PeliNail 1120 Case Electronic Nail


The PeliNail 1120 Case E-Nail unit by Disorderly Conduction is an electric concentrate nail with fully adjustable digital temperature control built into an incredibly rugged yet lightweight Pelican Case.

An e-nail is amazing for a number of reasons. First, it is the most accurate and flavorful way to enjoy your concentrates. Second, you no longer need to worry about buying butane or running out of butane. Third, it is completely silent, which is great for watching movies. Finally, it only has to heat up once, and then stays constant at that temperature, so it's perfect for group sessions.

This PeliNail measures 8.41" x 6.76" x 3.87" so it won't take up very much space at all on your desktop, or in your bag. This e-nail has a bit of free space inside the case, so you can pack your heater and power cable inside the case for the easiest of transportation.

INCLUDES 25mm OR 30mm coil heater!!! Specify in the notes section which you prefer, please.

[It should go without saying, but even though Pelican Cases are waterproof, this e-nail is NOT waterproof. Please do not go swimming with this e-nail.]