How to Smoke from a Water Pipe Without a Screen

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 26, 2021

How to Smoke from a Water Pipe Without a Screen

How to Smoke from a Water Pipe Without a Screen

Having a screen in our slides is a huge help in our smoking experience, no doubt! Screens are able to keep all of our dry herb in one place, without fear of losing any unsmoked dry herb in the process. Screens are also a huge help in reducing the amount of fallen ash in the base of our glass water pipes!

Sometimes we’re in a pinch, and we don’t have screens to save the day. Let’s be real, when it’s time to smoke, it’s time to smoke! There may not be time to head to the closest Cloud 9 Smoke Co and buy a batch of screens. Plus, having to constantly re-up on screens may become an inconvenience for us and rack up a hefty price over the span of time. Fortunately, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the complete load down on how to smoke from a water pipe without a screen!

Slides with Built-in Screens

To make your smoking experience the best, without a screen, you can treat yourself to a slide that has a screen built into it! Slides such as the MOB Screen Slide, MOB 5 Hole Slide, and the MOB Glass 5 Hole Horn Slide have holes blown into their bowls that serve as a screen.

We all know that spending money on a new slide may be a bit more expensive than using screens, but these slides will pay off in the long run. Let’s face it, spending money on a slide once beats spending money on screens over and over!

Smoking purely from glass is a lot better for your health as well. With the new era of health-consciousness, it’s definitely best to choose the healthiest methods to smoke your favorite dry herb. Metal screens are safe to smoke from. However, repeated inhalation and exposure to metals is not ideal for our lungs and throat!

Ash Catchers

Let’s talk about ash catchers! If you’ve used screens solely for ash preservation, merging over to the world of ash catchers isn’t a bad thought. Ash catchers are great for keeping unwanted ash and dry herb out of our water pipes. Some ash catchers include percolators for added filtration, which is great for our smoking experience and health!

One of our best sellers, MOB Glass Dry Ash Catcher 14mm, is an effective way of trapping dry ash and fallen bud. With dry ash catchers, you can easily clean and maintain these pieces due to the fact that they don’t contain water and percolators. All you need is a good Resinate soak and a Glob Mop wipe out, and these pieces are good to go!

Throwing in an ash catcher with percolation really amps up your smoking game, and soon you’ll forget all about those metal screens. (Wait, what are those again?) Having an ash catcher with percolation allows your smoke to filtrate once before it reaches your water pipe, meaning that it’ll filtrate and diffuse again inside your glass piece! Having repeated percolation and filtration helps to cool, diffuse, and filter your smoke so your lungs and throat can remain in good condition. Not to mention, did we say that your hits will be silky smooth?!

Some of our favorite percolator ash catchers include:

Slide and Ash Catcher Duos

To keep everything in one piece for our minimalist tokers out there, slide ash catchers are a great alternative to screens! Plus, who wouldn’t want to minimize the amount of pieces we use to toke? Slide ash catchers are a great way to trap ash, reduce the need of screens, and keep good smoking experiences on a roll!

Spread some minimalist love to our MOB Glass 14mm Slide Ash Catcher!

I Can Smoke from a Water Pipe Without a Screen!

Smoking from a water pipe without a screen is definitely doable with the help of a few essential products! Replacing your old metal screens with glass products does a lot of good for your health and also amps up your smoking experience to better heights.

Slides with Screens: Using slides with screens is a great way to smoke from a water pipe without a screen! These slides have built in screens to reduce the need, and future waste, of metal screens. Though the price of these slides may be more than what you’d spend on a pack of screens, remember that glass slides with screens have a better payoff both financially and for your experience!

Ash Catchers: Having an ash catcher in place of a screen reduces the risk of fallen ash making its way into your water pipe during a sesh. Which could only mean more time for pure water filtration! Additionally, some ash catchers contain percolators that will diffuse and filtrate your smoke before it even reaches the percolation system in your glass water pipe. Ash catchers are easy to maintain and saves you a lot of time caring and cleaning your water pipe!

  • Percolator ash catchers:

Ash Catcher and Slide Duos: If you want one piece that does it all, slide ash catchers are the way to go! These slides have built in ash catchers and work just like your metal screens. Instead with glass, you won’t have to worry about repeated inhalation and exposure to metals while toking it up. Talk about being health conscious!

  • Ultimate slide and ash catcher duo:

Now that you know how to smoke from a water pipe without a screen, it’s time to blaze up with fresh glass products that will blow your old smoking experiences out of the water. Cheers!

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