Should I Buy A Phoenician Grinder?

Should I Buy A Phoenician Grinder?

Posted by Cloud 9 on Dec 1st 2019

Not a lot of sticky, wrist-bending herb grinding for you — Phoenician Engineering has created a multi-piece, interlocking, medical-grade dry herb grinder which will help to boost the required pre-smoking preparations. They’ve taken special care to make sure their merchandise adhere to demanding standards to make sure cleanliness and sterility — just like any other medical device.

The top piece has a magnetic release to reveal a spacious grinding area for your favorite flower, with little holes for the keif particles to fall through. The space below includes a tear-proof, removable screen to keep your ground up buds right where they ought to be till you’re able to blaze. Beneath that is a compartment where the accumulating kief will be collected, however this house might additionally double as an area to securely keep a nug or 2 till the time to grind comes.

The stackable style comes in several different finishes and adds a pleasant zing of color to your assortment of smoking accessories.

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