What is Cold Start Dabbing?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 31, 2021

What is Cold Start Dabbing?

What is Cold-Start Dabbing?

If you’re an avid dab enthusiast looking to shake up your dabbing routine, you’ve come to the right place! Sure, we all know how to take a dab the OG way, but what if there was another way for you to take dabs, without having to preheat your banger? Sounds pretty convenient, right?

You’re totally right! In fact, Cloud 9 Smoke Co is going to teach you all you need to know about cold start dabbing, or reverse dabbing, and how cold start dabbing will amplify your smoking experience.

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Let’s boogie in!

What is Cold-Start Dabbing?

Cold start dabs, also known as ‘reverse dabs’ or ‘cold dabs,’ are low-temperature dabs done with a dab rig and a banger, in reverse. Instead of heating your banger before you drop a glob of concentrate into your banger, this method is all about heating a pre-loaded banger!

Why Would I Want to Try Cold-Start Dabs?

If you’re a dabber who tends to go a little overboard with heating your banger, while being super eager to take the dab, you probably are sick of taking dabs that are way too hot on the throat and lungs. If you’re also a dabber who often finds globs of un-vaporized concentrate at the bottom of your banger, you’re also probably sick of seeing your concentrates go to waste.

Have no fear! These days of struggle are soon to be far behind you. Hear us out!

Cold start dabs are soon to become your saving grace! Cold start dabs actually cut down your dabbing time by nearly half, so you can spend more time enjoying the benefits of your concentrate instead of spending time trying to obtain the benefits from your concentrate.

If you’re looking for a more streamline, quick, and easy way to have a dab sesh, without all the extra steps that come from traditional dabbing, cold start dabs are the way to go!

What Are the Benefits of Cold Start Dabbing?

Doing cold start dabs will cut down your dabbing time if you’re in a pinch. We all know that it’s crucial to have our ‘daily medicinal dose’ before heading out to take on the day. If you wake up late, or are in a rush, cold start dabs have got your back!

Cold start dabs also eliminate the time you’ll take to heat up and cool down your banger, so if you’re all about saving time, this method is for you! Without having to worry about heat up and cool down times for your banger, you’re also saving yourself a lot of guessing of when it’s time to take a dab.

Finally, cold start dabs do a lot less wear and tear on your glass dab rig and quartz banger, so you won’t have to worry about replacement pieces in the long run. If you do a cold start dab the right way, it means no charring for your banger. Sweet success!

What Do I Need to Do a Cold Start Dab?

Trying out cold start dabs require all the elements of a traditional dab! There’s really no extra materials you’ll need, so this makes cold start dabbing super easy if you have all the tools listed below.

What You’ll Need to Do a Cold Start (Reverse) Dab:

How to Do I Take a Cold Start Dab?

The cold start dabbing method is ramping up in popularity in the smoking community, because of its foolproof design and quick speed! All you need to do is keep a steady eye on your concentrates and follow these simple steps.

How to do a Cold Start Dab:

  1. Make sure all components of your dab rig setup are clean - especially your banger!
    1. If you need some help cleaning your dab rig setup check out this article on the best way to clean a dab rig!
  2. Put your banger into the joint of your dab rig.
  3. Load your concentrate inside the bucket of the clean, unheated banger.
  4. Place your carb cap onto the top of your banger
  5. Turn on your torch, about half way, and aim the tip of the flame a few inches away from the base of your banger.
  6. Watch your concentrates carefully. Your concentrates should begin to bubble and vaporize after around 10 seconds of heating your banger.
  7. When your concentrates have begun to bubble and vaporize, put your torch down and begin to take your hit!
    1. Depending on the size of your concentrate glob, and your lung capacity, you can receive multiple hits from one cold start. Amazing, right?!
  8. Rotate your carb cap as you clear the concentrate vapor from your quartz banger and dab rig. Once all concentrate vapor has cleared, you’re good to exhale.
  9. After your sesh, make sure to clean your banger with Glob Mops and Resinate Blue to keep it clean and in great condition!
  10. Let your banger completely cool, then repeat the process.

Cold Start Dabbing Tips and Tricks

If you want some ‘pro-tips’ from the cold start dabbing connoisseurs at Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we’ve got you covered, homie! These tips will help to make sure that your cold start dabbing experience is never a flop, and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of your concentrates to their fullest potential.

  • Always begin a cold start dab with a clean banger. If your banger is dirty, in any way, it’ll be pretty hard to see when your concentrates start to bubble and vaporize. This could result in you heating the bottom of your banger for too long, and wasting your concentrates. Who wants that?
  • Keep your cold start dabs “small” to start. Remember when you first learned how to ride a bike? Chances are, your parents gave you a sick set of training wheels. The same concept applies to cold start dabbing! You want to perfect the technique before you begin throwing in massive globs of your concentrate.
  • When using a carb cap for cold start dabs, stick with directional carb caps for the best results! These carb caps will give you high quality hits and the most out of your concentrates, without you having to put in stupid hard work to direct the airflow with your carb cap.
  • Make sure that your torch is full of butane before you begin dabbing. - It’s a staple! Keeping your torch filled with butane will prevent you from taking ‘sesh breaks’ for care and maintenance, which is totally a drag.
  • Always clean your banger after every dab. Keeping your banger clean will help your banger perform at its best ability, while ensuring that your concentrate vapor is full of terpenes. Plus, you’ll be able to keep a good eye on your concentrates during the next cold start dab you plan to take!

Ready to Begin Cold Start Dabbing?

It’s no secret that cold start dabbing will most definitely level up your dabbing experience to new heights! Cold start dabbing will allow you to take massive dabs, without waiting those long times to heat up your banger and wait for it to cool down to take a hit. Cold start dabbing is also perfect to keep the quality and integrity of your glass dab rig and quartz banger in check! All you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and you’ll be a cold start dabbing connoisseur in no time.

Are you ready to begin cold start dabbing? We can’t wait to hear how your experience went!

Happy Dabbing - and Toking! 

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