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Product Review - Skunk Bags Sidekick Smell-Proof Case

Posted on September 17 2018

Product Review - Skunk Bags Sidekick Smell-Proof Case

SKUNK makes some amazing products for the smoker on the go. All of their cases not only look classy as hell, but have activated carbon filter systems built-in. Let's take a closer look at one of their new products, the Sidekick Case.



The Sidekick is the perfect size for your average hand pipe and accessories, measuring in at 8" by 4" by 3". The first thing you will notice once you pick up this case is how well-constructed it is. Only the best materials have been used in these bags, and I'm sure that will be reflected in the life of the case.


There is a combination lock on the front that your zipper pulls will lock into. This is an amazing feature for so many situations: whether it be your roommates stealing a puff of your stuff, or some younger ones in the house, you will certainly find a use for locking up your pipe.


Now let's go over the insane amount of storage present in this little bag... There is a large mesh pocket on the lid of the case, as well as another large mesh pocket on the interior of the lid, and a smaller mesh pocket on the back of the inside compartment. This interior is split into two levels: the top has that mesh pocket, and below that is a second lid with two neoprene sleeves sewn in (good for one-hitters). Under that second lid is the padded pipe compartment, complete with two removable and adjustable padded dividers.


This entire bag has activated carbon filtration built-in! How does this work? The particles that cause unwanted odors are trapped in the carbon, preventing them from being released into your environment. When you get home from your trip, simply work the odors out with heat by either tumbling the back in the dryer on low, or drying it out with a hairdryer on high. Either method works well, but it is important to regularly clean out the carbon this way, thus ensuring the maximum smell protection from your amazing Skunk Bag.


All in all, I was super impressed with this bag. I think it is the perfect size for a spoon, grinder, and accessories, and that activated carbon is a very nice feature.

Furthermore, I LOVE the insane number of pockets in this bag. Every human being loves pockets, and we can always find a use for all of them, and the combination lock is perfect for people with roommates of all ages. I think that this bag is a great solution for traveling, and Cloud 9 has an amazing price on it!


All of SKUNK's products are phenomenal, and we carry a huge variety of them! Check out our selection of SKUNK Bags online now, and score yourself one of the best soft cases in the pipe world.




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