What is the Perfect Size of a Water Pipe?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 22, 2021

What is the Perfect Size of a Water Pipe?

The Perfect Sized Water Pipe, Does One Size Really Fit All?

Finding the perfect sized water pipe for our toking needs definitely seems like Cinderella finding her glass slipper or Harry Potter getting his wand. It’s almost as if we have to sort through tons of pipes to find one that really says “This is the perfect water pipe for me!”

Though one of the many joys and wonders of diving into the world of glass is finding a water pipe size that is meant for us. However, in this day and age, how many of us can actually afford to buy that much glass until we find the best fit? (Not us!)

Cloud 9 Smoke Co has the complete rundown of all water pipe sizes and their pros and cons to help you find the best water pipe meant for you! Whether you’re looking for a small water pipe, or if you want to shoot for the stars with the biggest water pipe in town, we’ve got the deets locked and loaded.

Without further ado, here’s the scoop! Does one size water pipe really fit all?

How Many Sizes of Water Pipes Are Out There?

Venturing into a heady shop, or even Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s website, you’ll see first hand that there are many sizes of water pipes to choose from! Though it may feel overwhelming at first, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has grouped water pipe sizes into three easy categories.

Water Pipe Size Categories:

  • Small
  • Mid-Size
  • Large
Small Water Pipes

Though most glass connoisseurs refer to small water pipes as compact water pipes, we prefer to keep things simple and reference these tiny but mighty water pipes as ‘small sized.’ Ranging from a height of 6” to 9”, small water pipes are capable of more than meets the eye!

If you’re all about bringing a quality smoke sesh with you wherever you go, small water pipes are probably your go-to. With their size being close to a wallet, purse, or fanny pack, it’s nothin’ but a breeze to stash these into your book bag or carrying case to bring the fun with you 24/7!

Small water pipes are also great for discretion. Let’s say your roomies aren’t too fond of your bud enthusiasm. A small water pipe will definitely keep wandering eyes away during a sesh. Let’s face it, a 6” water pipe is going to be way more secretive than a traditional 12” water pipe!

If you’re a toker all about the terpenes, keep your water pipe size small! Their compact body and small water chambers will preserve the potency of your terpenes. You won’t have to worry about your smoke losing its density and terpene profiles on the way to the dome.

Maintenance and cleaning are always a chore, though it’s totally necessary. To make this routine easier for you, small water pipes are here to save the day! Less surface area = less cleaning for you. Plus, who’s all about the arm workout that comes with using alcohol and salt when you could soak your water pipe in Resinate?

Though small sized water pipes hold a lot of glory to their name, we do have to mention the price that comes with compact size. For instance, if you’re a smoker that’s all about big, mean rips, these water pipes may not be the kind for you. Since their chambers and bases are smaller than traditional water pipe sizes, you’ll experience quick snaps rather than long drags. Small water pipes also have a habit of not being able to feature more percolation than a standard diffused downstem. Though diffused downstems are great for getting the job done, added percolation is definitely the bees knees!

Small Water Pipe Pros and Cons:


  • Portable
  • Preserves terpenes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Discrete
  • Affordable


  • Smaller hits
  • Less percolation

Are small water pipes your jive? Make sure to show some love to these honorable glass water pipes!

Mid-Sized Water Pipes

Taking on the connoisseur term here, mid-sized water pipes are great for bud tokers who have been in the glass game for a minute or for those seeking a traditional smoking experience! Mid-sized water pipes, or medium water pipes, usually come in heights of 10” to 12” have a lot of whistles and bells that make these pieces extremely nice to include in your smoking setup.

If you’re a casual smoker, mid-sized water pipes are the perfect piece to have by your hip! Though they’re typically not small enough to stash away at a given notice, mid-sized water pipes are still a great size to hold comfortably in your lap during a sesh. If you prefer toking outside, inside, or wherever life calls you to, medium sized water pipes are your best bet!

Mid-sized water pipes take small pieces up to the next level by being able to offer more percolation than a standard diffused downstem! From showerhead percolators, to disc percs, all the way to the OG honeycomb percolator, the medium sized water pipe can have it all. By having a percolator as part of your water pipe setup, you can relish in smooth hits that aren’t too harsh on the throat!

Cloud 9 Smoke Co likes to consider mid-sized water pipes the happy medium choice for glass! Though their size is able to pull more smoke than small water pipes, medium sized water pipes have the ability to preserve terpene profiles for scrumptious rips. It may not match the profiles small water pipes can give you, but let’s be real… more smoke with terpene profiles staying at the forefront does sound pretty sweet!

Mid-sized water pipes definitely have their pros of additional percolation and smoke capacity, but here’s the thing- they are a tinsy bit harder to care for. Rest assured, with the right willpower and products to start you on the right path, such as Resinate and Glob Mops, cleaning will be a breeze. However, any bud enthusiast knows that percs can put up a challenge during cleaning day.

Mid-sized Water Pipes Pros and Cons


  • Added percolation
  • Perfect for daily smokers
  • Comfortable size for handling while toking
  • Terpene preservation


  • Not as discrete as small water pipes
  • A little more challenging to clean and care for

Found a happy medium? Get your toke on with our favorite mid-sized water pipes!

Large Water Pipes

Okay, time to talk about the big guns. Seriously, these guys definitely mean business! Large water pipes bring on the heat with their impressive heights ranging from 13” or higher. These water pipes contain features that you wouldn’t see in your average mid-sized water pipes, making them hard to resist!

Large water pipes are grade for smokers who are routine hosts of group seshes or seek the thrill of having a one-man sesh. Let’s be real, if you smoke from a large water pipe routinely, kudos to you! By having a large water pipe at the draw when you’re the host of a sesh, it’s no doubt the homies are going to be seeking you out as a permanent host. Here’s why!

Large water pipes usually feature a larger chamber for insane amounts of smoke. That means hit until your heart’s content! Small drags are literally not a thing that comes with owning a big water pipe, meaning that these pieces will give your lungs a run for their money. However, it does mean bigger hits, which can only mean shorter time ‘til blast off!

Bigger sized water pipes also have the additional benefit of being able to hold more than one percolator. Sometimes you’ll see large water pipes containing stacked tree percs, triple honey percs, or mix-matched percs to have your throat in optimal condition after a hit! A brief heads up though, there is such a thing as too many percolators. When too many percs are at play, you may experience choppy hits!

These water pipes tend to be a bit of a headache to clean. Though Resinate and Glob Mops are our saving grace, having a large surface area could mean that you’re using more cleaning products than you’ve bargained for. Let’s be real, that can add up QUICK!

Large Water Pipe Pros and Cons:


  • Great for hosting group seshes
  • More smoke, more draw, less time to the ‘blast off’ zone!
  • Additional percolation, can have stacked percolators


  • Too many percs = choppy hits
  • Harder to clean
  • Could use more cleaning product than you’ve bargained for

Feelin’ super-sized? Make these large water pipes man your smoke sesh frontlines!

Water Pipes Sizes - The Verdict

Now that you’ve gotten the complete scoop on all things ‘water pipe size,’ you can definitely say one size does not fit all! While that’s totally okay, it’s great to know which water pipe size is perfect for you. For example, if you’re all about the terpenes you know small water pipes are your go-to; if traditional water pipe experiences are what you’re about (or if you live by ‘stay medicated’) mid-sized water pipes are perfect; if you’re seriously about the game (or if you’re a super good sesh host) take the reins on large water pipes!

Remember, having a glass water pipe is about the experience! Making the experience special to you is all about being a smoker. With the knowledge you have now, it’s no doubt you’ll have the perfect sized water pipe in your collection in no time! 

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