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  • ORB Disposable Vape Pod Up to 1000 puffs in amazing flavors


    Orb Disposable Vape Pen Single

    A Stroke of Genius! Cloud 9 Smoke Co. Orb Disposable Flavored Vape Pen Don't be fooled by imitations! Check out the Cloud 9 Smoke Co. exclusive -- Orb Disposable Flavored Vape Pen Singles. These  are the best disposable flavored vape pens on the...

  • cloud 9 salt nic vape liquid

    Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 Salt Nic Vape Juice

    ☘️ BUY 2, GET 1 FREE TODAY! ☘️ Cloud 9 Salt Nic Vape Juice Angel's Aurora - Heaven in a bottle is the only way to describe Angel’s Aurora eJuice by Cloud 9. Crafted from the home made flavors of warm baked white cake, fresh strawberry topping,...

  • Beco Bar Group Shop

    Beco Bar Disposable E-Cig 5%

    Beco Bar Disposable E-Cig The Beco Bar the perfect solution for vape enthusiast. This disposable salt nicotine e-cigarette comes in 10 great tasting flavors that are bound to tickle your taste buds. The best part of the Beco Bar Disposable E-Cig is that...

  • stig disposable e-cig lush ice watermelon salt nic pod device


    Stig Disposable E-Cig - Single 6%

    Stig Disposable E-Cig - Single 6% Introducing a cutting edge disposable e-cigarette, all in one, disposable E-Cig called the STIG. It is small, extremely easy to use straight out of the box and can be utilized discreetly by all types of vapers. You...

  • Best Disposable Flavored Vape Pods by Prophet Plus 3.2ml | 50mg salt nic


    Prophet Plus Disposable Vape Pods

    Lick Your Lips Delicious - Prophet Plus Disposable Vape Pods Want delicious flavor and satisfying vape? Look no further! The Prophet Plus Disposable Vape Pod is one of the best single pod devices that deliver oh-so-good flavor with a powerful 550mAh...

  • fruity menthol flavored vape juice 60mL


    Heisenburg Vape Juice 100 mL

    Heisenburg Vape Juice Flavors 100mL Crystal Ice - Crystal eJuice by Heisenberg is flavor in its purest form. Its crystal mint taste is amazing on its own or mix it with your favorite flavor to create your very own unique addictive blend. Rainbow Ice - A...

  • fruit flavored vape juice salt nic

    Blunt Vapor

    Blunt Vapor Salt Nic Vape Juice

    Blunt Vapor Salt Nic Vape Juice Flavors Strawberry - For the flavor purist Strawberry eJuice by Blunt Vapor has bottled the fresh picked from the field flavor of sweet and ripe strawberry for your enjoyment. Mint - For the flavor purist relax and cool...

  • samsung 18650 25r lithium ion battery

    Samsung 25R 18650

    Samsung 25R 18650 Samsung 25R Specs: Model: Samsung 25R / INR18650-25R Size: 18650 Style: Flat Top Protected: No Rechargeable: Yes Nominal Capacity: 2500mAh (0.2C discharge) Min Capacity: 2450mAh Continuous Discharge Rating: 20A Nominal Voltage: 3...

  • Candy Brand Group picture 100 ml bottle

    Candy Brand

    Candy Brand Vape Juice

    Candy Brand Vape Juice Flavors Lucid Gummy - Pick out your favorite movie and grab your Lucid eJuice by Candy Brand. This true to flavor swedish fish inspired recipe is like grabbing a bag of your favorite candy any time of day. Ms. Melon - If you dig...

  • tobacco flavored e juice 60mL

    Legacy of 5

    Legacy of 5 Vape Juice

    Legacy of 5 Vape Juice Rockefeller - Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco Carnegie - Sweet Vanilla Tobacco Rothschild - Apple Tobacco Vanderbilt - Black Cherry Tobacco  Romanov - Smooth Almond Tobacco 

  • BECO XL Flavored Disposable E-Cig in a variety of flavor options.

    Beco Bar

    Beco Bar XL Disposable E-Cig

    More Puffs for Your Buck with the Beco Bar XL Disposable E-Cig A step up from the popular Beco Bar, the sleek stainless steel design of the Beco Bar XL encases a powerful 400 mAh battery and 2 mL of flavorful e-liquid, providing up to 550 puffs with a...

  • smok novo refillable salt nic pod cartridges


    Smok Novo Replacement Pod Cartridges

    Smok Novo Replacement Pod Cartridges Is your e-juice giving off less flavor in your SMOK Novo Device? If so, its time for a replacement. The Smok Novo Replacement Cartridges is an e-juice reservoir and coil all-in-one. Each pod features an integrated 1...

  • fruity menthol flavored vape juice salt nic


    Heisenburg Salt Nic Vape Juice

    Heisenburg Salt Nic Vape Juice Rozay Ice - if you like your reds then you will love Rozay eJuice by Heisenberg. It is bursting with the flavors of strawberry, cherry and raspberry. Sweet, juicy and satisfying Rozay will be your new addiction guaranteed...

  • BVD vape juice for sale online. Online 100mL vape deal


    BVD Vape Juice

    BVD Vape Juice Whether you're a fan of fruity flavors, dessert flavors, or mint flavors, BVD Vape Juice by Drip Forge has you covered. Each BVD flavor comes in a 100ml bottle and are available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine.  BVD Vape Juice...

  • Heady Vape Juice


    Heady Vape Juice

    Heady Vape Juice Betty - Sweet cream, coconut, marshmallow, dragon fruit, custard, whipped cream, strawberry, orange, pear, & vanilla Confetti - Bavarian cream cake batter, marshmallow, strawberry, & sugar cookie ice cream Mehdi - Mix of blood...

  • tasty fruity flavored vape juice 60mL

    Blunt Vapor

    Blunt Vapor Vape Juice

    Blunt Vapor Vape Juice Flavors Blueberry - For the flavor purist Blueberry eJuice by Blunt vapor bottles the sweet and juicy flavor of ripe blueberries. It is like picking them right from the bush. Crème - For the flavor purist Créme eJuice...

  • Heady Salt Nic Vape Juice


    Heady Salt Nic Vape Juice

    Sugar and Spice and Everything in Betweem with Heady Salt Nic Vape Juice Get ready for a taste explosion with our collection of Heady Salt Nic Vape Juice. Perfectly blended, each unique flavor is expertly blended and testing to give you a premium vape...

  • SMOK Novo 2 Vape Kit Salt Nicotine Device Kit


    SMOK Novo 2 Kit

    SMOK Novo 2 Kit The revolutionary SMOK Novo Device just got an upgrade and it is awesome! Introducing the SMOK Novo 2 Vape Kit, the latest innovation of the leading vape brand SMOK. The Novo 2 features the same great design of the original Novo device...

  • 200mg CBD JUUL Compatible Pods


    BluumPod CBD Pod Cartridges

    Take the hassle out of refilling CBD oil with the BluumPod CBD Pod Cartridges. These pods are JUUL compatible and contain 200mg of CBD. Each cartridge is filled with premium e-liquid infused with 200mg of pharmaceutical grade CBD extracted from organic...

  • Nano Disposable pod vape device for salt nicotine juice


    Nano Disposable E-cigs

    Enjoy your salt nicotine without having to buy a device and juice separately with the Nano Disposable Vape. The Nano is a super lightweight, portable, and buttonless vape device. This device features a 1.5ml e-juice capacity and 49mg of nicotine. ...

  • smok nord mesh replacement coils 0.60 ohm


    Smok Nord Replacement Coils

    Smok Nord Replacement Coils Enjoy an all-rounded vape experience with the diverse choices of replacement coils for your SMOK Nord Device. The SMOK Nord Replacement coils come in many different options featuring the 1.4 ohm regular coil, 0.6 ohm mesh...

  • Suorin Air replacement pods


    Suorin Air Replacement Pod Cartridges

    Suorin Air Replacement Pod Cartridges The Suorin Air Replacement Cartridge delivers a sleek fillable pod element with 2mL juice capacity and a resistance rating of 1.2ohm. The atomizer core is integrated into the pod, utilizing a special cotton that is...

  • Pressed Vape Juice 100mL Group Shot


    Pressed Vape Juice

    Pressed Vape Juice Flavors Banana Cream: Dessert is served with this bananas and cream flavor Berry Blast: Blast off with this berry delicious blend of blueberries, raspberries and strawberries! Cucumber Tonic: This strawberry, lemon lime, and...

  • Draw XL Disposable Flavored E-Cig 1500 puff 5.0% Nicotine

    Draw XL Disposable E Cig

    Draw XL Disposable Flavored E-Cig

    Draw XL Disposable Flavored E-Cig | 5.0% Nicotine Get the most out of your vape experience with the Draw XL Disposable Flavored E-Cig. These extra large prefilled e-cigs are perfect for on-the-go vaping and come in a variety of delicious flavors. The...

  • .13 ohm snowwolf wf-m mesh replacement coils for wolf sub ohm tank 5 pack


    SnowWolf WF-M Mesh Replacement Coils

    With an advanced, high-end vape device like the SnowWolf MFENG Kit, regular coil changes are imperative to maintain the device's function. The SnowWold WF-M Mesh Replacement coils are specifically designed for the Wolf Tank and SnowWolf MFENG kit. Made...

  • SMOK Novo 2 Replacement Vape Pods 3 -pack


    SMOK Novo 2 Replacement Vape Pods

    Replacement Made Easy with the SMOK Novo 2 Vape Pods The SMOK brand is widely known for the wide variety of devices. One of the industries most popular pod systems now has a high-performance SMOK Novo 2 Replacement Vape Pods that makes replacing your...

ADDITIONAL INFO: Cloud 9 Vape Shop

We offer an industry-leading selection of vaporizers (electronic cigarettes), vape juices, salt nicotine e-juice, tanks, box mods, and accessories and pride ourselves in only offering 100% authentic products for the lowest price possible.

We cater to every type of vapor and carry everything vaping related such as disposable vape pens, refillable pods, vape starter kits, vv box mods, sub-ohm tanks, mod batteries, mod battery chargers, from name brands such as SMOK, Sigelei, Vaporesso, Suorin, VooPoo and more. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is dedicated to offering a vast array of vape products where you can find the best new arrivals. Affordability and competitive pricing is the hallmark of our online vape shop. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. offers discreet shipping direct from our warehouse. So, whether you're a beginner vaper, or have been vaping for a while, we have in-house vape experts that can help you with your needs. 

Special Cloud 9 Smoke & Vape Co Offer | BUY 2 of any Vape Juice or Salt Nicotine E-Juice | Get 1 FREE!


Your mom said you could be anything you wanted to when you grew up, so you became a steam engine.

Which is totally natural. We don’t discriminate here at Cloud 9 Smoke Co! But what’s a steam engine without its water? Nothing. Your vape experience is more than likely the same without our vape juice at your side!

At Cloud 9 Smoke Co,

We Have the Best Vape Juice of All Time!

Here’s Why:

Our online store consists of popular vape juice brands such as Candy Factory, Heisenburg, and Heady Vape! These well-known brands give you the highest quality vape juices with mouth-watering flavors at the right price.

Not only do we offer only the best brands, but with the flavors that you find you can create the ultimate flavor cocktail of vape juice in your tank! Your original “very berry” could become “very berry mint” with a few drips and mixes of your juice. There are limitless amounts of flavor combinations you could try, and our LiveChat support team could help direct you to popular selections that will leave you fiending for more.

What Kind of Juices Do We Sell?
High Propylene Glycol Juice
The juices that are high in propylene glycol (PG), are great for throat hits! PG is the carrier oil for most flavoring in your vape juice, so those with higher ratios of propylene glycol will carry the flavor of the juice straight to your taste buds!

High Vegetable Glycerine Juice
If cloud chasing is what you dream of, high vegetable glycerine juice would help you chase those dreams! High VG juice delivers the smoothest hits around and fares the best in sub-ohm vapes.

What about Nicotine?

Most of Cloud 9 Smoke Co’s vape juices contain nicotine, which may lead to hesitancy about the powers and effects it may deliver. It’s totally okay if nicotine isn’t your jive; we have 0 mg options for you! However, if you are a fan of nicotine, here are some quick facts to get you acquainted with the two types of nicotine!
Freebase Nicotine:
This kind of nicotine is achieved by converting nicotine from its naturally occurring “salt” state into its base “pure” form.
Freebase nicotine takes only a few seconds to hit the bloodstream and is found in most vape juices.
Salt Nicotine
This kind of nicotine is created by adding benzoic and citric acid to nicotine to a salt nicotine that is effective to absorb and vape.
Salt nicotine immediately enters the bloodstream upon absorption and delivers a strong nicotine buzz following suit.

A Salutation
Alrighty, little steam engine! We’ve introduced you to the best quality vape juices on the market, explained which juice could be perfect for you, and topped the discussion off with the types of nicotine you’ll find in your juice. We hope that after reading this article, you’ll find a trusty, flavorful juice that will send you chugging along! Happy steaming!