Where to Buy the Best Water Pipes Online

Posted by Jamie Pope on Apr 27, 2021

Where to Buy the Best Water Pipes Online

Where Can I Buy Water Pipes Online?

When it’s time to buy your first water pipe, or add more water pipes to your glass collection, it’s always great to have an idea of where, and who, to purchase water pipes from online! Nowadays it seems like we can get just about anything from online websites such as Amazon. While all of us at Cloud 9 Smoke Co are die hard Amazon fans, we heavily encourage that you don’t use typical online retailers to purchase water pipes and smoking products from.

It’s also hard to decipher which online smoke shops have quality water pipes to buy from, at the right price, so on and so forth. It’s a headache, right? That’s why Cloud 9 Smoke Co has come to save the day with the best place to buy water pipes from the world wide web!

Where to Buy Water Pipes from Online

It goes without question that Cloud 9 Smoke Co is the place to be for all things water pipe! If you’re not local to one of our 30 metro-Atlanta locations, no sweat. We have all of our best glass and silicone water pipes for sale on our website!

Cloud 9 Smoke Co has been in the smoke industry for 10 years, and we have learned so much about the market and our niche. That is why we take pride in being the best online store to buy water pipes from!

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co, we have a team of experts who immerse themselves in the culture of smoke. Our slogan is after all, “Made for smokers, by smokers!” By being so involved in the smoke and 420 culture, we have a keen eye on what our niche is looking for out of water pipes. After knowing what’s ‘hot’, or trending, we find the highest quality glass water pipes for our online collection!

All of Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s glass water pipes are made from borosilicate glass, which is an industry preference due to its nature of being able to withstand high temperatures and humble accidents. Additionally, our products have unique designs and color schemes to give you the chance to personalize your smoke experience!

Our team of experts doesn’t end with product selection. In fact, we make sure that our team is full of knowledgeable and enthusiastic people ready to make your online experience a one of a kind! After you’ve purchased online from Cloud 9 Smoke Co, our shipment team takes extra care in wrapping your water pipe in a discrete, secure fashion with FREE SHIPPING. On average, you can expect an order from Cloud 9 Smoke Co to arrive within 2-3 business days, which is super fast for our industry.

In the event that something happens to your products, we have customer service agents on the fly ready to assist you to our best ability! Whether you’re having trouble selecting the perfect product, tracking your product in the mail, or if you need to make adjustments to your order, we have the best staff ready to assist you Monday through Friday.

Last, but certainly not least, Cloud 9 Smoke Co is all about the deals. We want to make sure that you receive the best water pipes, at the fastest time, with the lowest prices! In this day and age, we understand that the luxury of owning glass can cost a pretty penny. That’s why we curate special deals in celebration of upcoming holidays, or even for the sake of helping our homies out! It’s without a doubt you’ll find great water pipes on sale with every visit to the Cloud 9 Smoke Co website.

What Kind of Water Pipes Can I Buy from Cloud 9 Smoke Co?

When we say our water pipe selection at Cloud 9 Smoke Co is no joke, we mean it! We make sure to keep a full inventory of glass and silicone water pipes for the Cloud 9 Gang to enjoy 24/7. Some of our popular brands include MOB Glass, Gambino Studios, MAV, AFM, and Paradise Silicone. If you’re unsure of which brand to choose from first, don’t worry. We have our favorite products lined up to guide you to the best water pipe to purchase online!

MOB Glass

MOB Glass is notorious for keeping the latest and greatest water pipes in stock year-round! Curated by glass artists worldwide, MOB Glass has the best selection of high end glass water pipes online. From beakers, to straight tubes, all the way to dual-arm recyclers, MOB Glass has the glass game on lockdown!

Our favorite MOB Glass pieces

  • MOB Signature Straight Tube Large
    • The Signature Straight Tube Large is a hefty straight tube water pipe crafted from borosilicate glass and is furnished with a wide rimmed base for additional stability and durability! This straight tube water pipe features a 45-degree joint piece paired with a removable diffused downstem. This Signature Straight Tube Large water pipe is equipped with ground joints on its 14mm male slide and removable downstem for snug fits and smooth rips!

MOB Signature Straight Tube Large

  • MOB Glass Perc 8 Water Pipe
    • The MOB Glass Perc 8 stays true to its quality with its durable borosilicate glass craftsmanship. Its sleek tubed architecture and elevated rimmed base makes this a lavish, study product to have in your collection. The Perc 8 features a bent neck accompanied with a flared mouthpiece to allow optimal suction, keeping your hits consistent with the amount of effort you put into your rips!
    • MOB Perc 8
  • MOB Glass Perc 20
    • The MOB Perc 20 is a double percolated water pipe equipped with a wide rimmed base and sleek tubing made from durable borosilicate glass. The Perc 20 is furnished with a Dewar’s joint paired with a fixed double tree percolator. This water pipe’s percolation system separates this piece from its contenders with its impressive double stacked, 10 arm tree percolation system!
    • MOB Perc 20

Gambino Studios

If you’re all about posh style and amazing water pipe functionality, Gambino Studios has a luxurious selection of water pipes to buy online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! Gambino Studios’ specialty is taking traditional, and sometimes boring, water pipes and designing them into luxe pieces. Seriously, this glass brand is all about looking like a million bucks!

Our Top-Choice Gambino Studios Water Pipes

  • Gambino Kuzel Water Pipe
    • The Gambino Kuzel is a cone-based water pipe paired with a wide rimmed base to deliver outstanding hits straight to the dome. With its frosted designs and mystic finish, the Kuzel Water Pipe is dressed to the 9’s. The Kuzel Water Pipe is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, it also has unmatched functionality. Its fixed downstem is furnished with a showerhead percolator that will symmetrically diffuse your smoke’s trajectory to give you effortless hits, every time.
    • Gambino Kuzel Water Pipe
  • Gambino Straight Anchor Water Pipe
    • The Straight Anchor is a sight to see with its iridescent coating and gold accents on the rims of the base and mouthpiece. This straight tube water pipe is absolutely phenomenal to look at! Furnished with a removable diffused downstem, the Straight Anchor savors the tastes of terpenes and smoothens your hits to a fine-wine consistency.
    • Gambino Straight Anchor Water Pipe
  • Gambino Studios 10” Beaker Water Pipe
    • The 10-inch Gold Beaker Water Pipe's height is perfect for anyone inspired to keep traditional water pipe experiences in their radar, but adding elements of quality and design that makes a piece not so ordinary. The Gold Beaker’s neck is garnished with a gold finish and bubble rimmed black mouthpiece that will make any jaw drop from miles away.
    • Gambino Studios 10" Beaker Water Pipe


Made in sunny California are some of the best water pipes in the industry! When smoking from a MAV water pipe, you can expect smooth, out of this world hits. Water pipes from MAV are handcrafted with excellence and with tokers in mind! Buying a MAV water pipe online is a guaranteed ‘no dud’ experience.

MAV Glass Faves

  • MAV Double UFO Straight Tube
    • This 9mm thick borosilicate glass straight tube water pipe towers at nearly two-feet tall and features a double UFO perc, giving you fantastic filtration and ample volume for a smoother, cooler hit. The 9mm thick glass provides you with a super dense construction, making it more durable and harder to break.
    • MAV Double UFO Straight Tube
  • MAV Glass Mini Pyramid Coil Beaker
    • Produced by the California Company, MAV Glass, this 10-inch glass beaker water pipe packs a cool punch with a unique, detachable coil for freezing. High-melting-point glycerin inside the coil stays frozen for significantly longer than water, providing an extended session of smooth, cool smoke. The slitted pyramid percolator housed inside the beaker adds optimal diffusion with every hit.
    • MAV Glass Mini Pyramid Coil Beaker
  • MAV Glass Small Slitted Inline
    • Manufactured by the California Company, MAV Glass, this 10.75-inch glass water pipe is fashioned in a peashooter style for lightweight convenience. The slitted inline percolator housed inside the base adds the perfect diffusion to every hit.
    • MAV Glass Small Slitted Inline


The masters at AFM, Alien Flower Monkey, handcraft water pipes made to send you into orbit! When buying an AFM water pipe online, you can expect to receive a piece with symmetry and high end functionality. The aliens at AFM are filled with glass expertise to create out of this world glass water pipes!

Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s Top 3 AFM Water Pipes

  • AFM 12” Full Color Beaker
    • The AFM 12” Full Color Beaker Water Pipe has all the quintessential aspects of a traditional beaker but includes additional flair of gorgeous colored glass. Created by the glassblowing masterminds at Alien Flower Monkey, this heavy-duty beaker is crafted from dense borosilicate glass that adds fuel to the fire in providing a strong smoking experience!
    • AFM 12" Full Color Beaker
  • AFM 18” UFO Perc
    • Made from the glassblowing virtuosos at Alien Flower Monkey, this heavy duty borosilicate glass water pipe features a traditional beaker base and is loaded with elements that provide smooth, silky, raw hits. Inside the central chamber of the UFO Perc Water Pipe is the innovative UFO percolator dome that will filter and diffuse your smoke with perfect radial symmetry resulting in buttery smooth, cool hits!
    • AFM 18" UFO Perc
  • AFM Inline Banger Hanger
    • This can-style water pipe features sleek tubing crafted from borosilicate glass that is optimal for both herb and concentrates. The Banger Hanger is equipped with a 14mm female stem-line joint and a gridded in-line perc to smoothen out the course of all your hits. Its portable size of 7” is perfect for all inter-galactical travels and adventures!
      • AFM Inline Banger Hanger

Paradise Silicone

If durability is what you’re seeking in a water pipe to buy online, seek no further! Paradise Silicone water pipes are made from food-grade, non-toxic silicone and are 100% washable. These silicone water pipes are without a doubt the safest, durable water pipes to purchase online!

Our Paradise Silicone Top Choices

  • Paradise Silicone Peak Pipe
    • The Peak Water Pipe is an incredible water pipe to add to your collection with its ability to be taken apart for smooth cleaning along with its functional features you don’t want to miss out on. This water pipe features a silicone body with an encapsulated glass vessel to give you the perfect window to maintain your water levels, keep a watchful eye on your massive rips, and give you an idea of when it’s time to roll up those sleeves and get down to cleaning.
    • Paradise Silicone Peak Pipe
  • Paradise Silicone Hourglass Water Pipe
    • What you see is not always what you get. With the Paradise Silicone Hourglass Water Pipe, you get much more. Not only is this water pipe unbreakable with the food grade silicone structure, the Hourglass Water Pipe comes packed with awesome features. Inside the piece is a honey comb percolator which ultimately gives you a smoother hit by diffusing the smoke and cooling it as it makes contact with the water.
    • Paradise Silicone Hourglass Water Pipe
  • Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Perc Beaker
    • The Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Perc Beaker is here to make all your smoking experiences sweeter than honey. The Silicone Honeycomb is made from food grade silicone which is BPA free and nontoxic. Featuring a glass window, you can see this silicone beaker’s showerhead perc getting down to the grind!
      • Paradise Silicone Honeycomb Perc Beaker

Join the Cloud 9 Gang!

By choosing Cloud 9 Smoke Co as your one-stop smoke shop to purchase water pipes from online, you can trust that you’ll be smoking from water pipes that have been handled with care and crafted from smoking connoisseurs! Cloud 9 Smoke Co has a team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff ready to assist you in the online ordering and shipping process.

Cloud 9 Smoke Co is all about selling water pipes at affordable prices, so you can always expect to have high quality water pipes to buy online at a budget-friendly cost! Whether we’re celebrating a holiday, or just for the sake of helping the homies, Cloud 9 Smoke Co has got your back.

Cloud 9 Smoke Co offers a variety of brands to purchase the perfect water pipe online! However, our top brands MOB Glass, Gambino Studios, MAV Glass, AFM, and Paradise Silicone.

What’re you waiting for? Join the Cloud 9 Gang!

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