Ultimate Toro Diffuser Guide

Posted by Anslee Sewell on Sep 12th 2019

Ultimate Toro Diffuser Guide

Toro Glass is known to produce some of the best functioning glass pipes in existence. JP Toro is always providing beautiful glass art with unique percolation that sets Toro Glass apart. With the unique designs for diffusion, it can make selecting the right Toro Glass piece a little daunting. That’s why we, here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co., have put together the ultimate Toro diffuser guide to make your shopping experience smooth and easy.

Mac (Macro, Macro XL)

The Mac diffuser is a standard and simple diffuser featured in Toro Glass Rigs. This classic diffuser provides fantastic function and very pleasing hits while bringing out the pure flavors of your product. This Toro rig is a great piece for those looking for a compact “flavor savor” glass pipe.

Toro Mac XL

Toro Mac XL - Amber/Purple/Blue

Mac 8

The Tree Mac is one of the most popular Toro Rigs. The Tree Mac gives you the best of both worlds with the dual chamber design. The bottom chamber features the classic Mac diffuser while the top chamber features a small, reinforced, 8-arm tree percolator. This dual chamber percolation delivers a very satisfying and smooth hit in a small, flavorful form.

Toro Mac 8

Toro Mac 8 - Raindrop


The Hex percolator is an extremely chuggy diffuser that will preserve the flavor of your products very well. The Hex Perc is a long, rectangular diffuser with a plethora of slits cut on both sides. This percolator is very sturdy and is reinforced to the very bottom of the can allowing the smoke to pass through the most amount of water. As you inhale, the water bubbles spread out across a wide surface area adding to the great chug. Additionally, this rig allows you to use a large variety of water levels giving you the option to dial in the exact hit you want. The Hex Perc is one of our favorite Toro Rigs here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

Toro Hex

                     Toro Hex - Opaline

Jet (Upwards Jet, Jet Ball, & Triple Jet)

The Jet is a perfectly crafted percolator that features an upwards-facing series of laser cut holes on the top of the puck in the center. This diffuser “jets” the bubbles through the holes and directly up the pipe. The Jet diffuser has a tight pull that is full of substance and pure flavor. The Jet is possibly the most flavorful diffuser out of all Toro Glass pipes.

Upwards Jet

                               Toro Upwards Jet - Aqua Azul/Teal

The Jet Ball is a combination of the flavorful Jet diffuser with a spherical ball splash guard above it. The bubbles shoot out of the Jet Perc upwards to the ball splash guard that prevents the water from entering your mouth.

Toro Stemless Jet Ball - Green Stardust

The Triple Jet diffuser features three Jet Percolators combined into one that will jet the bubbles out into three different directions providing choppy filtration and a substantial pull.

Toro Triple Jet

              Toro Triple Jet - Purple Rain/Charcoal


If you’re trying to achieve maximum diffusion with an amazingly smooth hit, the Toro Froth is for you. This diffuser is a low and wide percolator that features a plethora of saw-cut slits that breaks up the smoke into as many bubbles as possible. These bubbles will stack all the way up the narrow wall space in the can between the exterior walls and the walls of the Froth diffuser resulting in a very attractive function.

Froth XXL

Toro Froth XXL - Pastel/Encalmo

ISF ( Integrated Stemless Froth)

The ISF or Integrated Stemless Froth diffuser is one of the most uncommon Toro diffuser designs. This percolator is unique to Toro Glass and is essentially a very improved version of an inverse shower head perc. The ISF diffuser features numerous slits that chop smoke up into countless bubbles providing a smooth and flavorful hit. This percolator was originally designed specifically for dry herb, but it has revolutionized to be a fantastic diffuser for every product you use.

Toro ISF

Toro ISF - Green Stardust/Cobalt Blue

Macro 7 - 13

The Macro 7-13 Arm is the rig version of the Full-Size 7-13 Arm Toro. Condensed from a height of 18” to about 8”, this pipe features miniature versions of the dual tree percolator design that made Toro so famous. This diffuser will provide a huge amount of substance as well as a very smooth hit without great loss of flavor. This is a great choice if you are looking for function similar to the full size 7-13 in a smaller, compact glass piece.

Toro Macro 7-13

Toro Macro Shrub 7 to 13 - Ruby Red

Full Size 7 - 13

Toro’s premier full-size tube, the original 7-13 Arm, is the ultimate choice for a dry herb piece. The two tree diffusers, one with 7 arms and one with 13 arms, are reinforced to the bottom of the can for optimum durability. These amazing diffusers will break bubbles up into a very substantial, chuggy, and flavorful hit, while the amount of airflow present (thanks 18mm joint!) will allow this tube to clear almost instantaneously (something very, very important in a tube). If you are looking for a premium dry herb water pipe, you won’t find anything better than a Toro 7-13.

Toro Full Size 7 to 13 - Green Stardust/Purple

We hope this guide will help you decide which Toro Glass piece is right for you. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is the only authorized dealer of Toro Glass in the state of Georgia. With over 100 Toro Glass products, we have the largest collection that you will be able to find anywhere. Check out our huge Toro Glass selection now! 

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