Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

Posted by Jamie Pope on Jan 29, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

It's 2021. Technology is in, and primitive ways are out! To bring you from a caveman to the modern human you deserve to be, Cloud 9 Smoke Co. will teach you how to ditch primitive forms of smoking into the new age millennia of dabbing.

What is Dabbing?

We all know the word “dab” has taken the internet by storm with a singular, cringey dance move. Don’t worry, that’s not up for discussion here. Dabbing has a special meaning for people who enjoy smoking concentrates or extracts.

Dabbing is a process of pressing any concentrate, extract, or oil against the heated surface of a rig. This creates potent vapor that you’ll inhale to enjoy the benefits of these substances nearly instantly. With the smooth nature of dabbing, you’ll leave all other forms of smoking in your rearview mirror!

How Does Dabbing Work?

Dabs are made through high heat extraction processes to provide concentrated versions of your favorite herbs or CBD. This is a process that no “Average Joe” can do, and is left to highly educated professionals to complete. These professionals take your every day herb and separate the herb’s small hairs, called trichomes, from the plant. This creates what we all know as “dabs.” After this intricate process is complete, you are left with various concentrates that take on the forms of rosin or crystalline. *pics of rosin, crystalline here*

What are the Benefits from Dabbing?

Dabbing is a method that could give you the most advantage from dry herbs at a faster rate with the most efficiency. There will be no squandering for a second bowl or searching for a melatonin after you’ve finished with your dabs. The potency of concentrates is delivered at a consistency 50-95% higher than traditional CBD or dry flower.

Dabbing will also give your lungs a rest if you’re a traditional smoker of herbal CBD. Take a stroll down memory lane, you may remember Smokey the Bear telling you that inhaling a burned plant produces toxic resin and hazardous smoke. With dabs to the rescue, the benefits are effectively and efficiently delivered while reducing the risk of inhaling harmful substances.

A few other benefits of dabbing include:

  • Enhanced flavor
  • Reduction of odor on clothes and walls
  • Highly potent and effective

What Do I Need to Start Dabbing?

To lay the foundation of your dab journey, you’ll need to have some basic products by your side.

The products you will need are:

It may feel overwhelming to know that all of these products come with variations of style, material, and size. Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered here with some details and information you’ll need to create the best dabbing set up for your needs!

Dab Rigs:

Dab rigs are made in a bunch of different styles and shapes. You may have seen a wicked cool heady piece like this one that encapsulates an artist’s specific vision to a more traditional, scientific piece with color accents. There’s a lot that plays into the artistry and functionality of the pieces, so to narrow it down here are some specs!

  • SIZE
    • Smaller rigs will keep the concentration and potency of flavors at the forefront of your experience. The compactness of their design is great for couch seshes or for smaller hands.
    • Bigger rigs will assist in the vapor’s cooling process since there’s more distance for the vapor to travel. Their size also will help the torch to keep its distance, so bigger rigs will offer more protection from the heat.
    • Mini Tube: These rigs range in sizes from 4” to just under a foot in height. This style features a fixed downstem with simple diffusion creating large, flavor-filled bubbles.
    • Recycler: These rigs offer two chambers transferring vapor from the first chamber to the second along a stream of water creating a “recycling” effect. Recycler rigs take on smoother hits and prevent water splash.


Nails are the piece of the dabbing experience that takes all the heat! This piece of your setup is designed to withstand the extreme heat that comes from your torch. Traditional nails are made from ceramic, quartz, or titanium. These materials may seem vastly different from another, which they are, but we have provided some key differences here for you.

Materials of Nails:

  • Quartz: Best nail on the market for flavor. This nail retains heat the cleanest and provides the best flavor for any kind of concentrate.
  • Ceramic: Absorbs flavor of the concentrate very well, and will heat up between 45-90 seconds.
  • Titanium: Most sturdy nail and will not break. These nails will last the longest and typically have to be replaced after 6 months to 2 years of usage.
Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

Dab Tools

Dab tools are the products used to scrape up your concentrate from its storage container. You can find dabbers made from glass or stainless steel, and these trusty gadgets will leave your fingers sticky-free while dabbing.

Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

Bubble/Carb Cap

The most essential part of your dabbing experience is the use of a bubble cap. Without it, you can’t trap your heat or modify your airflow. The bubble cap helps keep the sweet spot of your preferred temperature while hitting your dab.

Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing


Torches heat up to super high degrees (up to 2700F), which is the perfect heat to vaporize your concentrates. Without them, your dabbing experience can’t begin.


Without a concentrate by your side, your dabbing experience will merely be looks and gazes at your beautiful set up. The choice of concentrate is completely up to you, but Cloud 9 Smoke Co. has a special selection of CBD extract concentrates at each of their retail locations that will blow your dabbing experience out of the water.

Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing

Cloud 9 Smoke Co understands that you’re new and fresh to the game, and we’re always here to help! We have a LiveChat with the best of the best ready to assist you with building the ultimate setup.

I Have My Rig. How Do I Take Care of it?

Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we are more than familiar with the headache that traditional methods of cleaning may bring to the table. We’ve got some awesome cleaning products from Resinate to assist you with the cleaning process. We even have one specifically made to clean your dab rig, which you can purchase here.

Another helpful tip to ensure that your hits are always crisp, clean, and tasty would be to clean your nail after every use. This can be done with Glob Mops and rubbing alcohol, and will save you the headache of trying to get the concentrate residue off during cleaning day!

Final Words

We’ve brought you back to modern day with our tips and tricks on how to start dabbing. As a refined homosapien, you can now begin setting sail on the dabbing journey and kick old smoking habits to the past.

To recap everything you need to know:

  • The creation of dabs comes from extracting trichomes of your favorite herb, or CBD, to form concentrates.
  • The process of dabbing consists of pressing your concentrate against a heated oil rig to inhale potent vapor that delivers the benefits of CBD immediately and effectively.
  • Dabbing is a more effective way to obtain the most from your concentrates since the potency is 50-90% higher than traditional dry herb.
  • There are essentials that you need to begin the dabbing process which includes products made in many different styles and materials.
  • The care and maintenance of your rig will be super easy and convenient with Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s product, Resinate.

Now that we have gone through Everything You Need to Know About Dabbing -- we congratulate you on taking proper steps to evolve. Now, go be the amazing human you are and start dabbing!

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