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Five Reasons Why the Suorin Air is the Best Vape Ever Made

Posted on March 29 2019

Five Reasons Why the Suorin Air is the Best Vape Ever Made

Chroma here. I have been vaping for almost a decade now, and I've witnessed many, many changes to the vaping industry and the devices that are readily available. From mechanical mods where I built my own coils, to three-battery mods, to salt nic devices, I have tested most everything at least once, but I have yet to find a device that I personally like as much as the Suorin Air. Here are five big reasons why I think they're amazing.


1. The Suorin Air is outrageously durable.

I have never, ever seen a vaporizer take as much abuse as a Suorin Air and be totally fine. Drop it getting out of the car? No problem whatsoever. Throw it across a parking lot? Sure, this device can withstand that. Try to bend this thing in half and you will have a very hard time. On the other hand, take your typical sub-ohm vaporizer and tank setup. Drop that device one time from waist-level and the tank will surely break, at the minimum. More often than not, one drop is all it takes to bend the threading on a mod and ruin it. If you know of a more durable vape than the Suorin Air, PLEASE let me know about it.


2. The device is extremely compact.

By a measurement of volume, a Zippo lighter is larger than a Suorin Air. The Air is far smaller than a credit card (lengthwise and in height) and as thick as four credit cards stacked together. This means that the entire device can easily fit into a wallet or into your lighter pocket on your jeans. The Smok Alien mod - not including the tank - is more than five times that size.


3. Salt nicotine juice lasts much longer than sub-ohm juice, making vaping extremely affordable.

How quickly do you go through a bottle of sub-ohm juice? At the most, a 60ml bottle (costing on average $20, and often I've paid more) will last me a few days. If it's my favorite flavor and I'm vaping all day long, I can blow through a bottle in a single 24-hour period. On the other hand, I fill up my Suorin Air pod once a day at the most. That's 3ml a day, making a 30ml salt nic bottle last almost two weeks - for a constant vaporizer user. Granted, yes, you will go through another pod or two in that time period, but the savings are still significant between the two modes of vaping.


4. Being able to swap cartridges (and flavors) in an instant is awesome.

The Suorin Air uses an easily-removed and replaced cartridge instead of a tank that uses replaceable coils. The cartridges offer two great advantages. First of all, filling a new cartridge and inserting it into the device is far easier than disassembling a tank and replacing the coil. Secondly, the easily-removed cartridges allow for a user to swap in another cartridge with a different flavor in the blink of an eye. This is extremely useful if you have a bunch of great flavors and can't decide which one to vape.


5. It's an auto-draw device with a dedicated on/off switch.

First of all, not having to push a button to inhale is wonderful. This may seem like a minor thing, but from a mere tactile response standpoint, it's much more similar to a cigarette and far easier to use. Secondly, that on/off switch (which is very unusual on an auto-draw device) is extremely useful: the instant that you notice your pod is low and you don't have your juice with you, just hit that switch and you will be prevented from accidentally burning out your pod. This switch is also very useful if you find yourself reaching for your vape instinctively in an area where vaping is not allowed, or in any scenario where you want to limit your vaping.


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