Do You Own a Water Pipe? 10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Glass Water Pipe

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 12, 2021

Do You Own a Water Pipe? 10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Glass Water Pipe

Do You Own a Water Pipe? 10 Reasons Why You Should Own a Glass Water Pipe

If you’ve been smoking from papers, a spoon hand pipe, or using DIY methods to smoke your favorite dry herb and you’re looking to switch it up to the world of glass water pipes, Cloud 9 Smoke Co is thrilled to help you make the switch!

At first, water pipes may seem like a big splurge with only a few fun features thrown in here and there. Though it may seem that way at a glance, owning, and smoking from, a water pipe actually does a lot of great things for your smoking experience!

Without further ado, Cloud 9 Smoke Co is here to give you 10 reasons why you should own a glass water pipe! You ready?

… Let’s dive in!

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10. Glass Water Pipes Are Easy to Use

Think about the last time you rolled a joint. Remember all that prep you had to do before you could even begin smoking? Owning a glass water pipe will take care of all prep time with its ability to hold your dry herb in a slide.

A slide, also known as a bowl, is the piece of the water pipe you use to pack, load, and light your dry herb! All you have to do is grind your herb to a fine consistency, load it in your slide, and you’re good to begin lighting and toking up.

Additionally, aside from their somewhat intimidating exterior, water pipes are very easy to use!

Here’s how you use a water pipe:

  1. Pack your slide - The most crucial step in smoking from a water pipe! The best way to pack a slide is to start by lightly packing your dry herb at the bottom of the slide. As you’re packing your way up the slide, thicken it out as your dry herb begins to stack. This will reduce your slide’s chances of clogging and will keep the taste of ash out of your mouth for a longer period of time.
  2. Light your dry herb and begin to suck - Do not inhale just yet! As you light your herb, place your mouth into the mouthpiece of your glass water pipe and begin to suck. As you do this, you’ll see your herb begin to cherry, bubbles form in your water pipe, and smoke filling the chamber.
    1. As you’re doing this, keep an eye on your smoke. This will give you a good idea of when it’s time to take the final inhale. It all depends on how big of a hit you’re looking to take!
  3. Remove your slide - When you’re ready to inhale, remove the slide as you begin to inhale. This will prevent any additional smoke from forming inside your glass water pipe, and it will create a smooth, direct airflow for your smoke to make its way to you.
    1. After you inhale, hold your smoke in for as long as you can stand it! This will allow your body to absorb as many benefits from your dry herb as possible.
  4. Exhale - This may be the easiest, or hardest part, for you! As you exhale, you’ll definitely be able to see how easy it was to smoke from a water pipe. However, keep water close by for those coughs you’re bound to get!

9. Water Pipes are Considered Safer to Smoke From

Because water pipes have the ability to contain water, water pipes can filtrate and diffuse your smoke! As your smoke travels through the downstem and comes in contact with the water inside the base of your water pipe, the air and water inside your water pipe are able to work to reduce the amount of harmful byproducts in your smoke.

This is done through a process called aeration and filtration! As your smoke aerates and filtrates, it transforms into a smooth consistency that’s easy on the throat. Additionally, this process also reduces the amount of byproducts your lungs and throat are exposed to, meaning a lesser chance of developing an illness due to lung and throat irritation!

Want to learn more about how water pipes are considered safer to smoke from? Give this article a read!

#8 Glass Water Pipes Come in Many Different Styles, Designs, and Sizes

Merging over to the world of glass water pipes means you won’t have to stare at a boring piece of paper while smoking! Instead, you can have a really sick piece to marvel over and gaze at while having the best smoke sesh.

Common Water Pipe Styles

The common water pipe styles are beaker water pipes and straight tube water pipes, but you can also find some water pipe styles that are eccentric and out of this world!

MOB Glass Beaker ($79.99)

MOB Glass Beaker

The MOB Glass Beaker is a prime example of the iconic beaker style water pipe. Beaker water pipes have the advantage of remaining very sturdy on flat surfaces as well as being able to provide massive rips! The MOB Glass Beaker is made out of borosilicate glass, features an ice pinch and removable diffused downstem, and comes with a free slide to ensure that as soon as you get your hands on this glass water pipe, the seshes can start immediately.

Gambino Studios Double Perc Straight Tube ($119.99)

Gambino Double Perc St Tube

The Gambino Studios Double Perc Straight Tube is one of our favorite straight tube style water pipes. Equipped with a double honeycomb percolator, a splash guard, and an ice pinch, this straight tube glass water pipe is ready to pack smooth hits blasted straight to the dome!

DTHC Koi Fish Water Pipe ($49.99)

DTHC Koi Fish Water Pipe

Remember what we said about water pipes having the ability to come in eccentric styles? The DTHC Koi Fish Water Pipe is a great example of a water pipe with a unique style. This novelty water pipe features a glass blown Koi fish as its neck and mouthpiece for you to have a fun, exciting, and extraordinary smoke sesh!

Water Pipe Sizes

Did you know that you can find a water pipe as small as 7” tall or as large as 13” tall? Crazy to think of, right? To personalize your smoking experience, you can choose from a vast variety of water pipe sizes.

Whether you’re looking to impress the homies at the next smoke sesh, or if you’re looking for a water pipe that’s all about discretion, Cloud 9 Smoke Co guarantees that we have the perfect sized water pipe for you!

What’s this talk about a perfect size water pipe? Cloud 9 Smoke Co has all you need to know about choosing the perfect size water pipe for your smoking experience.

#7. Water Pipes Are Always Available

Okay, so maybe not so much if you break your glass water pipe. However, as long as you have a water pipe in your possession, you’ll always have a way to smoke!

Remember how frustrating it was when you ran out of papers? Or when you lost your last pack of pre-rolls? Having a water pipe around means that you won’t have to worry about running out of supplies or losing your water pipe in the cracks of your car, bed, - you name it!

Water pipes also allow for your smoking setup to be well organized. The lesser amount of products you’re using to smoke with means you’ll have an organized sesh without an intensive cleanup process after the end.

#6 Owning a Water Pipe = Accessories

Not to make it sound like you can deck out your water pipe in chains or anything. (Which if you did, that could be really sick!) However, owning a water pipe means you can include accessories, such as ash catchers, to improve your smoking experience.

Adding an ash catcher really helps with the care and maintenance of your glass water pipe, as well as your smoking experience! Ash catchers have the ability to trap fallen bud and ash before either of the two have a chance to make it into the base of your water pipe. This means that your water will stay clean for longer periods of time, and you won’t have to worry about ash clogging your downstem or percolator!

#5 Ice, Ice Baby!

To top off any smoke sesh, most water pipes feature an ice pinch that’s made for you to load ice in your water pipe’s neck while keeping it out of the base of your water pipe! By incorporating ice into your water pipe smoking experience, you can expect refreshing, cool hits in your toking forecast.

Say goodbye to those old hot, harsh hits from papers! Water pipes are here to make your smoking experience as smooth and refreshing as possible.

#4 Glass Water Pipes Are Affordable and Conservative

Before you ask, no water pipes do not have a political affiliation! What we mean by conservative is that water pipes are able to conserve the amount of dry herb being smoked. Remember when you wanted to take a quick break between hitting your joint, and your herb kept burning in the meantime? Water pipes can get rid of this entire issue with their ability to let you dose your hits to your preferences!

Owning a glass water pipe also doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. In fact, you may want to pick out an affordable water pipe as your first ever water pipe! You can shop for the best water pipes under $50 here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

#3 Percolation and Smooth Hits

Tell me the last time you saw a hand pipe or joint with a percolator in it. Wait a minute - that doesn’t exist! All jokes aside, water pipes have the ability to contain percolators. Percolators are an additional feature that water pipes have that increase the speed and contact your smoke has with water and air. By doing so, percolators are able to increase the filtration and diffusion of your smoke so you can have… you guessed it… the smoothest hits of all time!

Plus, percolators are absolutely sick to look at, smoke with, and appreciate - 24/7.

MOB Glass Eden Water Pipe ($149.99)

MOB Glass Eden Water Pipe

The MOB Glass Eden Water Pipe features two tree percolators inside the water pipe that diffuse and filtrate your smoke with each of their arms. The arms of tree percolators are designed like diffused downstems and contain small slits to diffuse your smoke! This water pipe contains a whopping 24 arms (12 arms on each perc) to work to filtrate your smoke.

#2 Water Pipes Produce Enhanced Flavor

We keep reflecting back to smoking papers, but really think about it! Remember smoking a blunt or joint and getting the warped taste of burnt ash, paper, and dry herb all in the mix?

Water pipes enhance the flavor of your terpenes by giving your smoke consistent contact with glass, water, and air that will keep the terpenes of your dry herb in shape!

Say hello to scrumptious, tasty hits.

#1 Water Pipes Produce Bigger Hits

With the ability to be larger in size, water pipes give you all the power and glory of producing massive rips! As you take hits from a water pipe, you may begin to notice that the smoke pulls inside your water pipe for you to determine the size of your hits.

Additionally, as your smoke has contact with cool water and ice, your smoke will thicken in density to a cloud-like consistency. Meaning that you can rip thunderous clouds full of dry herb, get the maximum amount of benefits from dry herb, all while looking absolutely stunning in the process! ;)

It’s Time to Own a Water Pipe!

Now that you have 10 reasons why you should own a water pipe, what’s stopping you from snagging one for yourself?

In case you missed it, here's a quick recap of why you should own a water pipe:

  1. Bigger hits
  2. Enhanced terpene flavor
  3. Included percolation for smooth hits
  4. Affordably priced and will conserve your dry herb
  5. Features an ice pinch for cooling, refreshing seshes
  6. Can be paired with accessories, such as ash catchers
  7. Always available (won’t run out like papers!)
  8. Unique in styles, shapes, and sizes
  9. Considered safer to smoke from than papers
  10. Easy to use, less prep time
Ready to merge over to water pipes? Cloud 9 Smoke Co has an ever-expanding collection of the best water pipes to buy online!

Happy Toking!

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