What is a Bubbler and How Do I Use One?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 11, 2021

What is a Bubbler and How Do I Use One?

What is a Bubbler and How Do I Use One?

Let’s say you want to level up your smoking experience from a hand pipe to a bubbler. To that, Cloud 9 Smoke Co says, “Let’s do it!”

At first glance, a bubbler may seem not so different from a hand pipe. In another way, it kind of looks like a super small water pipe. Ah! Which one is it?!

Okay so maybe before you buy a bubbler online, you may need to know a thing or two about what a bubbler is and how a bubbler works! No worries. Cloud 9 Smoke Co is going to teach you all about bubblers and how to use a bubbler! 

Let’s dive in!

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What is a bubbler?

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Bubblers are a recipe of traditional hand pipes and water pipes, which creates the perfect combination for those who enjoy the compact nature of hand pipes and the water filtration and percolation of water pipes. Similar to hand pipes, bubblers include a carb hole that provides a swish and flick clearing of smoke. When looking at the bubbler, you’ll notice that the anatomy includes a mouth piece, bowl, stem, and room for water.

Here’s a quick breakdown of bubblers:

  • Compact size similar to hand pipes
  • Built in stem around the bowl that can hold water
  • Percolation features to smoothen out hits
  • Carb hole that allow for cleaner and faster clearing of your smoke

Why Should I Use a Bubbler?

A bubbler is a fantastic middle ground between water pipes and hand pipes. Bubblers are portable and can be brought to all maximum capacity parties, concerts, festivals… let’s face it, you’re going to bring these pieces to sleepovers and store it in your stash box. We’ll keep hyping you up to elevate the at-home experience! ;)

The aesthetic of bubblers leave many of these pieces looking absolutely timeless and unique. With a bubbler in your possession, you’ll have a majestic, eye-catching, and absolutely sick centerpiece to your glass collection and all smoke seshes. Their compact size brings portability to the table, which means whipping up a bowl on-the-go!

Bubblers make pretty wicked smoke seshes! Add a bubbler to your collection from our collection at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

I’m Ready to Toke Up, but How Do I Use a Bubbler?

  1. Depending on the size of your bubbler, carefully add water into the piece. Think of it as pouring tea into a cup; be delicate and slow. When the water is high enough to cover your bowl stem, you’re good to go.
  2. Next, take a few practice hits before packing your dry herb into the bowl. Never inhale hard with a bubbler like you would with a traditional water pipe. Doing so creates a straw-like effect, which means bubbler water in your mouth. Yuck!
  3. If you’re a sensitive toker-witch and are prone to coughing, make sure you turn your head away from the bubbler. If you make the mistake of coughing into the mouthpiece, you’ll find a stream of water and herb making its way across the room.
  4. Now that you’ve practiced filling and hitting your bubbler, you’re ready to grab your dry herb and get down to toking!
  5. Once you’ve packed your bowl, place your finger over the carb hole, light a flame, and place the flame gently on the side of the packed bowl.
  6. As you inhale, the airflow will pull the flame into the corner of your stash so you can burn through it slowly. You’ll hear soft bubbling coming from your bubbler.
  7. After the chamber is filled with smoke, release your finger from the carb and you’ll find yourself greeted with a cool smoking experience!

Here’s a breakdown of How to use a Bubbler (Simplest Terms):

  • Carefully add water into the pipe, and stop once the stem is covered
  • Take a few practice hits and focus on soft inhales to avoid sucking in bubbler water
  • Go over turning your head away from the bubbler to avoid a streamy mess of water and herb
  • Pack the bowl with your favorite dry herb, CBD herb will do just fine
  • Place your finger over the carb hole and light a flame
  • Gently rest your flame on the side of your packed bowl
  • Inhale softly, and watch the flame burn through the corner of your stash
  • After the chamber is filled with smoke, release your finger from the carb
  • Inhale the smooth, cool smoke and exhale

Bubble Up, Spread the Word, and be a Genius!

The elements of a bubbler is something all avid bud users and tokers can get behind. Being the perfect combo of a hand pipe and water pipe, a bubbler is something you’ll surely want to have in your stash box! It’s compact size is perfect for on-the-go lifestyles, or if you’re looking to discreetly whip up a bowl. The ability to add water and have percolation features in the bubbler makes it an amazing choice for anyone who longs for a smooth, cool smoking experience. In addition to functionality, bubblers are a majestic and eye-catching piece to have in your collection. After using our steps and a pinch of practice, you’ll be a master of using a bubbler in no time. Now that you know what a bubbler is and how to use one, it’s time to spread the words to the homies!

Wanna make the best stash box? Cloud 9 Smoke Co will teach you all you need to know with this article!

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