What's the Difference Between Beaker Water Pipes and Straight Tube Water Pipes?

Posted by Jamie Pope on May 04, 2021

What's the Difference Between Beaker Water Pipes and Straight Tube Water Pipes?

Beaker vs Straight Tube Water Pipes - Which Style is Right for You?

With the vast amount of water pipes for us to choose from online, or in heady shops, it’s no wonder why there’s debate on which style of water pipe is perfect for us! What makes even for a stronger debate is the superiority of beaker water pipes vs straight tube water pipes. These iconic, traditional styles of water pipes have been around for decades, yet so many people are raving about which style is best to choose from. While there’s no reigning supreme, these two styles of water pipes accommodate certain smoking preferences!

If you’ve ever wondered about how these styles of water pipes compare to one another, wonder no more! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has done the work of comparing beaker water pipes vs straight tube water pipes, so you can decide which water pipe style is right for you.

Beaker Water Pipes

Beaker water pipes have a flask-shaped base that allows for this style of water pipe to provide optimal stability to prevent accidents such as spills and breaks. Beaker water pipes are best if you’re a bit clumsy, have a four-legged friend, or if you get a little too hype when the pizza arrives at the door! The wide base of beaker water pipes allow for a larger volume of water to be contained in the water pipe, as well as more smoke. Regardless of what size beaker water pipe you’re smoking from, these water pipes guarantee big rips and hits! Beaker water pipes are often known for having an ice pinch for you to pack and load ice for cool, refreshing hits. The more ice and water your smoke has to come into contact with, the better your rips will be! Though beaker water pipes have a lot of power in their function, they do require a lot of effort when it comes time to clearing a beaker water pipe. If you’re looking for a water pipe that’s easier to hit and clear, straight tube water pipes may become your top choice!

Here are some of Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s favorite glass beaker water pipes!

MOB Glass Reinforced Double Tree Beaker

  • MOB Glass Reinforced Double Tree Beaker ($179.99)
    • The MOB Reinforced Double Tree Beaker is crafted from quality borosilicate glass and features a beaker base to keep this piece standing with confidence and stability! The Double Tree Beaker is equipped with a removable diffused downstem that works in alliance with its impressive double tree percolators.

Gambino Studios Matrix Perc Beaker

  • Gambino Studios Matrix Perc Beaker ($119.99)
    • Equipped with a robust matrix percolator, you will be able to filter your smoke for buttery smooth hits with the Gambino Studios Matrix Perc Beaker. The triple pinch ice catch in the center of the neck will give you those super cool hits you've been seeking.

Straight Tube Water Pipes

Straight tube water pipes, also known as straight shooters, are water pipes made with a narrow, cylindrical shape and take on minimalistic designs. Though their base may be smaller than beaker water pipes, straight tubes are often loaded with percolators, ice catchers, and multiple chambers. With these additional features, it definitely seems like the variety of straight tube water pipes you’ll find will be a lot greater than beaker water pipes! Since their base size is more narrow than beaker water pipes, you’ll be able to pull and clear straight tube water pipes with ease. Straight tubes also allow for more control over the sizes of hits you take, because their narrow bodies fill with smoke faster than beaker water pipes. You’ll be able to have a better idea of when it’s time to pull out your slide to take the final inhale! In comparison to beaker water pipes, straight tubes are often a bit more fragile and prone to tipping over. The inclusion of wide, rimmed bases give straight tubes more stability, but we wouldn’t suggest leaving a straight tube water pipe around any clumsy friends or family pets!

Get down to the straight tube grind with Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s favorite straight tube water pipes!

Gambino Double Rocket Straight Tube

  • Gambino Double Rocket Water Pipe ($119.99)
    • What makes the Gambino Double Rocket a powerful straight tube water pipe is its percolation features! The Double Rocket is equipped with two 6-arm tree percolators and a splash guard at the top of the water pipe’s neck. Talk about milky, smooth hits!

         MOB Signature Straight Tube Large

  • MOB Signature Straight Tube Large ($159.99)
    • This straight tube water pipe features a 45-degree joint piece paired with a removable diffused downstem. This Signature Straight Tube Large water pipe is equipped with ground joints on its 14mm male slide and removable downstem for snug fits and smooth rips!

So, Which Style of Water Pipe is Best?

When choosing between a straight tube water pipe and a beaker water pipe, there are many things you have to consider! Are you looking for a durable, sturdy water pipe? Are you looking for a water pipe that’s easy to hit and clear? Your answers to these questions will give you an idea of which water pipe style is perfect for you.

Remember, beaker water pipes feature a wide base for additional stability. The flask-shaped base of a beaker water pipe allows for a wide volume of water to diffuse and filtrate your smoke. Beaker water pipes do require more effort to hit and clear the water pipe, so if you’re looking for a water pipe that’s easier to hit and clear, straight tube water pipes are your go-to!

Straight tube water pipes have a narrow, sleek body that’s easy to it and clear. Straight tube water pipes also have the ability to contain more than one percolator, multiple chambers, and other features to provide the best smoking experience possible! Though they’re easier to smoke from, straight tube water pipes are a bit more delicate than beaker water pipes, and they shouldn’t be left alone with any four-legged friends or clumsy homies.

Ultimately, the decision lies in your hands! Now that you know the difference between straight tube water pipes and beaker water pipes, you can find the water pipe made to be yours. Happy toking! 

Secured the best water pipe for you? Here's Cloud 9 Smoke Co's guide on how to clean your water pipe like a pro!

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