How to Choose the Best Dab Rigs Under $50

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 27, 2021

How to Choose the Best Dab Rigs Under $50

How to Choose the Best Dab Rigs Under $50

Have you ever walked into a smoke shop and thought to yourself “There’s absolutely no way in hell I’m going to walk out of here without dropping a lot of money!”

It’s a stressful thing! We’ve all felt that. I mean, who walks into a Tesla dealership knowing their budget strictly fits the 2002 sedan they found online? … Okay, maybe I didn’t mean to call out myself there, but you get the idea! ;)

Finding a solid dab rig under $50 may seem like only a dream for most tokers, but what if we told you that you can find high quality dab rigs without having to spend over $50?

You heard that right! Those kinds of dab rigs do exist.

Today, you’ll learn all you need to know about how to choose the best dab rigs under $50 (with a few recommendations from the Cloud 9 Gang to help you out!)

Let’s boogey on in!

How to Choose the Best Dab Rigs Under $50 - Cloud 9 Smoke Co

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig is a type of water pipe that has been crafted specially for concentrate use! Compared to an average water pipe, dab rigs typically are smaller in size and feature smaller chambers. Their smaller size allows for your concentrate vapor to remain packed full of terpenes and delicious flavor while being able to pack a mean punch.

Should I Buy a Dab Rig That’s Under $50?

If you’re in need of a dab rig that’s meant to ‘get your feet wet’ in the world of concentrates and dabbing, you should buy a dab rig that’s under $50! Investing in your smoking experience, especially if you’re trying something for the first time, doesn’t always mean that you have to reach for top-shelf products that cost you an arm and a leg.

Who knows? Maybe you won’t like dabbing… Ah! Who are we kidding here? Dabs are definitely an all around favorite in the smoking community. There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy the experience.

If you’re a dabbing veteran and have shuffled through your fair share of dab rigs, investing in a dab rig that’s under $50 will give you a solid piece for you to bring to group seshes. By having an inexpensive dab rig, you won’t have to worry too much about losing out on money, memories, and experiences that you share with your OG, favorite dab rigs!

How Do I Choose the Best Dab Rig Under $50?

When you’re ready to find the best dab rig under $50 for your smoking experience, always keep in mind what features you’re looking for in the dab rig. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you decide which dab rig is best for you!

  • Do I want a glass dab rig or a silicone dab rig?
  • Do I want to have a glass dab rig with a percolator?
  • Should my dab rig be small or large? Which will be more comfortable for me?
  • What type of dab rig do I want?

Do I Want a Glass Dab Rig or a Silicone Dab Rig?

The two materials dab rigs are made of are: borosilicate glass and food-grade silicone.

Glass Dab Rigs

MOB Glass Traveler Dab Rig

Shown: MOB Glass Traveler Dab Rig ($49.99)

Glass dab rigs are crafted from borosilicate glass due to its ability to withstand high temperatures without cracking or breaking in the process. Sounds pretty legit considering you have to use a butane torch for dabs, right?

Silicone Dab Rigs

Paradise Silicone Robot Dab Rig

Shown: Paradise Silicone Robot Dab Rig ($39.99)

Silicone dab rigs are made from food-grade silicone that’s non-toxic and BPA free, meaning its totally safe for you to smoke out of silicone dab rigs! These dab rigs are able to be twisted, bent, and warped for easy stashing after a sesh. If you need a dab rig that’s meant for “on the go,” definitely consider trying out a silicone dab rig.

Do I Want to Have a Dab Rig With a Percolator?

As you’re choosing the best dab rig for your smoking experience, take into consideration the amount of percolation you’d like to have for your vapor. Remember, too much percolation may reduce the amount of terpenes you’ll smell and taste as you inhale the vapor. There’s also a slight possibility that the potency of your concentrates could be reduced due to the amount of filtration and diffusion the vapor experiences inside your rig.

A good rule of thumb is to use a dab rig that has at least 1 percolator, beyond a standard diffused downstem, to ensure that filtration and diffusion is occurring inside your dab rig, but not to the point where you’ll lose out on the benefits of your concentrate!

Do I Want My Dab Rig to Be Larger or Smaller in Size?

Choosing the right size of dab rig is all about your comfortability, smoking experience, and preferences! Some dabbers really rave about the benefits of smaller dab rigs, while others are on the complete opposite side and believe that larger dab rigs are superior. It’s all about preference here!

If you want a dab rig that is all about packing a mean punch full of tasty concentrate vapor, stick with the smaller dab rigs. These dab rigs can range anywhere from 4” to 7” in height! Their smaller chambers offer a decent amount of filtration and diffusion to let you experience a smooth hit, except you won’t lose out on the potency of your concentrates.

Larger dab rigs have a lot of following behind them in the smoking community because of their ability to diffuse and filter concentrate vapor to a smooth, cool, steam-like consistency! Think about it, you’re taking a butane torch to a quartz banger and shortly inhaling the vapor that comes from that after a brief cool down. The heat is still… HOT! Which is why most of us cough after taking a fat glob of concentrate to our banger.

Let’s face it - some tokers really are all about going balls to the wall with their smoking experience, while others are all about doing it comfortably! -- It’s totally up to you!

What Style of Dab Rig Do I Want?

Not only do you have different materials of dab rigs to choose from, but you also have their style to consider as well! Dab rigs have the ability to come in many different, unique styles. We’ll cover the most common styles of dab rigs to help you decide which style is right for you.

Banger Hangers

MOB Glass Flavor Saver Dab Rig

Shown: MOB Glass Flavor Saver Dab Rig ($49.99)

Considered an absolute classic to any dabber that’s been in the game for a minute, Banger Hangers take on a can-shaped body to ensure that our concentrate vapor is diffusing and filtrating without affecting the integrity of the vapor in the process. Essentially, banger hangers will do the work of diffusion, but it won’t make your vapor completely tasteless and lacking in effectiveness.

Recycler Dab Rigs

Shown: Gambino Studios Cyclone Dab Rig ($49.99)

If you’re a dabber who’s all about getting the smoothest, milkiest hits out there, Recycler Dab Rigs have got you covered! Recycler Dab Rigs feature internal and external arms to force your water and vapor into the upper chamber of the rig, then back down into the base of the rig -multiple times- to ensure that your vapor is smooth and you will be free of any harsh reactions, such as coughing up a lung, after a rip!

How to Choose the Best Dab Rig Under $50 - What's Your Take?

Now that you have an idea of what dab rigs are, why you should invest in a dab rig under $50, and how to choose the best dab rig under $50, the gang here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co has no doubt that you'll find the best dab rig for your smoking experience! 

From glass dab rigs to silicone dab rigs, to large dab rigs vs small dab rigs, all the way down to their styles - there's a stupid amount of dab rigs for you to see here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co. 

Don't let our gallery intimidate you by any means! We're here to load up on all things "smoke" so all smokers of any background can find the perfect piece for their smoking experience. We also have experts on hand ready to help you if you need assistance picking out the right dab rig for your smoking experience! Just shoot us a message. :)

If you're ever in a bind about which quartz banger you should pair with your dab rig, make sure to give this article a read! We'll cover all you need to know about quartz bangers to send you off as the educated stoner that you are!

Happy Dabbing - and Toking! 

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