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The Best Way to Clean Your Glass

Posted on February 08 2019

The Best Way to Clean Your Glass

Keeping your glass clean is essential. A clean pipe just smokes better than a dirty one! Clean glass is crucial for perfect flavor, and when your pipe stays dirty for too long, it can become irreparably stained. Thus, we recommend cleaning regularly with this technique.

Blue Resinate & Dawn Dish Soap

1. Rinse the pipe well with hot water to remove the largest parts of build up. Empty the pipe completely of water.

2. Pour some Blue Resinate into a glass measuring cup and then microwave this glass for about 30 seconds - just until the solution starts to bubble.

3. Pour this hot Resinate into your pipe and shake well. Watch how rapidly the Resinate removes gunk and tar. Shake until all the gunk has been removed and dump the used Resinate out of the pipe and down the drain.

4. Rinse very well with hot water.

5. Add a couple drops of Dawn dish soap to the inside of the pipe and then begin to rinse with hot water. This dish soap will add a further degree of sparkle and shine to the clean pipe.

6. Rinse the pipe completely of dish soap - until there are absolutely no soap bubbles left inside.

7. Finally, rinse the pipe very well with a good deal of distilled water, and then fill with distilled water. This specific type of water - distilled - is the only thing you should ever put into your pipe as it has no minerals added and will not cause hard water stains.


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