Can I Make a Dab Rig out of a Water Pipe?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 10, 2021

Can I Make a Dab Rig out of a Water Pipe?

Can I Make a Dab Rig out of a Water Pipe?

If you’re looking to merge over to the world of concentrates, congratulations! Cloud 9 Smoke Co is super excited to introduce you to all of the fun concentrates will bring to your smoking experience. The perfect dab rig- .. oh wait, what’s that? You want to use your water pipe as a dab rig? Sick! That’s a piece of cake.

Okay, so maybe you’re looking to try out concentrates without committing to a dab rig just yet. However, you do have a faithful water pipe that may do the trick! Cloud 9 Smoke Co is here to tell you how you can, and can not, make a dab rig out of a water pipe.

You ready? Let’s dive in!

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So, can I make a dab rig out of a water pipe?

To answer the question directly, yes you can! There are some crucial things you’ll need to make your water pipe work as a dab rig. You also have to have the right sized water pipe to take dabs out of. Unfortunately, Big Steve (the 13” water pipe in the corner) isn’t going to cut it as a dab rig. However, that mini water pipe you have on the desk will do the trick!

Here’s what you’ll need to make a dab rig out of a water pipe

  • (Mini) Small Water Pipe - Any water pipe under 7” is a golden size to use as a dab rig! Make sure to use the smallest water pipe you have in your collection. If your water pipe is too large, your concentrate vapor won’t be able to travel efficiently and you won’t be able to get as many benefits from your concentratesGambino Bent Matrix Water Pipe
  • Quartz banger - You always need a banger to dab. Think of bangers as the slide to your water pipe. It’s the same concept! Except, bangers have the ability to be heated to super high temperatures, which is perfect for concentrates.
  • Dab Tool - To efficiently transport your concentrates (while not burning yourself), you need a trusty dab tool to retrieve the concentrates from storage to transport them to the banger for use!
    • Wulf Tech Dab Tools
    • Wulf Tech Dab Tools are the OG, and personal favorite, dab tools at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. We swear by them!
  • Torch - No BIC lighter will do the trick here. You’re going to need the big guns! A butane torch will get you set on the right foot to heat your concentrates to the right temperature.
    • Newport Torch Zero
    • The Newport Torch Zero is a compact, user-friendly butane torch that features an adjustable flame gauge, safety lock, and a large butane reservoir!
  • Carb Cap - To seal off your concentrate vapor while you’re taking a dab, use a carb cap! These are essential for dabbing and will allow you to manipulate the airflow in your banger to have the perfect dab.
    • MOB Multi Dot Stack Bubble Carb Cap
    • The MOB Multi Dot Stack Bubble Carb Cap is a favorite bubble carb cap at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! The intricate dot stacking and pristine functionality of this carb cap will create the perfect seal for your banger.

Once you have the right materials, all you have to do is place the quartz banger inside the joint piece of your water pipe! After that, you secure your concentrate on your dab tool, heat the banger with a torch, and you’re off to a great dab sesh.

The First Duo-Functional Water Pipe Award Goes to…. You!

Now that you know how to make a dab rig out of a water pipe, you can begin to use your favorite mini water pipe as a rig! With the right materials, you’ll be able to dab, smoke - you name it! - whenever, wherever.

If you have all the right materials to make a dab rig out of a water pipe, and you want to learn all about dabbing (and how to take the best dab hits), check out our blog post that covers all dabbing basics!

As always, happy toking.. & dabbing! 

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