Is a Joint Safer to Smoke or a Water Pipe?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 29, 2021

Is a Joint Safer to Smoke or a Water Pipe?

Is a Joint Safer to Smoke or a Water Pipe?

If you’ve been in the paper game for a minute, you’re probably familiar with the fun times that come from this classic smoking method! Rolling a joint is considered to be one of the most iconic, timeless ways to consume dry herb. With the amount of wraps and rolling papers you can choose from, who wouldn’t want to roll up a J?

Here’s the thing, though rolling up a joint is a lot of fun and makes for a classic smoking experience, water pipes soaring in popularity in the smoking community! Water pipes give you the ability to smoke from glass with diffusion and filtration features in the mix. Water pipes have so much rave and positive responses due to their nature of allowing us to take bigger inhales and rips of smoke!

Between the two, it’s a challenge to compare which method is better. Fortunately, that’s not what Cloud 9 Smoke Co is covering today! We’re going to dive into the topic of safety.

So which one is it? Are joints safer to smoke dry herb or water pipes?

Let’s Talk About the Paper Game

As we mentioned before, rolling a joint is a super iconic and traditional way of consuming dry herb. Now that papers have the ability to be flavored, what’s stopping anyone from enjoying a joint on the reg?

Well, smoking a joint isn’t exactly ideal if you’re looking to remain health conscious. Smoking from papers, even with a filter, exposes our lungs and respiratory system to the harmful byproducts that come from combusting dry herb.

Though their slow burn and sweet taste is irresistible, you have to keep in mind that there is nothing, and we mean absolutely nothing, keeping the combusted byproducts from entering into your airways.

Compared to blunts, joints are the safest method for pack-n’-rolling! Blunt wraps, if you don’t buy them from Cloud 9 Smoke Co, are usually based from cigar wraps that contain tobacco. Even if you remove all the tobacco from the wrap, you’re still inhaling the carcinogens that have seeped into the wrap prior to removal. Fortunately, rolling papers are made from safe materials, such as rice paper and hemp paper, and are tobacco free!

As we all know, smoking is smoking, regardless of what system we use. So if you prefer papers, stick with them! We have some of our favorite rolling papers lined up for you.

  • Kong Hemp Wraps are made from 100% hemp and are non-GMO and vegan-friendly! The smooth burn that comes from these wraps is unmatched.
    • Kong Hemp Wraps
  • Cloud 9 Cones 98 Special 6pk are pre-rolled hemp cones that already have filters rolled into them! Not to mention, you’re repping the Cloud 9 Gang with these special pre-rolls.
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Water Pipes - Enter the Scene

It can easily be said that water pipes have revolutionized the way that we consume our favorite dry herb! Water pipes have the ability to contain water in their base, which gives your smoke the ample space to diffuse and filtrate.

Additionally, water pipes contain percolators, which are small units inside the water pipe that are made to increase diffusion and filtration! There are many types of percolators, but they all serve the same purpose. Having a percolator in your water pipe allows for your smoke to go through the filtration process a minimum of 4 times before it hits your lungs!

When smoke comes into contact with percolators and water, it goes through the aeration process. This means that your smoke is coming into repeated contact with air and water! As your smoke makes contact with air and water, the amount of harmful byproducts that come from combusted dry herb are being reduced. Not all harmful byproducts are diffused and filtrated, but water pipes do a great job at ensuring that the amount of harmful byproducts in our smoke is significantly reduced.

If you enjoy smoking from water pipes and want the safest smoking experience possible, ash catchers do a lot of good in that department! Ash catchers have the ability to trap any fallen bud and ash before it has the chance to enter your water pipe. By doing so, the amount of ash in your water and percolators will be reduced. That way, your water and percolators can work to their full potential!

To make matters all about safety, you can choose a percolator ash catcher to incorporate additional diffusion and filtration for your smoke! Giving your smoke the opportunity to diffuse and filtrate before it enters your water pipe will ensure that your smoke is smooth, seamless, and most importantly, safer to ingest.

Here are some great products to get you started in the world of water pipes and ash catchers!

  • The MOB Reclaim Ash Catcher is one of our favorite dry ash catchers that features a silicone bucket for easy ash retrieval!
    • MOB Reclaim Ash Catcher

Which is Safer to Smoke From: A Joint or a Water Pipe?

Alright, so here’s the verdict: it can be said that water pipes are safer to smoke from than joints due to their ability to filtrate and diffuse smoke!

When you smoke from a joint, even with a filter, you’re directly exposed to the harmful byproducts that come from combusting dry herb. Smoking from a joint also means that our smoke will remain hot throughout the slow burn. Hot smoke will irritate the mucosa in your lungs and respiratory system. However, smoking is smoking, and we’re still exposed to byproducts regardless. If you’re all about the paper game, we salute you!

Water pipes have the ability for your smoke to come into contact with air and water through its percolation system. Having a percolator and water inside a water pipe puts these pieces at the advantage of being safer than joints to smoke from. Percolator water pipes will reduce the amount of harmful byproducts your lungs are exposed to upon the final inhale. Additionally, water pipes are able to cool the temperature of smoke so our lungs and respiratory system won’t go absolutely haywire when we inhale.

To give water pipes the final slam in this debate, water pipes can be used in conjunction with an ash catcher! All you have to do is attach an ash catcher to your joint piece, and let the piece work its magic. Ash catchers help to reduce the amount of fallen dry herb and ash from entering our water pipes. By doing so, our water will remain clean for longer periods of time and we won’t have to worry about ash clogging our percolators! If you’re all about safety, you can choose to use a percolator ash catcher so your smoke can have additional diffusion and filtration before it enters the water pipe.

Now that you know that water pipes are generally safer to smoke from than joints, you can set yourself up for a safer smoking experience if you’d like! Regardless, smoking is smoking, so know that there’s really no ‘safe’ way to smoke, but there are assets you can utilize to make your smoking experience as safe as possible!

Want to dive into the world of water pipes? Here’s a great article that will help you find the perfect water pipe!

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