Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Posted by Jamie Pope on Jun 17, 2021

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Shisha Buying Guide (2021)

If you’ve been using the same brand and flavor of shisha for months on end, and you’re looking to branch out to new shisha tobacco products for your hookah smoking experience, you’ve come to the right place! At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we know how hard it can be to switch from your favorite, trusted shisha flavor to try out something new, but don’t worry. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, and we’ve got the best hookah tobacco lined up to help you decide which shisha you’d like to try out in 2021.

Here’s the shisha tobacco buying guide you didn’t know you needed!

Let’s boogie in.

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

What is Shisha Tobacco?

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Shisha tobacco, or hookah tobacco, is made up of raw tobacco fermented with molasses, glycerin, hints of fruit, and flavoring to create a type of tobacco that’s extremely flavorful and produces dense, thick clouds of smoke. This process of making shisha began in the 1990’s when a newer generation decided to take on the traditional ways of smoking by making it appealing to young adults. Since then, this process has been replicated and further evolved to give us the different brands, types, and flavors of shisha tobacco we get to enjoy today!

Is Shisha Tobacco a Drug?

Fortunately, hookah tobacco is not considered a drug! This is a huge misconception about shisha tobacco smoking, especially if you don’t know what shisha is at first glance. This misconception stems from the idea that shisha is smoked out of a pipe that doesn’t take on the form of a cigar or cigarette. Smoking shisha tobacco will not get you high and does not alter your mental state. You can smoke shisha tobacco and function normally without any issues. To sum up, shisha is not a drug.

Is Smoking Shisha Tobacco Addictive?

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Since hookah tobacco is formed from the same tobacco leaves found in cigarettes, each time you smoke from a hookah, you’re inhaling nicotine. Nicotine is the chemical that stimulates the messages that are sent between the brain and the body. Nicotine is the main psychoactive ingredient in tobacco products, and has a strong potential to become addictive. There is always the potential of becoming addicted to smoking shisha, so smoke with caution while you enjoy a smoke sesh. If you’re worried about possible addiction, you can still enjoy a hookah session with tobacco-free and nicotine-free shisha!

The Different Types of Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

There are two main types of shisha (hookah) tobacco: blonde leaf and dark leaf shisha. On average, you’ll mostly find blonde leaf shishas dominating the tobacco inventory of your favorite smoke shop (which is Cloud 9 Smoke Co of course!). Blonde leaf hookah tobacco is lighter in nicotine and is easier to inhale, since it is made from Virginia Tobacco Leaves, which is what is often used for cigarettes. To tell if your shisha tobacco is blonde leaf shisha, you can look at the leaves and see if the colors of the leaves are brighter in color and take on a very dark orange shade.

If you have a pretty high tolerance for nicotine, dark leaf shisha tobacco may be your best bet. Dark leaf hookah tobacco has a higher concentration of nicotine, and has a knack for providing a robust tobacco experience. Dark leaf tobacco is often used in cigars, so if you’ve ever smoked a cigar, you know how powerful the nicotine can be! To help you tell if your hookah tobacco is dark leaf tobacco, you can look at the color of the leaves. If their color takes on a dark brown to a black color, you’ll know that the shisha is dark leaf tobacco. Let’s just say that dark leaf shisha is not for the faint of heart.

In comparison to blonde leaf shisha, which has a nicotine content of 0.5% - 3.5% per leaf, dark leaf shisha has a noticeable 1.5% - 4.5% nicotine content in each leaf. The difference is pretty significant, so please refrain from using dark leaf shisha if you don’t have a high tolerance for nicotine already!

The Best Shisha Tobacco for Your Smoking Experience

Now that you have an idea of what shisha is, what shisha is made of, and the different types of shisha, Cloud 9 Smoke Co can show you some of the best hookah tobacco for your smoking experience and lifestyle preferences! Here’s our top picks.

Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s Favorite Shisha Brands

We’ve curated a list of some of our favorite shisha tobacco brands to help you discover the best hookah tobacco brands for your smoking experience! We’ll also cover the best shisha tobacco brands and flavors for your lifestyle needs and smoking preferences.

  1. Starbuzz
  2. Al Fakher
  3. Al-Waha
  4. Trifecta
  5. Overdozz
  6. Eternal Smoke
  7. Mazaya
  8. Afzal

The Best Shisha Tobacco for Beginners

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Al Fakher Shisha Tobacco 50g - Al Fakher is known for producing the most flavorful, smooth hitting hookah tobacco. Al Fakher is a great choice for beginners because the flavor profiles of the tobacco usually contain single fruit flavors. That way, you can combine and mix flavors if you’d like, or stick to one flavor of shisha tobacco to stay on the “safe side” during your first hookah sesh.

The Best Shisha Tobacco with Amazing Flavor

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco - Since 2005, Starbuzz has been sweeping the hookah market on a worldwide scale with their creative, delicious shisha tobacco flavors. Because of their unique hookah tobacco flavor combinations, Starbuzz has been recognized as one of the most appetizing, tasty, shisha tobacco brands on the market. We highly recommend trying Starbuzz’s Blue Mist flavor, which is heavily composed of sweet blueberry followed by a hint of mint on the exhale.

The Best Shisha Free of Tobacco and Nicotine

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

TKO Hemp Shisha - TKO Hemp Oil Infused Shisha is made up of natural cannabinoids derived from organic hemp and sugarcane-based herbal shisha. TKO CBD Shisha is free from tobacco and nicotine, so you can enjoy a flavorful, relaxing hookah smoke session without worry of exposure to any addictive chemicals!

The Best Hookah Tobacco for Refreshing Smoke Sessions

Shisha Buying Guide 2021Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Cool Series Shisha from Eternal Smoke - Eternal Smoke is known for producing lines, or series, of shisha flavors to accommodate certain flavor profiles. The Cool Series from Eternal Smoke incorporates the perfect combination of fruit and ice cold menthol, which is perfect for refreshing smoke sessions. We highly recommend trying the flavors Peach Lit and Watermelon Lit for the perfect summer smoke sesh.

The Best Hookah Tobacco for Dessert Lovers

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Romance Series Shisha Tobacco from Eternal Smoke- The Romantic Series from Eternal Smoke produces hookah tobacco that incorporates a combination of fruits and passion, ready to captivate your taste buds! These flavors often encompass fruity, creamy dessert flavors that will instantly draw you in after the first puff.

The Best Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Nirvana Eclipse Shisha Tobacco - The Nirvana Eclipse Shisha is made from dark leaf tobacco and is infused with Dokha tobacco to provide nicotine veterans with a rush of a lifetime. Mixing the Dokha along with the high nicotine content provided by the dark leaf base used in this line is sure to send tingles down your spine. To make your hookah smoking experience all the best, the Nirvana Eclipse Shisha has 9 scrumptious fruit-based shisha flavors for you to choose from to have the perfect smoke sesh in your forecast.

The Best Hookah Tobacco with Consistent Flavor

Shisha Buying Guide 2021

Afzal Shisha Tobacco - Afzal Shisha Tobacco is one of the most well known brands of tobacco due to its high quality ingredients. Due to its formulation, Afzal is able to produce consistent flavor throughout a smoke session, while providing you with smooth, cloudy hits. Our favorite flavor of Afzal Shisha Tobacco is Lychee, which is the perfect flavor if you enjoy smoke that’s subtly sweet in flavor.

Which Shisha Tobacco Will You Invest In?

Alrighty Cloud 9 Fam! You’ve covered all your bases to help you decide what hookah tobacco is, what shisha is made of, the different types of shisha tobacco, and have debunked the myths associated with hookah tobacco. Did you remember that shisha tobacco isn’t a drug? With all the shisha tobacco education you’ve received today, on top of a list of Cloud 9 Smoke Co recommendations, what’s stopping you from investing in a new pack of shisha for your hookah smoking experience? There’s no doubt that you’ll find the best shisha tobacco for your smoking experience, and we can’t wait to see which hookah tobacco brand and flavor you’ll pick out for your next sesh.

Happy toking!

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