Should You Buy A Thermal Banger?: Are Thermal Bangers Really Worth It?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Mar 29, 2021

Should You Buy A Thermal Banger?: Are Thermal Bangers Really Worth It?

With dabbing being on the rise, there’s no doubt any toker would want to make the transition into concentrate use. Dabbing allows all of us to appreciate the terpenes and potency of our concentrates, and choosing the right banger will enhance your dabbing experience. For all dabbers looking for the best experience, nothing can top a thermal banger nail.

Thermal Bangers, Are They Worth It?

Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s answer to this question is: ABSOLUTELY. We’ll dive into the specifics on why thermal bangers are the way to go. Before that, let’s cover what bangers are.

What is a banger?

A banger is where the magic of concentrate heating takes place. You can’t even begin dabbing without a banger in play. After heating your banger with a torch to the right temperature, you place your concentrates onto the banger- this is where the fun starts. Once the concentrate has hit the heated banger, you work in unison with your carb cap to inhale the vapor into your mouth. Thermal bangers are a specific type of banger that will maximize your dabbing experience.

Thermal Bangers Bring Bangers to a Whole New Level

A standard banger takes on a flat bottom shape and can be made from ceramic, titanium, or quartz. Quartz takes the reigns for the most popular banger material, which is what thermal bangers are made from. Rather than the ordinary tube that’s given in a banger, thermal bangers provide an improved flow of vapor. When using a thermal banger, your concentrates will rest inside a deeper tube surrounded by two walls instead of sitting only in the banger itself. By doing this, the thermal banger is not exposed to the full breath during inhalation.

So why would I want to use a thermal banger?

Thermal bangers allow for more user control over temperature than traditional bangers. With your concentrates fixed inside a deeper tube, there is less air that can make contact with them. Meaning, once the banger is heated, your concentrates will retain heat optimally. In result, you get to have multiple hits after one round up of heat. It also means that your concentrate will be full of delicious terpene flavors.

Heating these guys up is the same as heating up a traditional banger. There’s no magical method of heating a thermal banger or any extra steps you need to take. Once your thermal banger is heated to the right temperature, this product will do its job at keeping your concentrate at a consistent heat. All you need is a good butane torch and a carb cap to get the process down to a science!

I’m Sold! How Can I Get a Thermal Banger?

Having a thermal banger as part of your dab set up is an excellent choice! Here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co we have the best selection of thermal bangers around from notable brands such as PSci. If you need help choosing the right thermal banger for you, give our LiveChat team a message, and they’ll find you a perfect match.

Bring On the Heat!

Now that you know that thermal bangers are absolutely worth it, you can bring one into your dab setup and impress all your friends and homies. They’ll marvel over the delicious flavor, and will be shocked over the amount of hits they can take before having to heat the banger over again. Thermal bangers are one-of-a-kind, and bring unimaginable elements into your dabbing experience!

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