Do You Really Need an Ash Catcher?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Jun 11, 2021

Do You Really Need an Ash Catcher?

Do You Really Need an Ash Catcher?

What’s up Cloud 9 Fam! It’s come to our attention that you may be in need of an ash catcher for your water pipe. We’re stupid excited to teach you everything you need to know, and if you’re on the fence about splurging on an ash catcher for your smoking experience, we’ve got you covered.

The common debate with ash catchers is, “do you really need an ash catcher?” Many of us have gone days, months or even years without an ash catcher, so why start now?

Hear us out, what if we told you that having an ash catcher will make your smoking experience so much better? It sounds hard to believe, but trust us here. We’ll teach you all you need to know.

Let’s boogie in!

Do You Really Need an Ash Catcher?

What is an Ash Catcher?

Before we dive into the benefits of ash catchers, we need to start by explaining what an ash catcher is and how it works. An ash catcher is an attachment for your water pipe that traps fallen ash particles, resin, unused dry herb, and other byproducts that come as a result of burning and consuming dry herb. Ash catchers work to keep all of these byproducts out of the water inside your water pipe so you can enjoy a clean, smooth smoke sesh!

When you use an ash catcher, the smoke will travel through the ash catcher first, allowing any debris to fall to the bottom of the ash catcher before it ends up in your water pipe, and eventually your lungs. Some ash catchers contain percolators for additional filtration and diffusion to make smoking from your water pipe easier on the inhale and better tasting!

Sounds pretty sweet, right? That’s because it is, homie!

Why Should I Use an Ash Catcher?

Have you ever noticed how murky and dirty your water pipe gets after smoking? It’s pretty gnarly, and it also makes your water pipe smell bad. Which definitely doesn’t present any advantages if you’re trying to impress the homies during a smoke sesh, or a significant other! A dirty water pipe also means more drag and resistance when your smoke, which typically means one of your percolators is clogged. It’s a big headache, and no one likes dealing with that stuff.

Sure, cleaning your water pipe regularly will help with this issue, but do you have the time to clean your water pipe after every use? We don’t either! Adding an ash catcher to your water pipe makes care, cleaning, and maintenance a breeze. It also comes with many benefits that you may not be aware of just yet.

One of the biggest benefits of having an ash catcher is that you get to spend more time smoking and enjoying your dry herb as opposed to cleaning your water pipe. This benefit alone is enough to make some avid bud enthusiasts jump the gun in investing in an ash catcher!

Think about all the delicate parts of your water pipe, especially if you own a water pipe that’s smaller in size. Your cleaning days are probably super meticulous and a chore. We feel that! That’s why owning an ash catcher will set you at the advantage of enjoying a clean, smooth smoke sesh.

Additionally, if your ash catcher contains a percolator, you’re in luck! Did you know that percolators work to reduce the amount of harmful byproducts that we are exposed to? That’s why our smoke is so easy to inhale and consume when the water pipe we use contains percolators.

So picture this, an ash catcher with a percolator that will diffuse and filter your smoke before it enters your water pipe…Got the image? Hold onto it.

Take what you’re imagining, now add a smooth smoke sesh, with no ash in your water pipe, and a clean glass pipe to look at after you’ve finished smoking. Are you in paradise yet, dude? We are!

How Do I Use an Ash Catcher?

Since ash catchers are an accessory for your water pipe and are completely separate from the water pipe itself, you’ll have to find an ash catcher that matches the joint size of your water pipe. Most ash catchers come in the joint sizes of 14mm or 18mm, which means that your water pipe’s joint also has to be 14mm or 18mm. From there, you can find the perfect style and design of ash catcher to fit your smoking preferences!

Your ash catcher will attach to your water pipe the same way a slide would: through the joint of your water pipe. After you insert your ash catcher, you’ll place your slide into the joint of the ash catcher instead of directly into the water pipe. As you burn your dry herb to take a hit, the r ash will trap inside the ash catcher instead of travelling into the water pipe’s main chamber.

If you have a percolator ash catcher, make sure not to add too much water to your ash catcher, or dirty water will flow into your water pipe. Which is definitely not the mission here! A good rule of thumb is to make sure all slits and holes of your percolator are submerged in water, after that you’re good to smoke away.

How to Choose the Right Ash Catcher for Your Water Pipe

Now that you’re on board the ash catcher bandwagon, which in fact is the best bandwagon, you’re going to need the best ash catcher for your water pipe. As you know, making sure the joint sizes of your water pipe and ash catcher are the same is step 1. You also have to make sure that the angle of your ash catcher matches the angle of your water pipe.

Most ash catchers come in either 45 or 90 degree angles, which refers to the angle that your ash catcher will attach to your water pipe. You also have to make sure that the ash catcher won’t hit or bump into your water pipe during use. Another bit of advice is to make sure that you’re comfortable smoking with the ash catcher you’ve chosen.

To help you find the best ash catcher for your smoking experience, make sure to check out this guide that will give you the entire scoop on all things ash catchers!

Do You Really Need an Ash Catcher? Yes, You Do!

Now that you know why you need an ash catcher to enhance your smoking experience, what’s stopping you from investing in one for your smoking experience? Remember, ash catchers work to keep your water pipe clean, your percolators unclogged, and provide you with a cleaner smoking experience. Investing in an ash catcher with a percolator also helps to reduce the amount of byproducts your body and lungs are exposed to, meaning a cleaner smoking experience for you all around.

Which ash catcher will you choose?

Happy toking! 

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