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Vape Battery Safety

Posted on January 15 2019

Vape Battery Safety

Battery safety is a real thing! With the rising popularity of vaporizers, it seems like everywhere you go, someone in the place is vaping. While they are so widespread and advanced today, it is still essential to know proper battery safety. Follow this guide to properly care for you device and batteries, and prevent possible venting.

Built-In Battery Devices

Batteries with built-in devices, such as the SMOK Mag Mini kit, come with lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries sealed into the case. LiPo batteries are very powerful and efficient, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes for different applications. These are generally disposable, as they cannot be easily replaced in the battery.

  • The best rule of thumb here is to handle your device with care. The protection around these batteries is slim to none, so a good drop can cause serious damage to the battery. If you drop your mod and notice external damage, internal damage is also likely. We recommend placing the device in a sealed metal container and taking it to be recycled immediately. 
  • Always buy authentic! Cloud 9 sells only authentic devices from authorized dealers, so you know you're getting the real deal. A cheap mod might seem like a bargain, but wiring issues could prove it to be a costly mistake.
  • Always use the correct coils! Every mod (and tank) has a limit to what resistance it can run, and has specific coils for its use. Never try to jam a different brand coil into your tank; this is a surefire recipe for disaster. 
  • Store your device safely. Don't leave your mod in direct sunlight or heat, especially not in your car on a hot day. It could heat your device to a dangerous level.
  • Charge correctly. Be sure to use the correct charging cable and brick, and don't overcharge your device. Just leaving it on a charger overnight can really wear out the batteries.


Removable Battery Devices

  • Never use passthrough charging. Always charge your batteries on a separate charger like a Nitecore. This will drastically extend the life of your batteries.
  • Never exceed the amperage of your batteries. Your voltage level (V) divided by your resistance (R) should never exceed your batteries amperage (I). Use a higher resistance for safety.
  • Use a battery case. Never carry loose batteries in your pocket. If they come in contact with each other, or other metal objects, they can fail or even explode.



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