Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

Posted by Jamie Pope on Jun 21, 2021

Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

What’s up Cloud 9 Fam! If you’ve ever smoked from a hookah before, you know that water plays a key role in providing smoke that’s dense, flavorful, and smooth upon inhale. Though you know that water is essential, have you ever wondered why a hookah needs water?

If that question has been heavy on your mental, don’t sweat it. Cloud 9 Smoke Co is going to teach you all you need to know about why a hookah does need water!

Let’s boogie in.

Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

What Does the Water Inside of a Hookah Do?

Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

When you’re with the homies and you’re prepping for a hookah session, one of the first steps you’ll take is filling the base of your hookah with water. After you’ve filled your hookah with water, and all other preparations have been completed, you’ll notice that when you pull from a hookah during a sesh, the water inside the base will bubble.

It only makes sense, right? You’re pulling air through the base of your hookah, and in turn, the air is creating bubbles inside of your hookah. Why does this happen? Do the bubbles inside your hookah do anything?

As you’re sucking air through the hose of your hookah, the bubbles and water in your hookah are working to cool, diffuse, and filter the smoke inside the base. The constant speed and contact your smoke has with air and water allows the smoke to lower in temperature and smoothen out in consistency, meaning that your throat and lungs will remain in good condition during a hookah session.

Imagine if your hookah didn’t have water inside of it. You’ve packed a bowl full of shisha, loaded up hot charcoal, and dry pull from the hookah without the aid of water in the process. More than likely, you’re going to experience a hit that’s extremely hot, harsh, and rather unpleasant. You’d be coughing up a lung, feeling as if your throat is on fire, and feeling as if you’ve inhaled chimney smoke opposed to the dense, flavorful, smooth smoke you’re used to.

Believe it or not, the water works to also moisturize the smoke to allow you to enjoy a hit that’s milky, dense, and thunderous upon exhale!

Why is the Water of Hookahs Beneficial?

Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

Besides providing you with amazing hits, the water inside your hookah base has a pretty significant job to do! As your smoke is percolating through the stem and base of your hookah, the aeration and filtration process allows for your smoke to be reduced in the amount of byproducts your respiratory system is exposed to.

Sure, there’s no such thing as a healthy hookah session, because after all you are smoking tobacco leaves. However, the idea that you’ll be able to enjoy hits that will reduce your exposure to some byproducts can allow you to smoke comfortably during a hookah sesh.

Think about what the base of your hookah looks like after a session. Do you see a difference in the color of the water? Do you see remnants of pieces of ash and tar inside the water?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, know that the reason why the water changes in quality is due to the fact that the water has worked to filter out some of the harsh chemicals and tar!

Do I Really Need Water Inside of My Hookah?

Why Does a Hookah Need Water?

To simply answer this question, yes! You do need water inside of your hookah. Without water inside of your hookah, you’ll be left with hookah sessions that are not up to par and may leave you never wanting to use a hookah again. Think about inhaling super hot, dense smoke. It doesn’t sound appealing, right?

You’re exactly right! Water is the quintessential part of a hookah sesh because it allows us to enjoy dense, cool, flavorful clouds of smoke without feeling like we need to go to the emergency room after a hit. Believe us when we say that water is crucial to smoking from a hookah, and we highly recommend never trying smoking from a hookah without water inside the base!

Also consider how the water inside of your hookah base works to reduce the amount of harmful byproducts you’re exposed to during a session. Without water, you would have 100% exposure to every byproduct contained inside of the smoke. To us, it sounds like a lot of future doctor’s visits and unpleasant news. Nobody wants that! We want to be able to enjoy our extracurricular activities comfortably, and you can do that with water inside of your hookah’s base.

Why Does a Hookah Need Water? Now You Know!

Now that you have an understanding of what water does inside of your hookah base during a session, it definitely seems like a “no-brainer” to continue incorporating water into every hookah sesh! In case you forgot, we’ve got you covered with a quick recap of why a hookah does need water.

  • Hookahs need water because water works to cool and diffuse your smoke so you can smoke from a hookah comfortably.
    • Without having water to cool and diffuse your smoke, you’d be left with extremely hot and harsh hits that may make you feel like you need to go to the hospital ASAP.
  • Hookahs need water because water filters your smoke to reduce the amount of byproducts you’re exposed to during a session.
    • Think of routine doctor’s appointments, follow ups, and a lot of uncomfortable sensations you’d experience without water filtering out your smoke. No one wants that!

It’s safe to say that water inside of your hookah base is the key part of your hookah session that provides cool, filtered smoke for you to enjoy your hookah comfortably and safely. Without water, there would be no reason to have a hookah in the first place. Ya feel?

Always remember to keep your hookah’s base filled with water, smoke responsibly, and have fun during a session! If you ever need any hookah help or guidance, hit up our LiveChat. We have enthusiastic experts ready to help you along your hookah journey!

Happy Toking! 

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