What is the Best Water Pipe Under $100?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 10, 2021

What is the Best Water Pipe Under $100?

What is the Best Water Pipe Under $100?

Whether you’re looking to surprise a special someone, or a homie, with the best gift, looking to spoil yourself after payday, or wanting a high end water pipe at an affordable price, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got you covered with the best water pipes under $100!

Interested in straight tubes? Beakers? Style doesn’t matter. We’ve covered all of our bases to provide you a list of the our top 3 straight tube water pipes and beaker water pipes for under $100. That way, when it’s time to decide which water pipe you’re taking home - you won’t have to endlessly scroll the web and filter through thousands of products! We’ve got all you need in one place.

You ready? Let’s dive in!

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Top 3 Straight Tube Water Pipes under $100

#3 Gambino Straight Anchor Water Pipe ($89.99)

Gambino Straight Anchor Water Pipe

Priced at $89.99, the Gambino Straight Anchor Water Pipe makes our top 3 straight tube water pipes under $100 for its timeless design and functionality. With its iridescent coating, glass blown anchor with sand, and double percolators, the Straight Anchor is one for the books! Made from borosilicate glass, this 12” water pipe is the perfect gift for your best friend or special someone.

#2 International Trap Star Noriega 7mm Straight Tube Water Pipe ($89.99)

Int Trap Noriega

Featuring a body made from 7mm of borosilicate glass, this durable straight tube water pipe is practically a steal! Set up with an ice pinch, removable diffused downstem, and a height of 11” the International Trap Star Noriega Water Pipe can be yours for $89.99

#1 Olympus Triple Honeycomb Water Pipe ($79.99)

Olympus Triple Honeycomb St Tube

Our most affordable straight tube in our selection, the Olympus Triple Honeycomb Water Pipe is another must-have from our collection! Priced at $79.99, this triple percolator water pipe is loaded with the quintessential features to have the best smoke seshes. Say hello to smooth smoke, timeless seshes, and the best straight tube water pipe for under $100!

The Best Beaker Water Pipes Under $100

#3 MOB Glass Micro Beaker Water Pipe ($59.99)

MOB Glass Micro Beaker Water Pipe

Affordably priced at $59.99, this iconic beaker water pipe is your new go-to water pipe for group seshes! The MOB Glass Micro Beaker stands at a comfortable height of 7” and features sleek tubing made from borosilicate glass. What’s best is that your smoke will be refreshing and smooth with this beaker’s ice pinch and diffused downstem!

#2 MOB Glass Bruce Beaker Water Pipe ($79.99)

MOB Glass Bruce Water Pipe

The MOB Glass Bruce Beaker is a sturdy, structural beaker water pipe that is made to remain sturdy on all flat surfaces! The wide base and removable matrix downstem of this beaker makes for the perfect area for your smoke to diffuse and filtrate to a seamless consistency. Priced at $79.99, you’ll have a beaker water pipe ready to pack a mean punch!

#1 Olympus Mini Beaker ($79.99)

Olympus Mini Beaker

Taking the top as the best beaker water pipe under $100 is the Olympus Mini Beaker! This beaker water pipe features a double percolation system that will make your smoke effortless on your final inhale. This water pipe features an amazing flower of life graphic on the base and can be yours for $79.99!

Which Water Pipe Will You Choose?

Now that you have the best water pipes under $100 (beaker and straight tube!), you can decide which water pipe you’ll make yours, your friend’s, or your significant other. Whether it’s the iconic straight tube or the classic beaker, you’re bound to have an amazing smoke seshes from any of Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s top choices!

We look forward to seeing which one you picked! Make sure to care for it like a pro by using our water pipe cleaning guide.

Happy toking! 

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