Ash Catcher Buying Guide 2021

Posted by Jamie Pope on Jun 09, 2021

Ash Catcher Buying Guide 2021

Ash Catchers: A Buyer’s Guide

If you’re looking to buy an ash catcher online, you’ve come to the right place! At first glance, there’s definitely a lot of ash catchers you can choose from at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. It’s hard to guess what each ash catcher does, and if there’s any advantages or disadvantages between each piece.

The name of the product is “ash catcher.” How can we tell if one is better than the other? How do we choose which ash catcher is right for us?

These are totally valid questions, and if you didn’t ask them… well we’d be kind of  worried. Fortunately, you’re a genius and we’re in this process together.

Here is the ash catcher buyer’s guide that you’ve been waiting for!

Let’s boogie in.

Ash Catcher Buying Guide 2021

What is an Ash Catcher?

An ash catcher is an attachment, or an accessory, that you can use with your water pipe to trap fallen ash and dry herb before either particles have the ability to make their way into your water pipe. By trapping ash, you’re preserving the quality and cleanliness of your water pipe, and the water inside! Whenever ash, resin, or dry herb finds its way into your water pipe, there’s a high chance that your percolator is going to become clogged at some point.

When a percolator is clogged, it can’t function properly. Which leaves us pulling harder when we smoke, inhaling harsh smoke because the percolator couldn’t do its job, the whole nine yards that make a pretty “bleh” smoke sesh, right? That’s why ash catchers are a valuable asset to have!

How Do Ash Catchers Work?

Depending on the style of ash catcher you have, the functionality of the ash catcher can vary slightly. Dry ash catchers are the most traditional, classic style of ash catcher and work solely for trapping ash. It’s pretty direct! When you suck into the mouthpiece of your water pipe after lighting your dry herb, you’re creating a vacuum inside of your water pipe. This applies to your ash catcher as well, so as you inhale the vacuum created will power off the suction to allow the heavier particles (such as ash, resin, etc) to drop to the bottom of your ash catcher. That way, the ash can’t make its way inside your water pipe.

On the other hand, percolator ash catchers work a little differently than dry ash catchers, because these ash catchers contain… you guessed it, a percolator! As you know, percolators work to diffuse and filter our smoke to a more smooth consistency that isn’t as harsh on our throat and lungs. Additionally, percolators work to reduce the amount of byproducts we’re exposed to while we’re consuming our dry herb. With percolator ash catchers, you’ll have to fill the base of the ash catcher with water for it to function properly, which may be somewhat of a drag. However, having a percolator ash catcher allows you to have smooth smoke and cleaner smoke sesh overall!

What Sizes of Ash Catchers Can I Choose From?

On average, ash catchers come in the joint sizes of 14mm or 18mm. When choosing an ash catcher for your water pipe, you’ll have to make sure that the sizes match to ensure a secure, snug fit. To help you understand the size of your water pipe’s joint, you can take your middle and ring fingers and insert them in the joint of your water pipe.

If your middle finger fits, your water pipe’s joint size is 18mm, meaning that your ash catcher’s joint size will also have to be 18mm.

If your ring finger snugly fits in the joint of your water pipe, the joint size of your water pipe is 14mm. That means that the joint size of your ash catcher will also have to be 14mm.

Another key factor to consider is the angle that your joint sits at, as well. Much like the size of your joint, you’re going to pair matching degrees for the best fit!

Ash Catcher Buying Guide 2021

Referring to the graph above, 90-degree angled joints are more direct and often symmetrical with your water pipe. 90-degree joints tend to stick out of the water pipe as a separate unit, whereas 45-degree joints are part of the base of your water pipe.

Lastly, in contrast to the two other factors mentioned above, you’re going to need an ash catcher that has a joint gender opposite of your water pipe. If your water pipe’s joint is narrow and tapers off at the top, the joint is male and you’ll need a female jointed ash catcher to pair with it. If the joint of your water pipe is open and wider in shape, your water pipe’s joint is female and you’ll need a male ash catcher to suit it.

You can tell the difference between the two genders on an ash catcher by looking at the joint. If the joint of the ash catcher tapers into a narrow shape, then the joint is male (because the joint is going into something - keep the birds and the bees in mind here). If the joint is wide and circular in shape, then the joint of the ash catcher is female (because the joint is going onto something, see?).

Which Ash Catcher is Right for Me?

Choosing the right ash catcher is all about your smoking needs and preferences. Consider what piece you’re looking to pair with your ash catcher, and use it as reference for choosing between the different types of ash catchers you can find at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of ash catchers and how they benefit your smoking experience.

Dry Ash Catchers

MOB Dry Ash Catcher

Dry ash catchers are pretty direct in function, as you learned earlier in this article! Powered off the vacuum created inside the water pipe, dry ash catchers work to trap dry ash, resin, and other byproducts to keep your water pipe clean for longer periods of time. If you own a water pipe that has more than one percolator, if you’re new to smoking, or if you prefer all of your accessories to come as simple as they can, dry ash catchers are the way to go!

Percolator Ash Catchers

If your water pipe is lacking in percolation, or if you’re looking to improve the smoothness of your hits, having a percolator ash catcher will help you out tenfold. Percolator ash catchers offer us the advantage of your smoke to percolate and filter before it enters your water pipe. This means less ash inside your water pipe and a smoother, cleaner hit for you to enjoy! However, if your water pipe already has more than one percolator, be advised that there may be some resistance and drag if you incorporate a percolator ash catcher into the mix.

Reclaim Ash Catchers

Reclaim ash catchers have an advantage that neither dry or percolator ash catchers can offer us. Do you remember losing your unused bud or concentrate (yes, concentrate!) while pulling for a hit? Once our prized dry herb or concentrate has made continued contact with water and air, it’s pretty much a done deal. Not with a reclaim ash catcher!

Reclaim ash catchers have a silicone bucket as their base which is where you can retrieve any unused dry herb or concentrate (okay, mainly concentrate) to be reused. It also helps for post-sesh cleaning and care!

The Best Ash Catchers to Buy Online

Now that you have an idea of which ash catcher is best for your smoking preferences, we’ve got you loaded with our personal favorite ash catchers to help you decide which ash catcher you’d like to call your own!

Here are the best ash catchers to buy online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

MOB Glass Mini Showerhead Ash Catcher

MOB Glass Mini Showerhead Ash Catcher ($24.99) - This 14mm male mini ash catcher features ground joints for snug fitting into your water pipe! This percolator ash catcher features a mini showerhead percolator to begin the diffusion process before your smoke enters your water pipe. Say hello to smooth, effortless, ashless hits!

MOB Glass Dry Ash Catcher

MOB Glass Dry Ash Catcher ($24.99) - Having a dry ash catcher in your smoking setup is perfect if you’re new to ash catchers or if your water pipe is loaded with plenty of percolation! This dry ash catcher is made from borosilicate glass and features ground joints for snug fitting. With its deep reservoir, you’ll be able to trap all ash with ease!

MOB Glass Reclaim Ash Catcher

MOB Glass Reclaim Ash Catcher ($29.99) - Save any unused dry herb or concentrate with this reclaim ash catcher! With its smooth, narrow funnel tubing, you’ll be able to retrieve any unused, and used, dry herb or concentrates to be used in the future, or for easy cleaning.

Which Ash Catcher Will You Choose?

Now that you have a complete guide on how to choose the best ash catcher for your smoking experience, along with some personal favorites from Cloud 9 Smoke Co, you’ll be able to use this ash catcher buyer’s guide as a way to help you, and the homies, choose the perfect ash catcher for future seshes! Remember to keep your joint size, joint angle, and joint gender (male or female), when choosing an ash catcher that best matches your smoking needs. We can’t wait to see which ash catcher you’ll choose!

Happy Toking!

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