How to Clean a Quartz Banger

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 06, 2021

How to Clean a Quartz Banger

How to Clean a Quartz Banger

The art of dabbing has come in waves and tides that are transforming how we consume herb. With the ability to get the maximum benefits of our concentrates from vapor, we no longer have to worry about the effects smoking has on our throats and lungs. So, with that being said, we see your sweet rig set up over there, and we’re so proud you’ve chosen a quartz banger to heat up your concentrates! Cloud 9 Smoke Co is no stranger to how amazing quartz bangers are. That’s why we’re going to teach you how to clean your quartz banger so you can relish in crystal clear quartz with every dab sesh.

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Before we get started, you may be asking why it’s important to clean your banger. Couldn’t you get another one? The simple answer is yes, you can buy another banger. Why spend more of your hard-earned money if you can clean your banger instead? Cloud 9 Smoke Co is all about giving you a bang for your buck, which is why we’re introducing Glob Mops and Resinate into your banger-care routine.

How to Clean a Quartz Banger Infographic

When Cleaning Your Banger:

  • Make sure to use Resinate Blue as your cleaning solution.
    • Resinate Blue is a special cleaning solution made for concentrate dab rigs and quartz bangers.
  • Soak your quartz banger in Resinate.
    • Give Resinate some time to loosen up resin, clean your banger, and work its disinfecting magic! You can do this by placing your quartz banger into a Ziploc bag and fill the bag with Resinate.
  • After soaking your banger, give it a rinse with hot water.
    • Hot water will help break apart any resin left in the banger and will leave your piece looking fresh and clean!
  • If any leftover resin is found in your banger, heat the quartz banger up to 600-800F and watch for leftover residue ash away and leftover resin to loosen.
  • Once you have loose residue, let the banger cool.
    • Then use a Glob Mop soaked in Resinate to get the puddles of resin out of your banger.
  • Use the dry side of your Glob Mop to clean out your banger.
  • Afterwards, your banger should be looking sparkly clean
    • If you banger isn’t where you’d like it to be, feel free to repeat the process!

Tips on How to Maintain Your Banger

To keep your quartz banger in the best quality possible, here are some tips and tricks we’ve conjured up to help you out!

  1. Avoid overheating your quartz banger
    1. If you consistently heat your banger up to a scorching, glowing red hue you banger will break down and dirty up faster. If you have any residue in your banger, overheating will cook the residue into your banger.
      1. To make sure that you’re not overheating your banger, use a Terpometer to help you know when your banger has heated to the optimal dabbing temperature!
  2. Clean your banger after every use
    1. Cleaning your banger with a Glob Mop to remove any puddled oil or charred residue leftover.
      1. If you clean your banger after every use, you’ll thank yourself during every sesh because every dab will be clean, full of terpenes, and easy to rip!

Bang on About Your Clean Banger!

Now that you know how to clean a quartz banger, you can use all you know about banger care and maintenance to spread the word to your homies! Always make sure to use Cloud 9 Smoke Co's cleaning products to ensure you banger will be cleaned by the highest quality products out there. We look forward to seeing your squeaky clean bangers, and if you have any questions hit our LiveChat team up. As always, happy toking!

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