James Caribou Goyard Mini Tube #5 (Red)


Goyard never looked so good.

James Caribou

Red Goyard Mini Tube
#5 in the Goyard Series

James Caribou is an amazing glass artist with great skill, vision, and thought behind his work. This gorgeous red Goyard mini Tube is number 5 in the Goyard series. The level of detail present here is absolutely astounding. The entire piece is covered in the Goyard pattern in a pastel red. This pattern is the result of carving away layers of colored glass with extreme precision and detail.

This mini tube is just about 7" in height, and perfectly proportional. The downstem is a clear, curved, and removable, and has a 10mm joint at a 45° angle. This downstem has two saw-cut and flame-polished slits, so it will definitely shred. James actually carved his signature and the number into the base.

  • James Caribou - Designer Series.
  • #5 in the Goyard series.
  • Absolutely incredible carved layered glass.
  • 7" in height.
  • 10mm joint at 45° angle.
  • James' signature has been carved into the base, along with the #5.
  • Includes fitted Pelican case, signed and numbered by the artist.

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@james.caribou is on Instagram.