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Andy G Dichro Retticello Banger Hanger

$900.00 USD

Andy G is an incredible American artist with a wide range of techniques mastered. His dichro work and wig wag work is out of this world, and his amazing use of color will dazzle the eyes!

This dichro rig is amazing! The entire pipe is made from 100% dichro tubing, and it sparkles and shines something fierce! The can has a second layer on top of the dichro: a phenomenal white retticello section. In addition, there are two incredible double-layered dichro horns emerging from the bottom of the can. Finally, a dichro encasement cab on the backside.

  • 10mm female joint.
  • Matching 10mm slide.
  • 100% dichro body.
  • Retticello section on top.
  • Two dichro horns.
  • Dichro cab on the backside.