The Unbreakables: Have Water Pipes Entered the Scene?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Mar 14, 2021

The Unbreakables: Have Water Pipes Entered the Scene?

The Unbreakables: Have Water Pipes Entered the Scene?

Durability is a feature of many products out there in the world. You’ve probably heard about indestructible cases, the notorious brick phone from decades ago, and now... water pipes?

Sure, water pipes are made from super durable material and will survive humble tip overs or bumps, but they’re not unbreak-

Wait, what are you doing?! We can’t drop-test a glass water pipe!

Okay, so glass water pipes aren’t indestructible when it comes from dropping them from massive heights or running them over by a car. We know YouTube pays a lot of money to see that, but please put it down. Your water pipe deserves more credit than that!

Now with silicone water pipes, that’s a different story. Go ahead, drop them off the balcony edge, try to run them over; they’ll be fine. However, with super high heats, you may want to keep your silicone piece away.

We see you’re willing to test your luck with your pieces, and while that’s a ballsy choice, we’ll save you from wasting your hard earned money and tell you now: There’s no such thing as an unbreakable/indestructible water pipe;they’re just super durable. We’ll give you the breakdown on the best durable water pipes.

What durable water pipe is best?

When you’re looking for a water pipe suit for durability, make sure you know what material you’re wanting to smoke out of first.

Glass Water Pipes

  • These water pipes are made from borosilicate glass, which is a heavy-duty material made to withstand high heats, bumps, and modest tip overs. You’ll want to get a feel for a glass water pipe when you’re picking out a piece for durability. Hold the water pipe, look at how dense the glass is, feel how heavy the piece is, and then make the decision on whether the water pipe is made to come home with ya.

Silicone Water Pipes

  • These products are made from medical-grade silicone that is nontoxic and BPA free. Having a silicone body, these water pipes can be bent, broken apart, and used by the toughest of hands. Once you have a silicone water pipe in your possession, try dropping it or bending it; those suckers will not break. However, unlike glass water pipes, silicone has a hard time facing high heats. It may be best to keep open flames around these pieces for too long.

The Best Durable Glass Water Pipes

If glass is your mojo, we’ve got you covered with our top selection of durable glass water pipes.

#5 International Trap Star Bull Beaker

Made with thick-ass glass and clean, classic style the Bull Beaker is a great choice for durability. Having a beaker base water pipe is perfect to keep your water pipe steadily in place while on a shelf, desk, or counter. International Trap Star is perfect for durability and luxury wrapped into one.

#4 Gambino Double Perc Straight Tube

Gambino is no stranger to satisfying all smoking desires, and with this hefty water pipe you’ll be thirsting for more. Made from borosilicate glass, this water pipe will stand tall and with confidence. Not to mention the double percolation of this water pipe is mad impressive.

#3 MOB Glass Oracle Seed of Life

This straight-tube water pipe has a flared base 4 inches in diameter, meaning that this water pipe ain’t goin’ nowhere! Its thick glass craftsmanship has this water pipe ready to take on the world. This water pipe features a special top-fed seed of life perc to make all your hits milky and smooth.

#2 MAV Glass Slitted Pyramid Beaker

Crafted from borosilicate glass, this wide-base pyramid beaker is perfect for durability. This MAV water pipe features a Collin’s pyramid percolator with an insane amount of slits, making your hits some of the smoothest of all time.

#1 Illadelph Custom Lucadelph Freeze Coil w/ Ash Catcher

Your first words with this water pipe will most definitely be: “holy shit!” It was ours. This water pipe is a custom, one-of-a-kind piece designed for heavy hitting- toker language, not literally. This water pipe is made from the best of the best borosilicate glass and is super dense in weight and feel. This Illadelph takes the cake for our most durable, and precious, water pipe.

The Best Durable Silicone Water Pipes

For all the homies out there ready to get down and dirty with tough water pipe use, we’ve got you covered with our top-choice silicone water pipes.

#3 Paradise Silicone Hourglass Water Pipe

Durability is one of the biggest reasons why this hour glass water pipe has made the list, but what meets the eye is not all you get with this piece. This water pipe features a honeycomb percolator and a concentrate slick to store all your extracts.

#2 Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Perc Beaker

Made from medical grade silicone, this water pipe is a nontoxic silicone addition to your collection. This water pipe features a showerhead perc to ensure all hits are smooth. After handling this guy, you’ll notice the solid weight and thick craft this piece has to offer.

#1 Paradise Silicone Art Beaker

This massive, hefty silicone water pipe takes the cake for the most durable silicone water pipe out there. This silicone water pipe features a beaker base, meaning this guy is here to stay! Once you get your hands on this monster, you’ll notice that its bulky weight and thick silicone material puts durability at the front of this water pipe.

Durability, Stability, Consistency, and so much more!

So now that we all know that water pipes are not indestructible, you can put those drop-test needs at bay and choose the best durable water pipe to add to your collection. Remember, glass water pipes are made from borosilicate glass, meaning that those pieces are able to withstand high heat and will survive bumps and modest tip overs. Silicone water pipes are able to withstand falls, can be bent, but will not survive through high heats like glass water pipes can. Picking the most durable water pipe is always up to you, but after giving our top-choices a read, the decision of which water pipe is best for you will be a “no-brainer!” If you have any questions or need some guidance, our LiveChat team is here to help you choose the most durable water pipe.

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