Is It Healthier to Fill a Water Pipe with Warm or Cold Water?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 29, 2021

Is It Healthier to Fill a Water Pipe with Warm or Cold Water?

Warm Water vs. Cold Water - Which is Healthier for Smoking?

Dating back to the days of Water Pipe 101, we all know that it’s a cultural standard to fill our water pipes with cold water to have refreshing, smooth hits. It definitely seems like cold water is the key temperature to use for our water pipes, but lately the internet has been raving about another alternative.

Flocking over to Reddit forums and other social media forums, some bud enthusiasts are marveling over using warm water to fill their water pipes opposed to cold water! For some of us, that sounds like a nightmare. However, this had all of us at Cloud 9 Smoke Co curious about using warm water in our water pipes

Does warm water make our smoking experience better? Is warm water healthier to smoke with than cold water?

Fortunately, curiosity did not kill the cat here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! We’ve tested the two temperatures to give you the load down of smoking from warm water and cold water. Here’s the load down about which temperature of water is healthier to smoke from!

Cool Water

Smoking with cold water is the cultural standard, at least for now! When smoking from a water pipe filled with cold water, we noticed that the smoke from our water pipe was thick, smooth, and refreshing. Which only seemed natural to us!

Cold water has the ability to cool your smoke to a degree that isn’t as irritating to the mucosa in our lungs and respiratory system. Cold water gives us the ability to smoke without hacking up a lung, or other organ, in the mix. Plus, it prevents our lungs from becoming mega irritated and inflamed. AKA - one less doctor’s visit and fewer sick days!

However, components in dry herb solidify quicker under cool temperatures. This means that when you smoke with cold water, the amount of resin and tar buildup in your water pipe will form at a faster rate. When dry herb smoke comes into contact with cold water, or any water, the water diffuses the harmful byproducts and positive byproducts in the smoke. It’s rumored that if you smoke with cold water in your water pipe, you’ll have to smoke more dry herb to enjoy the benefits of the hemp plant at a desirable level!

Warm Water

To set the record straight, the temperature of warm water that you fill your water pipe with should be no hotter than a cup of sweet tea (without ice of course!). We don’t need obscene amounts of steam coming from the water when filling our water pipe. That could cause our favorite glass water pipes to crack or break!

Lukewarm water is the best temperature to test out if you’re curious about smoking from a water pipe with warm water. When we tested this method out, we actually found that warm water made our smoke form into a steam-like consistency! The sensation of warm smoke actually shocked many of us. After further testing and researched, we found that the reason why warm water made our smoke so steamy was due to the humidity in warm water. Just like humidity affects the air in summertime, at least for us in the south, the humidity in warm water moisturized our smoke into a smooth, steamy consistency!

Using warm water actually affects the viscosity, or thickness, of the water! Warm temperatures lower the viscosity of water, meaning that the bubble formation in our water pipes will change in size. Warm water reduces the size, and increases the amount, of the bubbles formed in our percolators! By doing so, warmer water exposes our smoke to a larger area of water. Hello filtration! Another science-y fact, the molecules of warm water move at a faster rate than cold water, so warm water is actually working harder to diffuse and filter the smoke.

So Which Temperature is Healthier?

While the sensations and experiences of smoking from a water pipe filled with cold water and warm water differed drastically, there are no significant differences the temperatures have on our health. Actually, knowing the benefits and risks these temperatures offer will give you an idea of which temperature is best for you to smoke your water pipe with!

Cold Water

Cold water is the OG temperature we’ve used to fill our water pipes with! Cold water allows our smoke to diffuse and filtrate into a temperature that is easy on our lungs and respiratory system. Though the smoke is colder, the density of the smoke actually increases to a cloud-like consistency. This increases our contact and exposure with any harmful byproducts that are released when dry herb is combusted. Additionally, if any ice is thrown into the mix, the temperature of the smoke may actually irritate the tissue in the back of our mouth. Think about taking a huge inhale during winter time - it’s not comfortable right? The same issues may occur when smoking from a water pipe with water that’s too cold.

Under cool temperatures, the components in dry herb solidify at a faster rate. This means that our water pipes will fill with resin and tar faster than it would if warm water was being used! If you’ve ever tried smoking from a water pipe that has resin and tar buildup, you know that these seshes are not ideal. Plus, repeated exposure to burnt tar and resin doesn’t help our lungs out much either.

Warm Water

A newfound trend: smoking a water pipe filled with warm water! (Not pipin’ hot water! Remember, sweet tea temp.) It seems outlandish, but many bud enthusiasts rave and marvel over this discovery. Warm water has the ability to make our smoke form into a steam-like density, which allows our inhales to be easier on our throat and lungs. This is due to the humidity of warm water creating a moisturizing effect on our smoke!

Warm water is less viscous than cold water, meaning that it’s more liquid in density. Due to the viscosity of warm water being as low as it is, it reduces the size and increases the amount of bubbles formed in our water pipe’s percolators. This gives our smoke more surface area to diffuse and filtrate! When our smoke has more surface area for diffusion and filtration, it reduces the amount of harmful byproducts our lungs are exposed to. Additionally, the molecules in warm water work at a faster rate than the molecules in cold water do. This means that the water will have a greater effect on diffusion and filtration!

Here’s a fair warning: When you’re done with a warm water sesh, empty your water pipe as soon as possible! Warm temperatures are the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive in. To play it as safely as possible, cleaning your water pipe regularly with Resinate and Glob Mops will help keep your water pipe looking fresh and new, while keeping your health in check!

A finalized sesh means that there’s fallen ash and resin build up in your water pipe. If you leave the warm water inside a dirty water pipe, you’re giving bacteria the ultimate playground to multiply. This poses the risk of you getting sick from smoking, which nobody wants!

The Verdict

Ultimately, warm water and cold water are equally the same when it comes to our health. The temperature change is all about revamping your smoke sesh to accommodate your preferences and desires! While the two temperatures do have health benefits, they both pose health risks that should be taken seriously. At the end of the day, smoking is smoking! Smoking isn’t the ideal hobby for our health. However, water pipes give us a healthier method of smoking opposed to papers, wraps, and hand pipes!

Cloud 9 Smoke Co heavily encourages you to smoke from your water pipe at a temperature that makes you feel comfortable and makes your smoking experience the best it could be! Warm water is definitely worth a try. Smoking from a water pipe is all about how you feel, what makes your throat and lungs comfortable, and most importantly, is all about giving you quality seshes!

Now that you have an ideal temperature you’d like to use for your water pipe, here’s a great guide on how to fill your water pipe with water! 

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