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Salt 100: Pods Perfected

Posted on February 14 2019

Salt 100: Pods Perfected

Salt 100 is one of the best brands of JUUL-compatible pods that we carry. They've certainly been our favorite at the shop lately! Salt 100 makes several amazing flavors of pods, as well as a fantastic device that you need to check out.

Salt Device

The Salt Device is amazing! It's the same form factor as the JUUL and takes the same pods, but it has a built-in micro USB port for easy charging. No more proprietary charger! In addition, it comes in four sick colors, including a glossy red. Cool!


Sour Rainbow

This flavor is unique in the pod world. It's kind of like Sour Skittles, but with more flavor!

Maui Mango

Everyone loves mango pods, and Maui Mango is an excellent flavor for all fruit lovers. Full-bodied and flavorful, Salt 100 delivers!

Mega Mint

Mega Mint is Salt 100's primary mint flavor. It's a straight mint leaf pod that will leave your mouth feeling fresh.

Pack a Punch

This flavor is the best fruit punch pod we've ever tried. Tastes just like Hawaiian Punch! It's crazy!

Grape Ape

Grape Ape is one out of this world flavor! It's a potent grape with a hint of ice, resulting in a cool, minty, grape flavor that we know that you're going to love.

Georgia Peach

This peach pod is potent and so fruity! Every Southern boy and girl loves peaches (and most everyone else, too) so try a pack of Georgia Peach today!


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