CBD Hemp Flower

When it comes to CBD Hemp Flower, this product is stealing the show. Not only is it easy to consume, but research also indicated that inhaling CBD hemp flower has a bioavailability rate of up to 50%, which oral ingestion of CBD is only as high at 25%. CBD Hemp Flower is contains high amounts of  rich cannabidiol (CBD) and a trace amount of THC (less than 0.3%). Hemp flower is bursting with terpenes that offer a rich smelling aroma and taste and are known to have an incredible calming effect. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is the best online smoke shop offering premium CBD Hemp Flower blends. Shop our wide array of hemp flowers from leading brands such as TKO, Kingston Approved GasHouse, and Hemp Rolls. Browse our curated collection of only the best, lab tested CBD Hemp Flower on the market.


  • Terp Nation

    TKO CBD Hemp Flower

    A Total Knock Out - Terp Nation TKO CBD Hemp Flower Offering the best dried Hemp Flower, Terp Nation is the leader in the CBD marketplace. Packaged in a distinctive black canister, the TKO CBD Hemp Flower focuses on premium aromatic terpenes. These...

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    GasHouse CBD Smokable Hemp Flower Pluto Blend 3.5-grams Kingston Approved


    GasHouse Pluto Hemp Flower

    Head for another dimension with GasHouse Pluto Smokable Hemp Flower Kingston Approved A cosmic blend of Indica, the GasHouse Pluto Smokable Hemp Flower Kingston Approved, is out of the world. Inside each of the 3.50-gram bags are beautiful, oversized...

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