How to Choose the Best Quartz Banger

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 26, 2021

How to Choose the Best Quartz Banger

How to Choose the Best Quartz Banger

We all know that a great dab sesh starts with having the right dab rig to consume your concentrates with. What if we told you that having a great banger is just as important as having a great dab rig? In fact, without a good banger for your concentrates, your dabbing experience won’t have the ability to live up to high expectations… Get it? ;)

Though bangers can be made of titanium and ceramic, we’ll cover the smoking community’s top-choice today: quartz bangers! Quartz bangers are able to heat up in high temperatures in relatively quick time, while retaining the heat after the flame from your torch has left the bottom of the banger. Additionally, quartz bangers have the ability to preserve our concentrates’ terpenes perfectly. So who wouldn’t want a quartz banger for their dabbing experience? How do you choose the best quartz banger?

Without further ado, here’s Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s take on how to choose the best quartz banger. You ready? Let’s dive in!

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Quartz Banger “Features” Checklist

When choosing the best quartz banger for your dabbing experience, it’s best to keep key features in mind to ensure that you’re finding the right banger to have the best dab sesh! The best quartz bangers should include a flat top, beveled inner lip, a durable joint, and clean welds throughout the banger.

#1 Always Keep Carb Caps in Mind

One of the most crucial features to remember when choosing the best banger for your dabbing experience is how well a carb cap will seal the banger. You can check to see how well a carb cap will seal the banger by checking the top of the banger to ensure it’s flat.

If the welding seems to be on-par, you should be able to place the banger’s top on a flat surface and see a perfect seal form between the banger and the flat surface. A great surface you can choose to test the flatness of the top of the banger is any table top surface, counter top, or cutting board.

To make sure everything is in tip-top shape, you can also blow through the joint of the banger to make sure air is staying encapsulated in the banger without making an escape through the top of the banger! Keep in mind that an affordable banger won’t be exactly ‘perfect,’ but if you’re looking to drop over $100 on a banger, you should definitely run this test to make sure you’re getting what you pay for!

#2 Bevel.. Or No Bevel?

Keep in mind that the perfect seal for carb caps doesn’t have to end with the top of the banger being completely flat. Another key feature for you to consider, with bubble carb caps in mind, is the bevels on the inner lip of the top of the banger. Beveled edges allow for your cap cap to create a flush seal that results in more pressure inside your banger.

PSci 25mm Flat Top Quartz Banger V2

Shown: PSci 25mm Flat Top V2 Quartz Banger 14mm ($49.99)

Beveled edges will allow you to dab at lower temperatures without sacrificing big clouds during a dab. This also helps you to enjoy dabs that are full of terpenes and scrumptious flavor, without irritating your throat and lungs in the process!

#3 Welding - Is it Bueno or No Bueno?

Always making sure that the craftsmanship of your quartz banger is on par is key to finding the best quartz banger for your dabbing experience - especially if you’re planning on spending a pretty penny on your banger! Though bangers are handcrafted, you don’t have to rest on the assumption that ‘nothing is perfect.’ It’s definitely true, but you can also see how worked a banger has been during production.

If a banger has been through enough line work and production, you won’t be able to feel any noticeable creases or imperfections. The bottom of opaque bangers won’t have any obvious ridges on the walls. Some quartz bangers feature pre-drilled holes in the bucket and use a flame to fuse the joint to the bucket. If this is the case, you’ll feel sharp edges and a hole that doesn’t align with the neck of the banger. These bangers are more prone to breaking at the weld when dropped from high distances, such as from a countertop or table top.

Always, always, always! Feel the banger, hold the banger, and if you’re buying a quartz banger online - read the description. Getting an idea of what the banger is about feel-wise, and having an idea of what others are saying about the craftsmanship of the banger will allow you to grasp whether the banger is worth your investment or not.

#4 The Joint - Almost as Important as the Ones in Your Body!

Just like the joints that connect our bones to one another, the joint of the banger is important to consider when choosing the best quartz banger! Joints come in different sizes, qualities, and angles. Some are handmade, others have the ability to be precision ground, so one banger may have a better tapered joint than the other.

Always see if the walls of the joint of your banger are thin or sharp-edged. If that’s the case, know that the joint of the banger can chip or break easier as the banger is used regularly and is routinely exposed to high temperatures.

Rule of thumb - Thick-jointed, smooth bangers are perfect for long-term dabbing!

Types of Bangers

Using our guide to help you determine the quality of the banger is only the beginning to choosing the best quartz banger for your dabbing experience! You also have to know the types of quartz bangers available to help you decide which type of quartz banger is right for your dabbing preferences.

Concave Quartz Bangers

PSci Concave Quartz Banger

Concave quartz bangers, such as the PSci Concave Quartz Banger shown above, allows your concentrate’s airflow to circulate, creating a well-balanced and efficient vaporization. The rounded base of concave bangers prevents your concentrates from trapping inside any corners and settling in one place, which means more vapor for you to consume!

Concave bangers feature a flat top for your carb cap to create the perfect, air-tight seal for the ultimate dabs. The PSci Concave Quartz Banger features a 4mm thick quartz base to prevent any concentrates from escaping down the neck of the banger. Pretty cool, right?

Flat Top Bangers

PSci Flat Top Quartz Banger V2

Flat Top Bangers, like the PSci 25mm V2 Quartz Banger shown above, are great if you need a banger that has high ramp-up times for heat, while keeping the terpenes of your concentrate well in check. With the ability to have fast ramp-up times for heat, flat tops are your go-to if you’re a dabber who is always hungry to take a dab, time after time again!

Not only are flat top bangers perfect for consecutive dabs, but they’re also the best style of banger to use for accessories, such as terp pearls! The wide surface area of flat top bangers gives terp pearls the ability to freely roam, without constantly coming into contact with the walls of the banger. Which means, for you, more scrumptious, flavorful dabs. Who needs a pizza when you have flat top bangers?

Terp Slurpers

PsSci Quartz Terp Sluper Banger

If you’re a dabber that’s looking to use globs of concentrate for your dabs, Terp Slurper Bangers are the way to go! Terp Slurpers, just like the PSci Terp Slurper Banger shown above, use a lower bucket to vaporize your concentrates. As your concentrates vaporize, the vapor will crawl up the middle chamber, into the upper portion of the banger, down into the joint, and into your rig. Since you’re loading your concentrates into the lower bucket, you’re able to use thick globs of concentrate without sacrificing any vapor in the process!

Low temperature dabs are also very possible with Terp Slurpers! Since you're heating the lower bucket, your concentrate comes into contact with the hottest part of the banger without a need for a directional carb cap. The clubbed style of the lower bucket allows for a cool down time of 2 minutes, giving you clouds of vapor until the time is up.

Gavel Bangers

Highly Educated Quartz Gavel Banger

The first-ever opaque bottom quartz banger, Gavel Reactor Bangers, were created by Highly Educated (shown above). Produced and designed in the United States, these bangers feature a deep bucket, strong welds, and are insanely convenient to maintain! The opaque quartz bottom of the banger performs extremely well if you’re into cold-start techniques for your dabbing experience. Because these bangers are able to retain heat and amplify the terpene profiles of your concentrate vapor, Gavel Reactors are also golden for low temperature dabs.

Core Reactor Bangers

PSci Quartz Core Reactor Banger

Shown: PSci Core Reactor Quartz Banger

Similar to Flat Top Bangers, Core Reactor Bangers feature a flat top and rectangular-style bucket. However, Core Reactor Bangers incorporate and additional piece of quartz in the middle of the bottom of the bucket to improve the vaporization of your concentrates! This piece of quarts allows for better heat retention, meaning more dabs in your forecast. Additionally, this inner piece of quartz allows for you to consume as much concentrates as your lungs and throat will allow!

Thermal Bangers

PSci Thermal Quartz Banger

Thermal Bangers, just like the PSci Thermal Banger shown above, are known for their ability to retain an even and steady temperature after being heated from a torch. The double-walled design of Thermal Bangers allows for low-temperature dabs to be taken with ease! This type of banger allows you to receive cooler, smooth dabs and works best to retain temperature for consecutive, low-temp dabs.

Thermo Bangers

PSci Thermo Quartz Banger

Shown: PSci Thermo Quartz Banger

Thermo Bangers, also known as Thermochromic Bangers, feature color-changing fritted glass between two layers of quartz. These bangers help to let you know when your banger is at the perfect temperature to take a dab! When using a Thermo Banger, you’ll see the fritted glass change from the color yellow (too cool) to a red (too hot) to let you know it’s time to let your banger cool.

Once the fritted glass changes to orange, that’s when you’re able to take a fat dab! It’s amazing, and pretty trippy, to see. If you’re new to dabbing and want to save on a thermometer for dabbing, these bangers will have you covered!

How to Choose the Best Quartz Banger - Solved!

Now that you know how to assess the quality of quartz bangers, while also knowing the different types of bangers to choose for your dabbing experience, there’s no doubt that you’ll know how to choose the best quartz banger!

When considering the quality of a quartz bangers, here’s what you need to remember:

  • Will a carb cap fit on top of this banger and create a perfect seal?
    • Is the banger evenly welded for an airtight seal on a flat surface?
  • Does the banger have a beveled edge?
    • Beveled edges help your carb cap stay in place to provide the perfect seal for your banger.
  • Is the banger welded appropriately?
    • Are there any visible issues with the design of the banger? Does the banger have any noticeable creases or imperfections? Remember, always read the description of the banger when purchasing online!
  • Does the joint of the banger appear to be in good condition?
    • If the joint of the banger is welded correctly, it will be strong and thick in appearance and when you hold it. If the joint of the banger seems thin, flimsy, or sharp in any parts of the joint - the banger will not last for the long run.

The 7 types of bangers include:

  • Concave Quartz Bangers
    • Best for cleaning and maintenance. These will also keep your concentrates from sticking and solidifying to any corners of the bucket of the banger due to its curved shape.
  • Flat Top Bangers
    • The OG style of bangers. Best for consecutive dabs and for the use of accessories, such as terp pearls!
  • Terp Slurpers
    • If you enjoy using globs of concentrates for dabbing, these are your go-to bangers! Terp Slurpers are also great for consecutive, low temperature dabs.
  • Gavel Bangers
    • American designed and crafted. These bangers feature an opaque quartz bottom designed to retain heat and work exceptionally well for cold-start dabs.
  • Core Reactor Bangers
    • These bangers will let you consume as much concentrate vapor as your throat and lungs will allow! With the addition of an elevated quartz center, your concentrates will contact heated quartz for longer periods of time.
  • Thermal Bangers
    • If you love low-temp dabs, this style of banger has got you covered! Its dual-walled quartz design retains heat very well to provide you smooth, cool dabs full of delicious terpenes.
  • Thermo Bangers
    • This style of banger works best for dabbing newbies or for those who don’t want to splurge on a thermometer for dabbing! Thermo Bangers feature color-changing fritted glass as it’s exposed to heat, changing to the color orange to let you know it’s time to rip a fat dab.

With this guide, you’ll have the best quartz banger for your dabbing experience! Which style of quartz banger stood out to you? What’s your favorite banger to use for dabs?

Happy Dabbing - and Toking! 

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