbler- The “Adulting” Way

Sweet! You’ve gotten the perfect bubbler, gotten the art of smoking out of these pieces down, and now… you have a resin filled bubbler. Yikes! No need to worry, though. Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the perfect guide on how to clean your bubbler with ease.

Before you start reaching for the salt and isopropyl alcohol, don’t. It’s time to ditch those teenage ways of cleaning your glass pieces. We’re going to show you the “adulting” way to clean your bubbler with Resinate and Glob Mops.

How to Clean Your Bubbler Infographic

3 Crucial Tips for Cleaning Your Bubbler

Bubblers are a little more delicate and intricate than standard hand pipes and water pipes, so to make sure you’re smooth sailing while cleaning your bubbler here are three things to keep in mind

  • Be cautious with the little pieces
    • Bubblers have stems that hold the bowl in place to the water reservoir, and some bubblers come with percolators on the inside. These pieces are smaller than average stems and percs, meaning that they’re more fragile to handle. Make sure to keep a watchful eye and a gentle hand while cleaning your bubbler.
  • Stay slow and steady
    • Take the time to clean your bubbler. Resinate is a cleaning product that produces immediate results, but since bubblers are complex in design, let your product soak a little longer in Resinate to make sure every delicate piece is being cleaned and disinfected. Remember, the more you rush, the more you’re prone to making mistakes.
  • Use the right cleaning tools
    • Ditch the isopropyl alcohol, salt, and Q-tips. These tools may have gotten the job done during your freshman year of college, but using products made to specifically clean glass pieces, like your bubbler, you’ll notice a huge difference in quality. Using Resinate and Glob Mops is the perfect way to make sure your bubbler is looking flawless at the end of cleaning, but also provide a safe method of cleaning your glass. Resinate is non abrasive, unlike salt, meaning your bubbler will not be scratched during cleaning. Glob Mops are made from organic, unbleached cotton, unlike Q-tips. Q-tips are prone to leaving glue, acrylic, and other harmful residue inside your piece.

*Wait, so bubblers are different than traditional hand pipes? Here's a great article that dives into further details about the different types of hand pipes and how bubblers stand out from the crowd!*

Get right to the Bubbly!

Now that you know how to clean your bubbler, the easy way, you can pull those sleeves up, grab some Resinate and Glob Mops from our online store, and get down to business! After one go around with Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s guide to cleaning your bubbler, you’ll never go back to your old cleaning ways. If you have any questions on which cleaning products are best for your bubbler, shoot our LiveChat team a message; we have pros here to save the day!

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