Juice Review - Caked, from Top Shelf

Juice Review - Caked, from Top Shelf

This fantastic flavor from Top Shelf E-Liquids has touched down at Cloud 9! This is a delicious dessert type flavor that any fan of sweet and savory will love.

When first viewing the bottle Caked comes in, the giant cream-filled Twinkie on the front will catch your eye. Similarly, when vaping, the first thing that comes to one's mind is definitely that same delicious, individually-wrapped treat that we all loved as children (or still love as adults, whatever floats your boat). After that initial inhalation, you'll find a tiny bit of a more flavorful icing present, and upon exhale, this develops further. Best way to define this flavor profile is a warm Twinkie, the cream-filling, as well as an icing on top.


Right off the bat, flavor is delicious and potent, and after several tanks, I find that the flavor is still extremely articulate, so this is not a juice that will wear out your taste buds any time soon. This juice is a Max VG, so it will produce great clouds alongside the great flavor.


This juice is tasty in any device, but I find that with a great flavor tank, these subtle flavors of the cake and cream filling become much more noticeable. In my Wismec Gnome tank, flavor is very sweet, full-bodied, and well composed. In an RDA, this level of flavor will skyrocket. I find Caked to be a great example of juice that is naturally tasty, but with the right tank, it's phenomenal.


All in all, I found Caked to be a very delicious and well-defined juice that is a good bit different from the usual caky flavors that I have seen. The notes of cream and icing with the pound cake is what makes it so much more interesting. I definitely recommend giving this juice a try if you're into vaping desserts!

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