Toro Diffuser Guide

Toro Diffuser Guide

So you’re in the market for a new Toro, eh? First of all, you have great taste in glass! Toro produces some of the absolute best functioning pipes in existence. However, they have a very wide range of products available, so it might be a little daunting when trying to make your selection. If you’re having trouble figuring out which Toro is right for you, then check out this guide on Toro’s amazing diffusers!

Mac (Macro, Macro XL)

The Mac, or Macro XL, is the most standard of all Toro rigs. The Mac has a very simple diffuser, yet a very pleasing hit. I would describe it as “classic.” In addition, Macs have very, very small volumes, so the resulting flavor will be quite on point. This is a great rig for someone who wants a small “flavor savor.”


Tree Mac

One of the most popular Toro rigs, and for good reason, the Tree Mac has the best of both worlds. You have the classic Mac diffuser on bottom, and a tiny, reinforced, 8-arm tree percolator on top. This delivers a very pleasing and smooth hit, but in a very small and flavorful form.

toro tree mac 8



The Hex is an extremely chuggy diffuser that preserves flavor very well. This long, rectangular diffuser with slits on both sides is reinforced to the very bottom of the can, so it will pass smoke through the most amount of water as well as be very sturdy in design. The Hex also spreads the bubbles out over a wide area, which adds to that great chug. Finally, you can use quite a wide variety of water levels with these pipes, allowing you to dial in exactly the right hit that you want. This is my personal favorite of the Toro rigs.

toro hex macro xl


Upwards Jet & Jet Ball

The Jet is an immaculately crafted diffuser, with an upwards-facing series of laser cut holes on top of that puck in the center. This diffuser blasts your bubbles directly up. The jet has a tight pull, full of substance and flavor. The bubbles will “jet” upwards into the spherical ball splash guard (which prevents any water from splashing into your mouth). The Jet might be the most flavorful of all Toros.

toro jet ball upwards jet diffuser



If you are all about maximum diffusion and a very smooth hit, go for the Froth. This wide and low diffuser has tons of saw-cut slits for breaking up your smoke into as many bubbles as possible. These plentiful bubbles will travel up the narrow wall space in the can between the exterior walls and the walls of this diffuser, resulting in a very attractive function. Can you say "stacking bubbles?"

toro froth orange macro xl


Macro 7-13

The Macro 7-13 Arm is the rig version of the Full-Size 7-13 Arm Toro. Condensed from 18” to about 8”, it has smaller versions of the tree percolator set up that made Toro so famous. This rig will have TONS of substance, more than just chug. Furthermore, the two tree percolators will make the hit very smooth without great loss of flavor. This is a winner for sure!


Full Size 7-13

Toro’s premier full-size tube, the original 7-13 Arm, is our top choice for a flower tube anywhere. The two tree diffusers, one with 7 arms and one with 13 arms, are reinforced to the bottom of the can for optimum durability. These amazing diffusers will break bubbles up into a very substantial, chuggy, and flavorful hit, and the amount of airflow present (thanks 18mm joint!) will allow this tube to clear almost instantaneously (something very, very important in a tube). You really can’t get much better than a Toro 7-13...

I hope that helped! Now that you're ready to make a selection, check out our vast Toro inventory!

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David Belcazar - December 31, 2018

Thanks so much! Just got a mac really helped the buying experience !

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