How to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rigs

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 20, 2021

How to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rigs

How to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rigs

Dabbing doesn’t have to begin and end with your best friend’s dab rig! In fact, you can bring a great dab sesh home with the best glass dab rigs from Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

If you’re new to the world of dabbing and dab rigs, have no fear! We’ll teach you all you need to know about how to choose the best glass dab rig for your smoking experience. If you’re a dabbing veteran looking to learn a new thing or two, that’s definitely okay too. We welcome all dabbing backgrounds here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co!

Let’s dive in!

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Consider Your Dabbing Background

For the sake of experience, think about how many times you’ve ever taken a dab or had a dab sesh. Would you consider yourself a newbie to dabbing, a veteran to dabbing, or somewhere in between?

For Dabbing Newbies

If you’re fresh into the world of dabbing and may not know too much about how dab rigs work, that’s totally cool! Anyone who is a veteran in the world of dabbing and concentrates started from where you are now.

Choosing a dab rig for a newbie creates many possibilities for you to test and try out various styles of dab rigs! However, to help you learn how to take dabs from a dab rig, it’s best to choose a dab rig that’s a bit smaller in size. This will help you learn the technique of dabbing as well as the mechanics behind dabbing, without a huge dab rig at your expense.

Gambino Cyclone Dab Rig

The Gambino Cyclone Dab Rig ($49.99) is a stellar choice for dabbing beginners and newbies! Loaded up with the classic hourglass body with a dual-arm recycler feature, this tiny, yet affordable, high end dab rig packs a mean punch of vapor that’s smooth upon the inhale.

Dabbing Veterans

Ah, so if you’ve been in the dabbing circle for what feels like a millennia, you’ve probably seen countless amounts of dab rigs in your time! Not a worry. It’s all about finding that ‘something new’ that piques your curiosity and interests, right? We’ve got the ultimate dab rig for you.

710 Barrel Mouth Recycler

The 710 Lab Barrel Mouth Recycler ($299.99) is a great investment for any dabbing veterans looking for a heady dab rig that won’t break the bank! This barrel recycler dab rig is crafted from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and will provide you a smooth flow of full-flavored rips.

Somewhere In Between

For casual dabbers that haven’t reached the veteran ranks, we still salute you! Maybe you’re looking for a unique, highly functional dab rig loaded with amazing features. Sounds tempting, huh? Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered!

MOB Bio-Hazard Water Pipe

The MOB Bio-Hazard Water Pipe ($199.99) is a duo-functional water pipe that works excellent with both dry herb and concentrates! This glass dab rig features a triple-arm recycler as well as a showerhead percolator to diffuse and filter your concentrate vapor to a seamless density. Additionally, the Bio-Hazard flaunts CFL glass craftsmanship and will change color when exposed to fluorescent lighting!

Let’s Talk About Budget

When choosing the best glass dab rig for your smoking experience, it’s all about your budget. Reflect on how much ‘guap’ you’re looking to drop on a dab rig, and think about which category you fall into. Are you looking for an affordable dab rig? Are you looking for a high end dab rig? Do you want to splurge on a heady dab rig? All budgets considered, Cloud 9 Smoke Co definitely has a glass dab rig suited for you.

Affordable Dab Rigs

If you’re not looking to drop a heavy penny on a dab rig, it’s no sweat! In fact, some of our dab rigs for under $50 generate a lot of power in their hits for their price. These dab rigs also have greater percolation performance than what meets the eye! To help you decide which affordable dab rig you’d like to call your own, we’ve gathered a few of our recommendations.

MOB Glass Flavor Saver

MOB Glass Flavor Savor ($49.99) Right at the budget mark of $50, this can-style dab rig features the perfect chamber for your concentrates to diffuse while remaining consistent in terpene profiles and potency. With this dab rig’s compact size and bent neck, dab seshes will be done with comfortability and ease.

DTHC Small Showerhead Dab Rig

DTHC Small Showerhead Dab Rig ($39.99) This dab rig flaunts the quintessential ‘hourglass’ shape that works to effortlessly, yet effectively, filter and diffuse your concentrates while considering potency and terpene profiles in the process. This affordable dab rig is loaded with a slitted disc percolator and a bent neck for smooth, breezy seshes!

High-End Dab Rigs

A comfortable blend of affordability with high end functionality and design! At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, our selection of high end dab rigs remains consistent with amazing performance with unique designs that flaunts ‘high class’ culture.

MOB Glass The Queen Dab Rig

MOB Glass The Queen Recycler Dab Rig ($149.99) Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, this recycler dab rig is loaded with a dual-arm recycler as well as a showerhead percolator to ensure that your hits and rips fit high standards! What makes The Queen so special, aside from its amazing design, is its bent neck loaded with a vortex splash guard to prevent any splashback during a great dab sesh.

AFM Power Can Dab Rig

AFM Power Can (Inline Perc) Dab Rig ($149.99) This banger hanger dab rig flaunts American-made glass craftsmanship! Any glass piece from AFM is designed and produced straight out of the City of Angels in California. The Power Can Dab Rig is loaded with a fixed gridded in-line percolator that will create the perfect amount of percolation for the best dabs!

Heady Dab Rigs

If your wallet has thickened to a point of heady dab rig splurging, cheers! You’re about to find the best heady dab rigs to buy online, that are literally one of a kind. Heady dab rigs are created from independent glass blowers and brands that take on nontraditional designs and styles. Most times, once you secure a heady dab rig, you’re the sole owner of a one-of-a-kind dab rig! No one else in the world will have the same dab rig as you do. Cool, right?

Andy G Double Disc Klein Recycler

Andy G Double Disc Klein Recycler ($2,999.99)  Aside from the spectacular exterior, the Andy G Double Klein Recycler is also highly functional and will definitely sing the sweet sounds of blissful dab seshes. The double disc recycler body and disc percolator inside this dab rig make for the smoothest and tastiest rips, every time. The recycling Klein design helps prevent water cycling through, leaving you without any splash back! This heady dab rig is truly one for the books.

Chip x Hefe Venetian Fab - Fumed

Chip x Hefe Venetian Egg - Fumed ($2,999.99) A collaboration of two renowned glass artists, Chip Glass and Hefe Glass, have created this amazing heady dab rig! This dab rig features strong and robust architecture with smooth welds and incredible functionality. Additionally, this heady dab rig has interworked fuming to create a ‘pop’ that no other dab rig would ever be able to replicate! Seriously - this dab rig POPS.

Styles of Dab Rigs

As you’ve probably noticed by now, dab rigs come in a lot of different styles and designs! We won’t trouble you with learning all the styles of dab rigs just yet, but we’ll cover the essentials so you can have an idea of which dab rig style is right for you.

Recycler Dab Rigs

A popular style of dab rig that has been mentioned a ton in this article! Recycler dab rigs use external, or internal, arms to recycle your concentrate vapor to diffuse and filtrate before it enters your dome. When you take a dab from a recycler dab rig, you’ll notice that the air inside the dab rig will push the vapor from the base, into an arm that travels up into the dab rig, followed by another arm leading the vapor back into the base. This definitely seems like a slow process, but don’t let it fool you! It happens faster than we realize.

Recycler dab rigs are great if you’re looking for a glass dab rig that produces hits that are smooth as silk and easy on the throat. A slight setback that you may notice when using a recycler dab rig is that the terpenes of your concentrate may get a little lost in diffusion. Other than one mild setback, recyclers are a top choice for many avid dabbers in the smoking community because of their outstanding diffusion and percolation abilities!

Banger Hanger Dab Rigs

Banger hanger dab rigs typically take on the ‘can’ shape. Banger hangers are crafted to keep your concentrate vapor well encapsulated inside a cylindrical chamber to keep the vapor in contact with the percolation system. However, banger hangers are known for having simple percolators such as diffy percolators, slitted disc percolators, or inline percolators. The reason why this is so, is because these dab rigs will percolate your vapor into a smooth consistency without having to sacrifice potency or terpene profiles in the mix.

Banger hangers are another top choice in the dabbing community because of their ability to percolate and diffuse without having to lose any terpenes in the process. You shouldn’t be surprised to see your mouth drool after taking a dab from a banger hanger!

Inverted Beaker Dab Rigs

Inverted beaker dab rigs, also known as upside down beaker dab rigs, take on the shape of a cone in their major chamber. Inverted beaker dab rigs are excellent at keeping the percolation a bit on the lighter side while keeping terpenes and concentration at their maximum potential. If you’re an enthusiast of potency, power, and terpene flavors, inverted beaker dab rigs are going to become your go-to without a doubt!

Inverted beaker dab rigs are great if you’re looking for a dab rig that’s easy to clean, produce ‘throaty hits’ full of potency and flavor, and is user-friendly to handle and use with minimal resistance and drag.

A Brief Mention of Size

Aside from the common saying that ‘bigger is better,’ it’s best to choose a dab rig that’s compact in size, especially if you’re new to the dabbing game. Smaller dab rigs are able to offer amazing filtration and diffusion while keeping the integrity of your concentrates in tact during use.

Having a small dab rig also helps to have a quick, effective dab sesh and is easy to maintain and clean.

If you want to leap over to the ‘big side,’ that’s definitely okay too! Some dabbers prefer percolation and filtration over concentrated potency and terpene profiles. If you want a piece that will diffuse and filtrate your concentrate vapor to a mild, smooth density, bigger dab rigs may be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

A Good Banger = A Great Dab Sesh

Having a great dab rig doesn’t encapsulate a ‘great dab sesh’ alone. In fact, having a good banger is just as important as having a good dab rig for the best seshes around. To keep everything in the ‘good’ circle, make sure to choose a quality quartz banger to load your concentrates into. Quartz bangers are able to heat up in a short time while being able to retain heat. Additionally, quartz bangers will preserve the terpenes of your concentrates to ensure that you’ll receive scrumptious dabs full of amazing flavor!

It’s Time to Choose the Best Glass Dab Rig!

Now that you know how to choose the best dab rig, you can find the dab rig that you’ve been waiting a lifetime for. (Whether you knew it or not!) At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we take special care in providing the best glass dab rigs to buy online by keeping your smoking experience at our top priority.

In case you forgot, here are the main highlights to consider when choosing a glass dab rig

  • Consider your background
    • Are you a dabbing newbie, veteran, or somewhere in between?
  • Think about budget
    • How much are you looking to spend on a dab rig?
  • Take style into consideration
    • Do you prefer the style of recycler dab rigs, banger hangers, or upside down beakers?
  • Make sure to have a high quality quartz bangers
    • Great banger + great dab rig = the best dab seshes.
  • Reflect on size
    • Bigger doesn’t always mean better. However, if you are a fan of smooth, effortless tokes, a big dab rig may be best for you. Small dab rigs are usually a top choice because of their ability to provide potent, terpene-filled hits.

You’re making high ground with all you know now! In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you used this guide to help the homies find the best glass dab rig. Look at you go, you dab rig connoisseur.

Happy dabbing - and toking!

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