Salt Nic Vaping

Salt Nic Vaping

I have been using a variety of mods for about seven years now. I have always enjoyed vaping, and it's been very interesting to see how the new industry has developed so rapidly. We have seen a LOT of improvements to vapes over the years, but the trend has - for the most part - usually been about the bigger, badder, more powerful device, that blows the biggest clouds. Not all those who want to enjoy nicotine through a vaporizer need nor want such a large cloud, and for those consumers, the salt nicotine device is perfect.


My first experience with a salt nic device was the JUUL by Ploom. The JUUL is a fantastic example of great product design. That flashdrive-like form really is nice and compact; it's very professional looking, unlike a large, flashy mod. The pre-filled pod system combined with an automatic draw makes the JUUL an incredibly easy to use device. Smoke-wise, yes, it is a much smaller cloud. Does that make it an unsatisfying vape? Not at all. The amount of nicotine present is much higher (50mg) so that smaller cloud will still satisfy, and actually feel more like a cigarette. There are a more limited number of choices for flavors compared to the limitless juice world, yes, but I believe everyone can find a few flavors that they really like. These pods are pre-filled, so all you have to do is insert it into the device and pull on it to vape. It's that easy. And when you're done, just toss the used pod and pop in a new one.


The next device I tested was the Suorin Drop. This is another beautifully designed device: as the name suggests, its form resembles a raindrop. The device is very well-made. It has serious weight to it, a great matte finish, and no buttons or protrusions besides the logo (which actually is not a button). The Suorin Drop (like the Suorin Air) also uses pods, but these you buy separately and fill yourself. Slightly more work, yes, but if you've used any sort of vaporizer before this, I definitely feel confident that you can load one of these pods. The huge benefit of this is that you can load these pods with ANY juice that you want. Most people will need a salt nic (50mg) juice to feel a similar hit to their current setup, but like I said, you can use any juice. 24mg, 12mg, 3mg, and even no nicotine if you so desire. This is a big, big advantage to someone who likes a lot of variety. These pods last about 5 - 8 refills before needing replacement, and battery lasts about 8 hours.


I really enjoyed using both the JUUL and the Drop. I have to say, I was a bit surprised at how much so. The JUUL is the easiest to use vape on the market, hands down. The Suorin Drop and Air offer great options, without sacrificing quality. I personally preferred the Drop, because I like the greater number of options for flavor, but both are great for several reasons. First, they are very, very compact, and still very satisfying. This means it can fit in your pocket, no problem. Second, they're much less expensive than high-quality mods and tanks. I would recommend a salt nic vape not just to any current vaper, but to anyone I know who uses nicotine.
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