The Best Water Pipes Under $50

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 05, 2021

The Best Water Pipes Under $50

The Best Water Pipes Under $50

Whether you’re fresh and new into the world of glass water pipes or a water pipe expert, having an affordable water pipe in your collection is always key! Affordable water pipes are great to bring to parties, festivals, vacations, and many other fun endeavors. If any accidents occur, you’ll be relieved that you aren’t out hundreds of dollars on a water pipe!

If you’re new to the water pipe game, it’s best to choose a water pipe that’s affordable and won’t cost you a pretty penny. That way you can get a feel for how water pipes function, what you like about water pipes, and what you’re looking for in future water pipe purchases.

Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the best selection of affordable water pipes, and we even have a category for water pipes under $50 for all newbies, veterans, and casual smokers alike! Here’s our take on the best water pipes for under $50, so you can decide which water pipe you’d like to call your own. Let’s dive in!

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#10 Gambino Bee Water Pipe ($19.99)

Gambino Bee Water Pipe

  • The Gambino Bee Water Pipe is a beaker water pipe that includes a vibrant display of buzzing bees and honeycombs! Loaded with an ice pinch and a large chamber, your hits are bound to become massive, cool, smooth, and refreshing. Plus, this water pipe glows in the dark! Wicked, right?

#9 DTHC Z Water Pipe ($29.99)

DTHC Z Water Pipe

  • The DTHC Z Water Pipe is handcrafted from borosilicate glass and features a sprinkler percolator, which is a great percolator for water pipe newbies due to its low drag! This water pipe takes on a unique, z-shaped design that will definitely spark conversation during your next sesh with the homies.

#8 Mini Beaker Water Pipe ($39.99)

Mini Beaker Water Pipe

  • The Mini Beaker Water Pipe is a classic beaker water pipe all bud enthusiasts need in their water pipe collection! The wide base of this water pipe will give your smoke the optimal space to diffuse and filtrate to a smooth consistency. The Mini Water Pipes are available in 3 color choices so you can customize this water pipe to your aesthetic preferences!

#7 DTHC Exotic Straight Dab Rig ($39.99)

DTHC Exotic Straight Dab Rig

  • The DTHC Exotic Dab Rig is a versatile water pipe that can be used for dry herb or concentrates! Crafted from borosilicate glass, this water pipe is loaded with a sprinkler percolator and lipped mouthpiece to keep all hits full of smooth smoke.

#6 DTHC Cone Banger Hanger ($39.99)

DTHC Cone Banger Hanger

  • The DTHC Cone Banger Hanger is a sleek, refined water pipe that is equipped with a showerhead percolator. Its can-style body helps to reduce splashback, and its bent neck is perfect for leisurely, comfortable seshes!

#5 DTHC Layered Pyramid Dab Rig ($39.99)

DTHC Layered Pyramid Water Pipe

  • The DTHC Layered Pyramid Dab Rig is another duo-functional water pipe that can be used for dry herb or concentrates! Its compact, layered base is perfect for comfortable gripping and handling. With its showerhead percolator and straight neck, all hits will be smooth and blasted off straight to the dome!

#4 Gambino Studio Style #4 ($39.99)

Gambino Studios Style 4

  • The Gambino Studios Style 4 takes on the shape of an inverted beaker and is furnished with a fixed showerhead percolator for smooth hits. What makes the Gambino Style 4 so special is its inverted beaker base that gives your smoke the perfect room to diffuse and filtrate while remaining potent and full of terpenes!

#3 DTHC Glass Koi Fish Water Pipe ($49.99)

DTHC Koi Fish Water Pipe

  • The DTHC Koi Fish Water Pipe is the perfect novelty water pipe to bring to all smoke seshes! Taking on the appearance of a koi fish jumping out of water for a big kiss, this water pipe will never be a bore to smoke from.

#2 10” Shroom Water Pipe ($49.99)

10" Shroom Water Pipe

  • Taking a glance into traditional sized water pipes, the 10” Shroom Water Pipe features adorable glass blown mushroom accents to keep your smoke seshes in tune with nature! Loaded with a bent neck and showerhead percolator, this water pipe is made to produce smooth hits that are sent right to the cranium.

#1 Gambino Fader Beaker ($39.99)

Gambino Fader Beaker

  • Would you look at that! A high-end water pipe has made its way into our top 10 water pipes under $50. The Gambino Studios Fader Beaker takes on the iconic beaker style and features a color gradient design with ringed accents. This water pipe is equipped with a removable diffused downstem, ice pinch, and a bubbled mouthpiece to ensure that your rips are smooth and full of power!

Which Water Pipe Will You Choose?

Now that you have Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s favorite water pipes for under $50, you can decide which water pipe you’re wanting to call your own! Affordable water pipes are a great choice to have in your collection so you can learn the fundamentals of water pipes and their function. Not to mention you can confidently bring these water pipes with you to any social gatherings or group smoke seshes without fear of losing a pretty penny if the water pipe happens to break!

Which water pipe under $50 will you choose? We look forward to seeing what you’ve picked out!

Want to learn more about water pipes? We have a comprehensive guide on how water pipes work as well as useful information to help you become a water pipe pro!

As always, happy toking!

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