How To Make a Secret Stash Box

Posted by Jamie Pope on Feb 03, 2021

How To Make a Secret Stash Box

How to Make a Secret Stash Box

Where do parents hide their secret stash? … between the kush-ions.

Okay, that was painful. We even cringed. It’s almost as painful and cringey as not having a secret stash box for all of your herbs and smoking needs! Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have the deets on what you need to have to make the perfect secret stash box.

What is a Secret Stash Box?

The average secret stash box is some sort of container to keep all of the smoking essentials hidden and together. For all the rookies out there using a shoebox or a trusty backpack to store their essentials, Cloud 9 Smoke Co will help shape you into a pro with all of our storage gear at your disposal.

What Should I Keep in My Secret Stash Box?

Herb and Concentrates

These guys are a top priority for stashing, and not just for theft purposes! Without proper storage gear, your favorite CBD strain will diffuse out all of its mouth-watering terpenes. After exposure to oxygen over time, your herbs and concentrates could lose their potency and freshness. Not to mention, plastic bags are bad for your herb.

For all your storage needs for herb and concentrates, we have all the right gear for you!

How to Make A Secret Stash Box

Hand Pipes and Glass Products

Hand pipes and glass pieces are quintessential to the smoking experience. If you’re looking to add to your collection, or introduce one of these products into your routine, Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers the best of the best hand pipes and glass products. Give them a try; we wouldn’t sell ‘em if we wouldn’t smoke out of ‘em! After spending a solid dime on your trusty hand pipe or glass product, you’re going to want to keep it safe and prevent it from any accidents.

To secure the bag, we have hardshell cases ready to come through!

How To Make a Secret Stash Box


Always own a solid grinder. With a grinder in your possession, you’ll always have the perfect consistency of herb to pack the fattest, freshest bowls around. If rolling is your thing, say goodbye to picking apart your flower by hand! Not to mention, a quality grinder will be by your side for life.

Cloud 9 Smoke Co is here to get you on the grind, for life!

How To Make a Secret Stash Box

Papers and Trays

If you’re a classic toker and prefer the business of rolling, always make sure to have papers and a tray ready to go in your stash box! We all know papers are notorious for disappearing, but having them in your stash will keep you on top of the roll. Made from crème de la crème materials (fancy, right?), our papers will never fall short on your rolling needs. Think of papers and trays being a married couple; they can’t function (well) without each other. Instead of using your coffee table or laptop as a surface, turn to Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s reliable rolling trays.

How To Make a Secret Stash Box


Probably the most annoying product to have missing when it’s time to burn. Without a lighter on deck, how can the festivities begin? Keeping lighters stored in your stash box ensures that the festivities will always begin on time and with a spark!

To be the light of the party, get yourself a Cloud 9 Smoke Co lighter.

How To Make a Secret Stash Box

Room to Grow

Without any spare room in your stash box, you won’t be able to store the latest piece you just scored from our online store. Always make sure to size up in storage to make sure you can add to your collection as you dive further into the culture and festivities of being part of the smoking culture!

With a Secret Stash Box There's No Need For Kush-ions Anymore

Start reaching for all your products hidden between the cushions, and get to stashing like a pro! Now that you know how to make the perfect secret stash box, nothing can stop you now..

All pros forget key points to the game plan sometimes, so here’s the crack down of what you need to have in the ultimate stash box:

  • Herb and Concentrates
  • Hand Pipes and Glass Products (with cases!)
  • Grinder
  • Papers and Trays
  • Lighters
  • Room to Grow
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