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Black Sand Patchwork Recycler

$1,500.00 USD

Black Sand Patchwork Recycler

Black Sand Glass is a talented up-and-coming glass artist from Hawaii, with a true knack for creating awesome recyclers with a wide range of techniques and bright, flashy colors.

Black Sand went all out on this amazing piece! Created using a rainbow of colors and techniques, every angle and detail of this pipe is a joy to view and inspect. The can is an incredible rainbow basketweave section, with two windows so that you can see the function of this pipe. Water is carried up into the vortex chamber by the unique disc uptakes, which all have amazing wig wag sections. The vortex chamber, base, and neck have all been thoroughly worked into incredible reversal sections. Even the drain is rainbow. Finally, to set the piece off, two fume encasements have been mounted to the can.

  • Worked 14mm female joint.
  • About 9" in height.
  • Rainbow patchwork can.
  • Rainbow wig wag vortex.
  • Rainbow wig wag uptakes.
  • Rainbow wig wag neck.
  • Rainbow wig wag base.
  • Fume encasement attachments.