Hookah Buying Guide 2021

Posted by Jamie Pope on Jun 25, 2021

Hookah Buying Guide 2021

Hookah Buying Guide (2021)

What’s up Cloud 9 Fam! If you’re looking to upgrade your current go-to hookah or if you’re looking to buy a hookah for the first time, you’ve come to the right place. Summer is in full swing, and we know that the warm summer nights only lead to the best hookah sessions… ever! We’ve curated the ultimate hookah buying guide, so you can smoke in style and comfort all summer long.

Let’s get started!

Hookah Buying Guide 2021

How We Classified Our Hookahs for this Guide

When making our hookah buying guide, we sorted out all hookahs by size, cloud production, ease of use, portability, and durability. We made sure to evaluate how simple, or complex, the assembly and breaking down of the hookah would be before and after a sesh. We also wanted to make sure to include hookah pipes that complement different hookah accessories and are easy to clean and care for after smoking!

The Best Overall Hookah

MOB Hookah Cloud King ($159.99)

MOB Hookah Cloud King

The MOB Hookah Cloud King is engineered to perfection so it can provide you with a smooth draw and huge cloud production. This hookah stands at a height of 32”, making it the perfect pipe for outdoor seshes throughout the summer season! The MOB Hookah Cloud King features an internal carb for easy clearing, a plug-in hose, and a removable/attachable diffuser for you to enjoy a smooth, quiet hookah sesh. This hookah comes loaded with a lotus-style tray, a high quality silicone hose, a MOB Hookah tempered glass base, and a clay Phunnel bowl for you to enjoy a hookah sesh when this complete hookah kit hits your doorstep!

Why We Love It

  • Easy to assemble
  • Large cloud production
  • Smooth, flavorful hits
  • High quality, durable materials and craftsmanship

The Best Affordable Hookah

Vadra Echo Hookah ($69.99)

Vadra Echo Hookah

The Vadra Echo Hookah is a shisha tobacco enthusiast’s dream pipe! This stunning hookah features a thick, tempered glass base with a series of etched Anch’s and Eye of Horace, giving it an authentic Egyptian aesthetic. This hookah is loaded with wide gauge downstem with a built-in diffuser, that will give you smooth, effortless hits full of tasty shisha flavor. What’s best is that this hookah features a purge valve to waste out old smoke and amp up the flavor during your sesh! The Vadra Echo Hookah comes as a complete hookah kit and includes: premium hookah tongs, a matching ceramic Egyptian bowl, one washable hose, and rubber grommets. You’ll be able to enjoy an innovative mixture of modern and traditional design with this affordable hookah!

Why We Love It

  • Comes with similar features that you would find from a high-end hookah
  • Easy to pull, great cloud production
  • Amazing flavor from every hit
  • Affordably priced - great for beginners

Best Full-Sized Hookah

Everember Emperor Hookah Resin Edition ($169.99)

Everember Emperor Hookah Resin Edition

Standing at a height of 26”, the Everember Emperor Hookah Resin Edition is the best full-sized hookah to have for sessions with friends, family, or if you prefer intimate one-on-one seshes with a traditional sized hookah. The Everember Emperor Hookah is engineered from premium materials and is loaded with a handmade resin stem which is dyed, sanded, and polished, giving each hookah its own unique design! This full-sized hookah features an open downstem for strong draws and a quick purge system to always keep clean smoke as part of your seshes!

Why We Love It

  • Unique design
  • Easy to pull large hits that produce super thick, dense clouds
  • Durable materials and craftsmanship
  • Produces clean, fresh smoke

The Best Small Hookah

MOB Hookah Kepra MDS1 ($119.99)

MOB Hookah Kepra

Though the MOB Hookah Kepra stands at a smaller height of 18”, don’t let it’s size fool you! This small hookah is loaded with all the power necessary to provide exceptional hookah seshes. The MOB Hookah Kepra flaunts a wide, lipped base made from tempered glass designed with a prism finish, or gold finish if you prefer to be super fancy! With its wide base and diffused downstem, you can expect this small hookah to provide high quality hits full of cloudy, flavorful smoke. The MOB Hookah Kepra features an external purge valve that will allow you to waste out old smoke at once and cool your hookah bowl down without flooding it with water. Say hello to amazing seshes from this small hookah!

Why We Love It

  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact size: you can enjoy tabletop seshes, outdoor seshes, or wherever a hookah sesh may lead you!
  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy to pull with minimal resistance

Best Portable Hookah

Vapor Hookah The Slender ($29.99)

Vapor Hookah The Slender

If you’re looking for a portable hookah to bring with you wherever life takes you, the Vapor Hookah The Slender is your go-to! This portable hookah is made from acrylic and takes on a compact size to be conveniently stashed and transported wherever you go. To amp up the portable hookah fun, The Slender features LED lights at the base of the hookah for you to set the vibe for all hookah seshes! This portable hookah may be small in size, but with its diffused downstem you can savor large, smooth hits with great cloud production for its size.

Why We Love It

  • Small size, lightweight body for easy transportation
  • LED lights really set the vibe and tone for a great sesh
  • Easy to assemble and breakdown for convenient care and cleaning.

Best Modern Hookah

Smokah Hookah FUA Glow ($129.99)

Taking on the modern hookah style, the Smokah Hookah FUA Glow flaunts a tempered glass vase and tray that glow in the dark for the ultimate party experience! This modern hookah features four hose ports, so you’ll be able to share a sesh with the homies. Its wide base works with its diffused stainless steel downstem to provide low rumble, smooth hits packed full of shisha tobacco flavor! The Smokah Hookah FUA Glow is the best modern hookah for late night group seshes. What’s a better way to spend your warm summer nights than to use this hookah?

Why We Love It

  • Glow in the dark features are incredibly sick to witness
  • Easy to pull and produces thick clouds
  • Incredibly durable materials and snug joints for optimal performance
  • Comes with its own heat management device, which is always a huge plus!

What are Hookahs Made of?

Most modern hookahs are made with stainless steel parts because of how easy it is to clean stainless steel and how durable the material is. Hookahs with stainless steel pieces are made to last for the long run, and you will be able to enjoy your hookah seshes for years to come! In the world of hookah, like glass or other smoking products, you always get what you pay for. Investing in a high-quality hookah with stainless steel parts will guarantee that you’re investing in a hookah that will be your staple pipe time after time. The hookahs that you’ll find at Cloud 9 Smoke Co were chosen with durability and quality in mind, so you can always trust us to be the plug of your hookah necessities!

What Should I Look for in a Hookah?

How the Hookah Draws

Modern hookahs tend to have an open draw, meaning an effortless pull for you! The smoke will be able to travel swiftly to your mouth, which means that you’ll be able to produce massive clouds with ease, just like the dragon you were meant to be. Sometimes, this means that flavor can be sacrificed, but don’t worry. A huge benefit of open draw is that you can customize, or restrict, the draw to your preferences with accessories such as your hose and bowl, along with your water level and shisha packing method. The higher the water level is in your hookah’s base, the more restriction you’ll create. Investing in a hookah with an open draw will give you options that you won’t have with a hookah pipe that’s already restricted.


Another thing to consider is how most modern hookahs come with a diffuser of some sort, most will give you the option to screw it in place or leave it off to enjoy a sesh. However, there are some that come with a diffuser built into the stem. Hookah diffusers create tiny bubbles inside the base of your hookah, which will result in your draw being smooth and quiet. If you have the option to invest in a diffuser for your hookah, or purchase a hookah with a diffuser in the kit, we highly recommend doing so!

Purge Valves

The purge valve of a hookah is a crucial factor to consider when investing in a new hookah. Sometimes the bowl of your hookah will retain too much heat, and if you have the option to release all of the stale smoke in the base of your hookah with ease, definitely take it! The key factor that allows you to do so is the purge valve located on your hookah. Always try to find a hookah with a purge valve to increase the quality of your hookah seshes!

Hookah Storage

MOB Hookah Bag

MOB Hookah Bag ($29.99)

Though you may not always find complete hookah kits that include a case or bag for you to store your hookah in, consider investing in one for your hookah experience! Considering that most hookahs have the ability to be taken apart to be cleaned, you can conveniently store your hookah in a protected bag or case, which will allow your hookah to remain in amazing shape for the long run. Sometimes, we may not have ample space in our homes or apartments to keep our hookahs on display, and that’s okay! Keeping everything neatly stored and organized is always key.

Hookah Buying Guide 2021 - Which One Will You Choose?

Now that you have the best hookah buying guide to help you decide which hookah you’d like to invest in, whether it’s an upgrade or as your first hookah, Cloud 9 Smoke Co is stupid excited to see which hookah you’ll choose for your smoking experience! Whether you’re looking for a small hookah, high end hookah, portable hookah, or the best overall hookah, we’ve got you covered. If you’re in a bind and need some quick help choosing which hookah, shisha tobacco, or accessories are best for you, hit our LiveChat up! We have in-house hookah experts ready to help you along the way!

Happy Toking!

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