PACT ACT VAPE BAN 2021: Where’s all the Vape Products, Cloud 9!?!

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 05, 2021

PACT ACT VAPE BAN 2021:  Where’s all the Vape Products, Cloud 9!?!



Where’s all the Vape Products, Cloud 9!?!

As many of you may know, not too long ago Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co was the spot for all things vapor! From simple Orb Disposables all the way to complex herbal and concentrate vaporizers, such as the Panda Punch Pro, Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co had it all. You probably remember how easy it was to find your favorite products, realize there’s a stupid hot deal on them, and rush to check out to have your products delivered to you as soon as possible! I mean, in the midst of the modern era, convenience is key. Right?

Towards the middle of March, you may have noticed the wicked deals on all the vape products in our Cloud 9 Smoke Co online inventory. You may have even bought a few items to load up!

But then… They were gone? All of the sudden the vape category has vanished into thin air.

What else can you do except to ask, “Why?”

The soaring popularity with vape products wasn’t always centered around Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co, as you probably know. There were so many other online stores offering vast selections of vape products that the market was insanely saturated. However, the demand was increasing faster than we ever imagined.

Before you consider it, no... vape products have NOT run out of supply!

With the high demand of vape products, there came a prevalent issue that arose with the high order numbers many online retailers experienced:

How many consumers were actually minors?

Naturally, Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co did our due diligence and verified IDs for our vape orders. Unfortunately, there were many loopholes minors could use to access vape products online. For example, Jim Bob, who’s 17, could have his sister, Sara Bob, who’s 22, purchase vape products for him online with her ID. On the flip side, it seems like a harmless transaction to many online retailers! So, the order is fulfilled and shipped to the address. All is well, most would think.

Except, the ramifications of these actions have a lot of variety. Jim Bob and Sara Bob could be super-secretive when it comes to making this transaction work. For them, it’s all fun and games and considered to be a close bonding experience for the two. However, the risk that runs with these schemes doesn’t lie only with mom and dad finding out and being upset. It can turn into an entire legal fiasco that isn’t ideal for most consumers, parents, and online retailers!

In all seriousness, responses could range from angry parents with kids who have been ‘busted’ and grounded, all the way to serious legal allegations taking place for soliciting nicotine to minors.

Due to circumstances like these taking place, Congress amended the PACT Act to a “2021 Edition” (essentially). Originally, the 2020 PACT Act involved preventing the online sales of e-cigarettes to children. However, Congress became a little more woke and realized that the umbrella term used in 2020 wasn’t enough to take total effect as they had imagined.

So, Congress made an amendment to the PACT Act this year that includes Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, which casts an even bigger net around vapor products than ever before. This term encompasses all vaping products, liquids, components, and accessories, whether they contain nicotine or not.

This amendment to the Act also forms a ban for a majority of shipping carriers to deliver vapor products. What this means is that UPS, FedEx, all the way to the beloved USPS, have followed suit of this amendment and refuse to ship any vapor products.

Considering this may seem like a brief hiccup to the common eye, this is actually a huge deal for Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co and other online retailers! With the liability that presents for even attempting to ship out vapor products, it could result in a means to an end for many online companies EVEN POSSIBLE PRISON TIME!

Though you may not be able to order your favorite vape products online anymore. (It’s okay, we had to grab a box of tissues and chocolates, too! You can still visit any of our retail locations to have a hand on exclusive Cloud 9 Smoke Co products and deals, while also staying on top of what’s fresh and new!

For most of us here at Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co, we’ve considered this ban a sign from destiny to wean ourselves off nicotine. We do know that this struggle is, in fact, a huge struggle! However, we take it in stride by knowing that we’re still able to relish in the fun times of toking with our phenomenal selection of glass, hookah products, CBD, and accessories.

For now, this may mean the end of vapor products for Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co, but in good hope and goodwill, we have faith that this is not a permanent fixture! As always, we’ll keep you updated with the latest news from Cloud 9 Smoke and Vape Co. Happy toking!

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