Upgrade or replace the bowl on your hookah with Cloud 9 Smoke Co.'s hookah bowl selection. Our unique hookah bowls are available in many different sizes, shapes, and designs, from popular brands like MOB Hookah and Zahrah, allowing everyone to find the perfect bowl to match their personal taste. Shop Hookah Bowls Below! Hookah Bowls are essential when using a Hookah Pipe. Hookah Bowls or Hookah Heads are containers, usually made out of clay, glass, or silicone, that holds the shisha tobacco and coals during the hookah session. The shisha tobacco is packed into the bowl, the amount that is put in depends on coals and the bowl itself. The bowl is then covered with foil or a heat management device. Hot coals are then placed on top allowing the tobacco to heat up and vaporize into smoke. Shop Hookah Bowls Below!