Black Sand Lava Tube


Black Sand Lava Tube

Black Sand Glass is a talented up-and-coming glass artist from Hawaii, with a true knack for creating awesome recyclers with a wide range of techniques and bright, flashy colors.

If you like to enjoy your concentrates next to some lava, you're going to need a lava tube! This sick mini beaker has several "lava tech" sections, which appear to crack and split apart to reveal molten magma. While this pipe looks hot to the touch, it will cool your concentrate smoke perfectly with that simple removable down stem. The joint, down stem, and neck are all lava tech, but the beaker bottom is clear so you can see the action.

  • 10mm female joint at 45º angle.
  • About 7" in height.
  • Removable down stem.
  • Lava tech neck.
  • Lava tech down stem.
  • Lava tech joint.

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