How Do Dab Rigs Work?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 20, 2021

How Do Dab Rigs Work?

How Do Dab Rigs Work?

If you’re looking to dive into the world of concentrates and dab rigs, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re fresh out of the water pipe game, paper game, - you name it. Cloud 9 Smoke Co welcomes you into the marvelous world of concentrate benefits. Especially if you have a mean dab rig to hit out of!

Wait, what was that? … You don’t know how dab rigs work? Well why didn’t you say so!

Learning about how dab rigs work will definitely help you understand the operations behind dabbing! So without further ado, here’s all you need to know about how dab rigs work.

Let’s dive in!

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What is a Dab Rig?

 dab rig is a water pipe designed for vaporizing concentrates and is sometimes referred to as an oil rig. Much like water pipes, dab rigs are able to filter and diffuse concentrate vapor through the water in the base and through their percolation systems!

To use a dab rig, you’ll need a quartz banger to load your concentrates into as well as a torch to heat your banger to the right temperature. Oh! You’ll also need a dab tool to transport your concentrates, because let’s be real, concentrates are mad sticky.

How Does a Dab Rig Work?

Dab rigs work in slightly different ways, depending on the style of dab rig you choose. In simplest terms, a dab rig works by incorporating a quartz banger, a 90-degree joint, a recycler system, and your concentrates to get your dabbing experience started. You’ll also need a butane torch!

Bangers are the most critical aspect to your dabbing experience. Bangers can be made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic with pros and cons of each material to consider! To help you decide, quartz bangers are ideal for high heat ramp-up speeds and heat preservation, and they also preserve the taste of your concentrate’s terpenes for scrumptious dabs.

A dab rig typically has a 90-degree joint and is smaller in size to help prevent the dilution of your concentrate vapor’s taste. The reason why dab rigs have a 90-degree joint is to ensure that your banger is at the best angle to be heated by a torch! Having a 90-degree joint angle also helps you insert your concentrates with ease.

Think about trying to take a dab from a 45-degree angle joint. It’s a little bit more complicated to angle a torch at that degree while ensuring your concentrates are being well placed inside the banger. Sounds like a lot of work right? It definitely can be. However, if your dab rig does have a 45-degree joint angle, it’s still very doable!

Dab rigs also have the ability to feature a recycler function that works to push water through the rig. Vapor and water will travel from one chamber to the next, then back down into the first chamber, providing a continuous loop of filtration for cool, refreshing dabs!

Step-by-Step Function of Dab Rigs

To break down how dab rigs work, we’re going to describe to you how dab rigs work on the principle of you taking a dab, step-by-step.

  1. As you place your banger into the joint of your dab rig, heat the bottom of the banger with your torch.
    1. The reason why you heat the bottom of your banger is to allow the area of where you load your concentrates to be at the optimal temperature.
  2. Once your banger has been heated for at least 30 seconds, let the banger cool to reach the perfect temperature to vaporize your concentrates.
  3. When you load your concentrates into the banger, the heat that is encapsulated at the bottom of the banger will vaporize the concentrates. Your concentrates will melt, bubble, and begin to produce vapor.
  4. Take a carb cap to seal off the airflow. Carb caps work with your dab rig to conceal as much concentrate vapor as possible, and they help you to manipulate the airflow inside the banger to ensure all of your concentrates are vaporized without charring or sticking to your banger.
  5. As you’re using your carb cap, you should be sucking into the mouthpiece of your dab rig to transport the vapor from the banger into the rig itself. You should see some bubbling occur.
  6. The reason why the water inside your dab rig bubbles is because the water is working to diffuse and filtrate your concentrate vapor to reduce the intense heat and potential harshness of the vapor.
  7. When you’re ready to inhale, take your hand off the carb cap to allow airflow into your banger. Inhale as much concentrate vapor as possible! You want to make sure none of the vapor goes stale in between a dab.
  8. As you inhale, you may notice that the intensity of the hit (harshness-wise and density-wise) pales in comparison to a hit from a water pipe. That’s because you’re inhaling vapor instead of smoke. Dabbing is known for producing smoother, calmer hits!

How Do I Choose the Best Rig for Dabbing?

If you’re ready to invest in a dab rig for your smoking experience, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best dab rigs to buy online! Though our selection is vast, you definitely don’t have to feel like a fish out of water. Like most water pipes, there are affordable dab rigs, simple dab rigs, mid-level dab rigs, and high-end dab rigs, all containing a plethora of extra features.

If it’s your first time dabbing, ever. Choose a dab rig that’s smaller in size! The smaller the dab rig, the more potent your concentrate vapor will remain. Their small size allows for easy care, handling, and dabbing, so you’ll be able to understand the mechanics of a dab rig without handling a huge, expensive dab rig in the process.

MOB Glass Hourglass Recycler Dab Rig

The MOB Glass Hourglass Recycler Dab Rig is the perfect beginner dab rig. In fact, it was the first dab rig for many of us at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! This mini dab rig stands at a small height of 5” and features a single-arm recycler system to run your concentrate vapor through the filtration process as many times as possible. To make your dabs even smoother, this mini rig has a disc percolator in its base. When we say that the best dabs come from this rig, we mean it!

Let’s say you’re a dabbing veteran and you’re looking for a dab rig that’ll absolutely blow you out of the water! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the perfect dab rigs for you.

Olympus Double Uptake Recycler

The Olympus Double Uptake Recycler is a dual-arm recycler dab rig that has two chambers for your smoke to travel through to give you an insanely smooth hit. This 7” dab rig is perfect if you’re looking for a dab rig that’s a bit larger in size for seshes with the homies. Additionally, this dab rig’s recycler system (at the top of the rig right before the bent neck) is wide in circumference to prevent any potential splashback, as well as providing a window for you to see the recycling process take place! This dab rig truly whips out the big guns.

How Does a Dab Rig Work? - Now You Know!

Now that you know how a dab rig works and all the essential components that you’ll need to begin dabbing, what’s stopping you from investing in your smoking experience with a dab rig?

Remember, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you loaded with the best dab rigs to buy online! If you ever need assistance with finding the perfect dab rig, make sure to send us a chat and we’ll have dabbing experts to your rescue.

Happy Dabbing - and Toking! 

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