What are CBD Gummies?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 07, 2021

What are CBD Gummies?

What Are CBD Gummies?

It’s time to ditch your favorite Flintstone vitamins and switch over to the world of CBD! Okay, just kidding. Those scrumptious vitamins do a lot of good for your health! However, adding a dose of CBD gummies in the morning will definitely get your day started off with sunshine and rainbows.

Speaking of gummy supplements, isn’t it funny how scientists and food nutrition experts have curated a way to combine sugary sweets with valuable minerals and vitamins? Crazy!

Not only is the world of vitamins and supplements developing innovative ways to incorporate beneficial ingredients into sweet, gummy treats, but the world of CBD supplements is also hopping on board!

When you look at a jar of CBD gummies, you may ask - “What exactly do these things do? Do they work?” This is a totally valid question, and Cloud 9 Smoke Co is going to teach you all about what CBD gummies are and how they work!

Plus, we’ll throw in a few of our favorites to help you decide which gummy you’re going to add to your daily routine. Let’s dive in!

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So, What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are sweet, delightful chewy candies that are infused with cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is an extract of the hemp plant, completely non-psychoactive, and interacts with our endocannabinoid system to deliver its beneficial effects.

CBD gummies can range from CBD isolate to full spectrum CBD. Not sure what the difference is? We’ve got it here for you!

The three types of CBD are:

  • CBD Isolate
    • CBD Isolate is a crystalline solid, or powder, that contains around 99% pure CBD. When you see a CBD isolate gummy, you may notice a powdery, sugary coating on the candy pieces. Don’t be too quick to assume it’s only sugar coating; there’s CBD isolate hangin’ around! This type of CBD does not contain any THC, so if you’re looking to be office-ready 24/7 CBD Isolate is a great choice for you.
  • Broad spectrum CBD
    • A blend between isolate and full spectrum, Broad Spectrum CBD contains pure CBD with other additional compounds from the hemp plant. To name a few, broad spectrum CBD contains cannabinol, cannabichromene, and terpenes. Most broad spectrum products do not contain THC, but it’s always best to check lab reports to be safe!
  • Full spectrum CBD
    • Full Spectrum CBD has a variety of cannabinoid compounds from the hemp plant with very low levels of THC. Full spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC to accommodate federal law. To be totally safe, Cloud 9 Smoke Co suggests that if your workplace regularly drug tests, don’t use full-spectrum CBD products.

How Are CBD Gummies Made?

Once the extraction process is complete, CBD forms into a crystal that can dissolve in an edible product. After that, CBD is incorporated with various ingredients to make delicious CBD gummies!

Here are common ingredients CBD Gummies are made from

  • Pectin - this is the ingredient that gives gummies their unique texture! Pectin occurs naturally in the cell walls of fruit and is a common ingredient in jams and jelly!
    • Other ingredients may include
      • Cane sugar
      • Fruit juice
      • Sunflower oil
      • Citric acid

Why Should I Use CBD Gummies?

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine can provide you with a lot of benefits. CBD stimulates your endocannabinoid system to enhance your appetite, ease pain, create a feeling of relaxation, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and many more!

Imagine starting your day stress-free! Sounds like a plan to us!

Got a headache? There’s a CBD gummy for that.

Need a little appetite stimulation before dinner? CBD gummies have got your back!

Hectic day at work? Take a CBD gummy or two!

Okay, but Are CBD Gummies Legal?

Ah, the golden question! In compliance with the Farm Bill 2018, CBD gummies are completely legal on a federal level as long as the gummies contain less than 0.3% THC.

When it comes to state regulation, as of now Idaho and Iowa are the remaining states that consider CBD products to be illegal.

How Long Do the Effects of CBD Gummies Last?

Before we dive into how long CBD gummies last, let’s talk about how long CBD gummies take to kick in! We can’t expect the end without a beginning, right?

If you ingest a CBD gummy, the gummy has to go all the way through the digestive system, into the liver, before finally entering the bloodstream to take effect. Depending on your body weight and other factors, CBD gummies can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes or longer to kick in.

When you begin to feel the effects, sit back and relax, watch your favorite TV show, or do whatever makes you feel comfortable! Not to make it seem like CBD is a scary thing, but when the effects kick in - it’s time to get into the zone. Ya feel?

To gauge how long the effects of CBD gummies will last, take these key concepts into consideration

  • Body composition and exercise habits - CBD is a fat-soluble compound, meaning we store a portion of CBD in our fat cells. On average, it takes longer for the effects of CBD to wear off for people with a higher percentage of body fat. To help wear the effects off a bit sooner, Cloud 9 Smoke Co suggests a brisk walk or doing some cardio!
  • Metabolism - We’re really diving into science here! Your metabolism has a lot to do with how long the effects of CBD gummies last (and kick in).
    • If you consider yourself to have a fast metabolism, you’ll likely feel the effects of CBD gummies hit sooner and last for a shorter period of time.
    • If you consider yourself to have a slow metabolism, your body needs additional time to process and break down the components of the CBD gummy. Though it may take the effects a bit longer to kick in, they’ll definitely be around for the long run!
  • Recent food consumption - Did you just have a big lunch? Feelin’ a bit full? That’s totally okay! However, a full stomach will slow your digestion and metabolism down, which may mean it’ll take the effects of CBD to kick in a bit longer. Empty stomachs will definitely speed up the rate of the effects to take place, but you may not feel the effects for long.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Ah! Another great question! This all depends on how many milligrams of CBD your gummies have in each piece, your body weight, what you’re looking to get out of CBD, what’s bothering you, and your body chemistry!

As of now, there’s no ‘perfect dose’ of CBD, but you can use these concepts to get an idea of how many CBD gummies you should take.

Body Weight

Weight is a major predictor of how well your body handles substances. Think about it! Let’s say you go out with the homies right? Slim-Jim who only weighs 135lbs is going to be totally set after 3 drinks, but however you and your other friends may need a bit more to get on Slim-Jim’s level. It’s the same with CBD!

Though there are many other factors to consider, here’s a conceptual guide to determine how much CBD you should take.

  • Under 130lbs - 12mg of CBD or less (around 1 gummy to ½ gummy)
  • 130 to 230lbs - 20mg of CBD or less (around 2 gummies to 1 gummy)
  • Above 230lbs - 25mg of CBD or less (2 ½ gummies to 2 gummies)

Desired Benefits / Strength

If you’re looking to feel moderate to strong effects of CBD, we’ve got you covered with another guide on how to determine how many milligrams of CBD to take based on your body weight!

  • Low to Moderate Effects - Usually taken for increased ease, relief, and stress management
    • Under 130lbs - 12mg to 15mg (1 to 1 ½ gummies)
    • 130 to 230lbs - 20mg to 25mg (2 to 2 ½ gummies)
    • Above 230lbs - 25mg to 30mg (2 ½ to 3 gummies)
  • Strong effects - Typically used for severe discomfort, anxiety, and major pain.
    • Under 130lbs - 15mg to 20mg (1 ½ to 2 gummies)
    • 130 to 230lbs - 25mg to 30mg (2 ½ to 3 gummies)
    • Above 230lbs - 35mg to 45mg (3 ½ to 4 ½ gummies)

What You’re Seeking to Help (Ailments, Stress, Sleep, etc)

If you’re looking to feel a bit calm and relaxed, a dose of 15mg to 30mg (1 ½ to 3 gummies) of CBD will definitely ease the stresses of everyday life.

Struggling to sleep through the night? Take 10mg to 25mg (½ gummy to 2 gummies) at night to activate your CBD receptors while you get a full night’s rest.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable and inflamed after working out? Take as little as 10mg to a hefty 50mg (½ gummy to 5 gummies) as a starting point to reduce your soreness!

Just need that daily pick-me-up? Take around 5mg to 15mg (½ gummy to 1 ½ gummies) of CBD to get you back on track!

Body Chemistry

As you know, everyone responds to substances differently. Though CBD is safe to consume, there are certain things you should look out for that are tell-tale signs that you should stop using CBD.

  • If you take any medication that may adversely react to CBD, consult your doctor before taking any CBD gummies to make sure your medication will not be affected.
  • Always check the label and ingredients of CBD gummies before purchasing or eating them. Food allergies are real, and they’re serious! It also helps to make sure there’s no THC in the gummies if your workplace does drug test often.

Adjusting the Dosage

Since there is no such thing as a ‘standard dose of CBD,’ you can adjust the dosage to fit your lifestyle needs! CBD gummies are easy to cut and portion, so you can stay happy and comfortable while eating yummy CBD gummies.

  • Portion as you feel suit - Because gummies are so easy to cut up, you can start with smaller doses and add subtle increments to obtain the benefits of CBD that you’re looking for.
  • Increase your daily dosage if you need to - Many CBD gummies come in low concentrations, such as 10mg to 12mg per piece. Since their concentrations are so low, you can comfortably dose up on CBD to a dosage that suits your lifestyle preferences!
  • You can always switch to higher CBD concentrations - If you have to hit the high marks of 20mg to 30mg of CBD to feel their benefits as you feel suit, you can switch to a more potent CBD gummy or pop several gummies at a time.

What are the Best CBD Gummies for Anxiety and Stress?

Life is tough, and Cloud 9 Smoke Co is no stranger to that! To help you combat daily stress and anxiety, we have our favorite CBD gummies lined up for you.

Daily Stress

Long Beach 250mg CBD Isolate Gummies

  • Take the daily edge off with the 250mg Long Beach CBD Gummies! These CBD Isolate gummies contain 25mg of CBD per gummy, which you can easily cut up to find the perfect dose for you.

Combatting Anxiety

Healing Nation Full Spectrum CBD Gummies 250mg

  • Anxiety is a heck of a thing! To help put your mind at ease, Healing Nation CBD Gummies are full-spectrum CBD gummies that come in a variety of flavors and styles. To ward off anxious tendencies and feelings of anxiety, you can choose from 250mg to 500mg!
    • Healing Nation Full Spectrum CBD Gummies can be your new, tasty supplement! Starting at $19.99 for 250mg to $37.99 for 500mg, you can choose the best CBD milligram to fit your needs. Our personal favorite gummies are the Neon Worms!

Combatting Recurring Stress (From Work, School - You Name It!)

Long Beach 500mg CBD Gummies

  • Work and school can definitely put a damper on your mood, but to lighten it up take a jar of 500mg Long Beach CBD Gummies with you on the go! Each gummy contains 50mg of CBD that you can cut to dose for the perfect stress relief.

Combating Severe, Recurring Anxiety

Healing Nation Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

  • If you’re dealing with recurring, severe anxiety, definitely consult with your counselor or doctor before using CBD to help ease your mind! After you get the green light, pick up a jar of 1000mg to 1500mg of Healing Nation Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. These potent gummies may be the relief you’ve been looking for, and with the variety of flavors at your disposal - you’ve got this anxiety in the bag!

CBD Gummies - A Tasty Sense of Relief!

Now that you have a guide on what CBD gummies are, what CBD gummies are made from, what factors to consider when finding the right dose of CBD for you, and the best CBD gummies to buy online, you’re bound to become a CBD gummy connoisseur!

Whether you’re down for Long Beach CBD Gummies or Healing Nation CBD Gummies, Cloud 9 Smoke Co knows you’ll enjoy these tasty treats. No doubt!

Curious about CBD Lab Reports? Check out our guide on how to read CBD Lab Reports!

As always, happy toking and happy snacking!

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